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Batman's New Threads!

I’ve seen the new Bat-Suit!

It’s a lot like the rumors that BOF has reported in that it is much sleeker than the BEGINS suit, but still has the same overall "look,” if you will. The chain mail/fabricky stuff we heard about is true -- sort of. It looks as if it has that material as it’s base, with armor on top.

The gloves do not have the same fins/gauntlets on the forearms as in BEGINS. They are now “blades” and can be shot as weapons by The Batman.

The suit goes up high on Bale’s neck and the cowl is now a separate piece which is, more or less, a helmet. Looks very similar to the BEGINS cowl, only sleeker.

As far as the Bat-logo on the chest, it looks to me as if it may now look like the movie logo and be the same gold color as the utility belt (which hasn't changed). Or it could be black -- hard to tell from the angle of the pic.

The shoulders reminded me of Bale's "Ninja Suit," if you will. It comes across as shoulder armor.

Bat-Cape claps? They are either gone or are much smaller than the ones on the BEGINS suit. And the cape seems the same, material-wise. It's a bit shorter in the pic I've seen and may be scalloped, although I'm not 100% sure.

The boots are the same as those worn in BEGINS. The gloves themselves are thicker this time.

Here's how BOF UK Editor Paul Wares (I let him see it) describes it: "There are elements which will remind people of the Green Goblin suit from SPIDER-MAN (only it looks good). The rubber haters will be happy, the rubber lovers will be happy, and the fabric guys will be too as it mixes all of these elements."

My take: IT KICKS ASS! I absolutely love it!

Be looking for a certain enteratinment magazine that is published by Time Warner weekly to see it -- TOMORROW (6/15/07)! It's an exclusive to them and I will respect that.

Thanks to "Mean Gean" for letting me have a look-see!

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