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EPISODE REVIEW: "Legends of The Dark Mite!"
Author: Jett
May 30, 2009

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"Legends of The Dark Mite!" with video clips and images!

SYNOPSIS: "Batman's biggest fan -- Bat-Mite -- is also his biggest nightmare when the 5th dimensional imp pops up and in an effort to make Batman a better hero, throws Gotham City into chaos. Kidnapping the Dark Knight and traveling to the surreal 5th dimension, the adventure continues with references to many of the classic villains. Be on the look out for cameos featuring the WBA creative team on a Con panel!"

Bat-Mite...Jebus Chripes.

*sighs and rolls eyes*

This particular character from Batman’s history was before my time when it came to the comics -- thank goodness!

My first recollection of the imp from the 5th dimension comes from THE NEW ADVENTURES OF BATMAN -- the late 1970s animated TV series. Even though I was still a kid, that show let me work up a good hate for the character. Really, this ridiculous-looking, magical elf-like dude sporting an ill-fitting Bat-Suit and claims to be Batman’s biggest fan…NOT my cup of tea.

Besides the previously mentioned 70s animated series, my only other dealings with Bat-Mite came from the pages of BATMAN as writer Grant Morrison included the character in the recent “BATMAN, R.I.P.” storyline. While this Bat-Mite looked like Bat-Mite, he proved to be a defensive aspect of Bruce Wayne’s subconscious that manifested while ’ol BW was the Batman of Zur En Arrh.


Did I tell y’all that I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Grant Morrison? Well I do, and that SOB…

My bad. That’s for another place and time. Anyway…

Bat-Mite (voiced SUPERBLY by Paul Reubens) now enters my world via the latest episode of BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD titled “Legends of The Dark Mite!”

Overall, this episode reeks of smart-ass -- which I like. The “Con Scene” is an absolute classic! It’s also funny as hell as I laughed out loud in a guffawing manner several that embarrassed my wife as we watched.

However, there is an element of total absurdity and silliness that’s hard for a Batman fan like me to take. Hell, I’m probably like that Batman nerd that they kinda-sorta made fun of during that aforementioned “Con Scene.” As much as I love this show -- and I have grown to LOVE it -- this isn’t “My Batman.” Frankly, as much as I laugh and shout “Badass!” while watching these episodes, I still feel like I’m “cheating” a bit on “My Batman.”


Meh…it is what it is.

The basic storyline here is that this annoying friggin’ Bat-Mite enters the world of The Dark Knight (He IS called that during this episode) and subsequently throws a monkey wrench into Batman being “Batman” in Gotham. As a result, we’re treated to the crazy-ass psychedelic deal that not only pays homage to the various incarnations of Batman, his rouge’s gallery (“Mr. Zero” anyone?), but Daffy Duck and classic Warner Bros. animation as well!

Say what you want, but working all of that into the storyline of a single episode of B:TBATB is pretty badass. So props to the great Paul Dini who scripted this episode. We all know Paul from his Batman-work on BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, as well as his F’n GREAT run on DETECTIVE COMICS (“BATMAN, R.I.P.” be damned -- Dini’s “Heart of Hush” and DETECTIVE was the best story/title in Batman comics PERIOD last year!). I figure PD probably had a great time writing the script for this episode and it certainly shows.

Bottom line, great stuff here with B:TBATB yet again. Honestly, I thought I was going to like this episode a bit more going in -- based on the preview video and pics I’m very fortunate to be privy to -- than I was when all was said and done.

“Legends of The Dark Mite!” is not the best episode to date of this show. That distinction still belongs to -- and it’s a toss-up -- either the 2-parter featuring The Red Hood/The Joker or “The Color of Revenge!” Even so, this one is right up there with them and further proof that the talent behind BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD have really found their groove.

And dadgumit, how in the hell can you knock an episode that not only guest stars Catman, but maybe my all-time favorite Batman sidekick, Ace the Bat-Hound.

And yes, I’m serious about that! (Mr. Nolan, get ‘ol Ace in BATMAN 3 somehow bro!)

"Legends of The Dark Mite!" was written by Paul Dini and directed by Ben Jones and originally aired on May 29, 2009. It stars Deidrich Bader as The Batman, Jeffrey Tambor as Crazy Quilt, Paul Reubens as Bat-Mite, Tom Wilson as Cat-Man, and Jim Piddock as Calendar Man/Calendar King.

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