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To DC, Warner Bros.: How about a BATMAN movie comic book series?
Monday, October 17, 2005, 12:00 PM CENTRAL TIME
Paul J. Wares

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I haven’t been a regular reader of the “BATMAN’ comics for a number of years. I still pick up the odd graphic novel or trade paperback, but the monthly comics stopped holding a lot of appeal for me with the introduction of more and more “Bat-family” characters.

I’m very lucky. Although I always read comics as a kid, I only seriously started collecting them in my early teens. This was about the time of the release of “Batman: Year One,” “The Dark Knight Returns,” “The Killing Joke,” and Arkham Asylum.” These are books that are considered among many as the pinnacle of Batman’s career and so I was spoilt with great art, amazing writing and the kind of Batman I love, a lone dark avenger.

I continued to collect the comics well into my early twenties, but the spark had gone out of them, in my opinion. Apart from the odd gem like “The Long Halloween,” the quality was no longer there.

Just recently I have entertained the notion of subscribing to a monthly title again mainly because of my son. He has just turned 12 months and my partner and I are now starting to think about his reading needs. Of course, right now he is far too young for comic books, but it reminded me that at age five, comic books were helping with my reading skills. In my opinion not enough kids read comics now and I certainly want to make sure my son has the opportunity. So I started researching.

Imagine my concern when looking around the message boards regarding the comic books. Jason Todd back from the dead, Leslie Tompkins responsible for the death of the fourth Robin, rumours of Bruce Wayne being killed off. What the frick is going on?!

In all fairness, these could be great stories for all I know, admittedly I haven’t read any of them, but reaction to all of these tales based on the messages I’ve been reading is far from good. I guess I won’t be subscribing to a monthly title after all, at least not any time soon.

But what does my opinion on the current comics have to do with BATMAN ON FILM I hear you ask? Well something I’ve always wanted to see is an ongoing series set in movie continuity. I’ve liked this idea ever since I read the first BATMAN movie adaptation, but never thought it likely to happen, since most people who work in the comic book industry regard the previous movies as pale imitators to their comic book counterparts. However, for the very first time, something unique has happened. Hollywood has produced a BATMAN movie that the comic book creators seem to really like and an awful lot of fans seem to prefer the movie version to that of the current comic books – something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.

Imagine this: A monthly or quarterly comic book series set in movie continuity. The creators of this book would liaise with the movie people in order to make sure they don’t step on anyone’s toes, but Batman would look like Bale’s version, Gordon like Oldman’s. The first run would take place immediately after the events of BATMAN BEGINS and over the course of the next three years would tell stories involving the movie characters and would of course lead the way in hyping the sequel. It worked with the animated series.

Of course I’m sure there are legal issues concerning the actors likenesses, but I believe this would be a comic book worth buying. It would satisfy the hunger of the movie fans between films, support new readership that have been inspired to pick up a comic book after seeing the movie and hype the upcoming release of any new film. I would certainly subscribe to that and I’m sure others would too!

Well DC? The ball is in your court and if you need someone to write the series - well you know where I am!

Paul J. Wares is the U.K. editor of BATMAN ON FILM and forum moderator.

Editor's Note: I've got to say this is a fantastic idea! I have to think that someone at some time has pitched this idea to DC and Warner Bros. And if they passed, then shame on them - I think you would have a winner here! If it can be done for the various animated Batman shows, it could work for the film version of the character. - "Jett"

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