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TDK Panel Report!

Posted by: Bill Ramey
Saturday, August 11, 2007

This is why I came here. For your reading pleasure, THE BOF TDK PANEL REPORT from Wizard World Chicago 2007.

An Homage to Clint Black's "Killin' Time"

Posted by: Bill Ramey
Friday, August 10, 2007

A big Texan greeting from Chicago!

And even though Clint Black is from Texas, I pretty much hate country music...sort of. George Jones, George Strait (both Texans by the way), Merle Haggard, Charlie Pride, Conway Twitty, Willie Nelson (another Texan) and all those other many "Old School" country singers I do dig. Anyway, I'm now on some bizarre country music tangent for some reason!


OK, I now feel better. But I am killing time because...

...I'm here in the Windy City to cover the THE DARK KNIGHT panel being held this weekend at Wizard World Chicago. Tomorrow (Sat, 8/11/07) 2PM-ish is “allegedly” when this deal will take place. I’ll be there taking pics (no illegal footage mind you), recording and transcribing, and then bring it right back to you ASAP!

So I guess I’ll blog my day so far…

Flew to Chicago. Checked in my hotel. Went to the convention and picked up my press pass. Walked the convention. Met Chris Jones (artist of THE BATMAN STRIKES). Browsed the DC Comics area -- nothing like the setup at Comic Con International, got to say. Bought a big-ass poster of DETECTIVE #27 which I will frame and hang in my office.

That’s it. Wow.

Tomorrow’s my big day though -- what I actually came here for…the elusive, mysterious, and alleged panel presentation for THE DARK KNIGHT.

Anyway, I guess I’ll head downtown here in a bit and check out the sights, sounds, and tastes of Chicago.

BOF Heads To Wizard World Chicago!
Posted by: Bill Ramey
Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wizard World Chicago 2007 is coming...and BOF will be there!

BOF will cover the convention blogging as much “Batman” news (TDK, comics, toys, etc.) as we can cover back to you ASAP. The bottom line is if it’s Batman, we’re going to cover it!

There are very, VERY strong indications that a panel presentation for THE DARK KNIGHT will be part of WW Chicago this year -- and that's the main reason I am going! So whatever TDK-related stuff is there, I'll be bringing it back here to the BOF'ers.

Coverage begins here on Friday, August 10, 2007!

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