Just Say NO to a Justice League Film!
Author: Jett
August 14, 2012

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FYI: If your jones for a Justice League film is so strong that you can’t be rational about it, then I highly recommend you stop reading RIGHT HERE.

Quite frankly the most common arguments given in favor of it…

“If THE AVENGERS worked, so can a Justice League film!” And…

“I want to see it because it would be COOL dude!”

…simply don’t wash with me.

So again, if you can’t be sensible when it comes to this topic, STOP READING RIGHT NOW. All this op-ed is going to do is upset you. And when you get upset, you get online. And when you get online, you turn into “Internet Tough Guy” and make threats. And when you make threats online, the FBI comes to your house and takes you to jail. And when your in jail, your 6’ 5” cellmate will call you “baby doll.” Don’t get called “baby doll” by a 6’ 5” man in a jail cell.

Hey, I’m just trying to help.

OK, still with me? Good! Here’s the deal…

A Justice League movie -- right now -- is a horrible idea, a disaster waiting to happen and will be the ruination of DC on film.

Hell, outside of Batman, DC hasn’t had ANY success when it comes to films based on their DC Universe staple of characters. Based on that FACT, what makes anyone think a JL film is going to be a big hit?

Because Marvel did it with THE AVENGERS? (They’re two different animals and it’s an apples to oranges comparison.)

Because it would be “COOL, dude!?” (Meh. It’s really not that cool. In fact, it’s borderline cheesy.)

Oh, I just can not wait! (Emphasis on the NOT!)

I’d MUCH rather see the studio develop several solo films based on these great characters as opposed to putting all of their eggs into one basket. Off the top of my head I can name several DC properties that NEED to be turned into films…

The Flash, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel/Shazam, The Martian Manhunter and Aquaman immediately come to mind. Hell, I’d even give Green Lantern another shot.

The bottom line here is this: If these properties can’t be turned into good solo films, what makes anyone -- the fine folks at Warner Bros. Studios included -- think that putting ‘em all in one film is going to work?

I can hear it now, “Yeah, well they tried with GREEN LANTERN and it SUCKED!” Hey, I’m not going to argue with you here because GL did suck. But Warner Bros. can’t run scared over one disappointment. They MUST be proactive and take continue to take chances. A Justice League film simple reeks of being unoriginal and happening only as a reaction to THE AVENGERS

I suppose Warner Bros. IS taking a chance (with a gun to their head) when in comes to the cinematic Superman and next Summer’s MAN OF STEEL.

Let’s be optimistic here and say that MOS is a HUGE success, OK? Don’t you think folks -- and I’m talking about the mainstream audience here -- would rather see a run of Superman films ala “The Dark Knight Trilogy” as opposed to immediately having this new Superman in a Justice League film? I know I certainly do. Isn’t MOS supposed to be Superman’s BATMAN BEGINS? Aren’t David Goyer, Christopher Nolan and Zack Synder kinda setting ‘ol Clark Kent up for a few sequels? Quite frankly, I think both the character AND the filmmakers deserve that opportunity and not have Superman hijacked into a lame JL movie.

And enough with “Warner Bros. just doesn’t know how to produce a proper comic book film.“


Hell, Warner Bros. themselves created the blueprint on how to do these movies right! What “blueprint” am I speaking of? The hiring of Mr. Christopher Nolan a decade ago to reboot the Batman film franchise and then letting him do his thing.

See. this is NOT what happened when it came to GREEN LATNERN (too many cooks in the kitchen) and, well, the result speaks for itself.

So come on Warner Bros.! You know how to do this! I’m sure there are several up and coming young filmmakers -- like Mr. Nolan once was -- who have a vision for a film based on Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, etc. Put the word out, take pitches, hire ‘em and see what happens! Now back to Justice League…

I’ll come clean here and admit that I do not have any desire to see a live-action JL film. As a “Batman first and foremost” fan, the thought of a flesh and blood Batman mixing it up with super-powered beings on the big screen makes my skin crawl. Having Batman team up with these characters make him obsolete. Non-comic book fans dig Batman because he’s human and doesn’t have superpowers. I fear they’d laugh at a Batman on film presented in this manner. And God forbid he show up in…SPACE!

Oy vey...

Yes, I know it works in the comics and to a certain degree in animation as well. I’ll even acknowledge that the dynamic between DC’s characters in those particular mediums are accepted and unquestioned. But you know why? Because 99.9% of the people reading and watching are fans of the genre and NOT the mainstream.

I know this is blunt, but it’s true: The mainstream doesn’t give a damn about a Justice League film. Just because fanboys think it would be “COOL dude!,” doesn’t mean the Regular Joes out there are chomping at the bit for it.

It’s time for Warner Bros. to give up on getting a Justice League film out there as soon as possible. They need to put it on the back backburner -- on one WAY in back -- and focus on establishing franchises based on their stock of DC characters and don’t worry about continuity. However, I fear that will not be the case. It certainly looks like they are hell-bent on putting the cart (a JL film) before the horse (solo films). And when that happens and this Justice League film flops, then you can probably kiss just about ALL future films based on the characters of the DCU goodbye…except for Batman

They’ll always have Batman to turn to when all else (DC on Film-wise) fails.

The cinematic Batman is like a cockroach. Tim Burton didn’t kill him with BATMAN RETURNS, nor did Joel Schumacher with BATMAN AND ROBIN. So I'm pretty damn sure a crappy Justice League film featuring Batman fighting aliens, robots or super-powered villains won’t knock off the old boy either. - Bill "Jett" Ramey

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