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DATE: 4/19/06

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I was exchanging emails with a friend the other day who is, shall we say, “in the business.” “Man,” he writes to me, “you’ve got some crazy BS on your site!” “It’s the craziest I’ve ever seen it,” I write back.

And that’s the truth -- the rumors and buzz surrounding the upcoming sequel to BATMAN BEGINS is indeed as wild as I’ve ever seen. More so than it was a couple of years back when BEGINS was being developed.

I take all of it as a good thing. It means that people are interested in a sequel to BEGINS. It means that there are a ton of actors and actresses who want to be part of the next Bat-film. I truly believe that BATMAN CONTINUES -- or whatever it ends up being titled -- will surpass the success of BEGINS and be absolutely huge in 2008.

With that said, let’s take a look a few of the hottest rumors floating around and I’ll give you make take on each.

RUMOR: “The Joker will be the main villain in the sequel.”
JETT’S TAKE: True. Take this one to the bank y’all. Do you really think they would omit him after the way BEGINS ended? Hell, I think the fans would riot if The Joker wasn’t included.

RUMOR: “Lachy Hulme and Paul Bettany are the front-runners for the role of The Joker.”
JETT’S TAKE: False. Take with a grain of salt my friends. If the rumor was “Hulme and Bettany are in the mix,” I’d say true. But to label them as the “front-runners” is a bit much. Of all the names being bandied about for the part, these two are always mentioned and have been for a while now.

RUMOR: “Chris Nolan will direct the sequel.”
JETT’S TAKE: True -- even though it hasn’t “officially “been announced.

RUMOR: “The Penguin will be in the sequel.”
JETT’S TAKE: Maybe. Pure speculation and should be considered as nothing but rumor at this point. But he would fit in great in a cameo -- especially as a British arms dealer as rumored.

RUMOR: “Katie Holmes will not reprise her role as Rachel Dawes.”
JETT’S TAKE: Likely. It’s wouldn’t be because she upset Warner Bros. with the whole “Tom-Kat” thing during the summer of 2005. Nor would it be cause she’s going to “retire” and be a stay at home mom. Katie most like will not return because the Rachel Dawes character will not be part of the sequel.

RUMOR: “Harvey Dent will be in the sequel and Two Face will be the main villain of the third film.”
JETT’S TAKE: Likely. I’ve got to go by what David Goyer said: “The next one would have Batman enlisting the aid of Gordon and Dent in bringing down The Joker...but not killing him. In the third [movie], The Joker would go on trial, scarring Dent in the process." ‘Nuff said.

RUMOR: “Liev Schreiber is leading the pack to play Dent/Two Face.”
JETT’S TAKE: Possibly, but still rumor. I was told point blank by someone I trust totally that the part was Schreiber’s if he wants it.

RUMOR: “Jake Gyllenhaul is in the mix to play Harvey Dent/Two Face.”
JETT’S TAKE: Maybe. Jake almost got the role of Batman instead of Christian Bale, so you know Nolan likes him. He was nominated for an Oscar for BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, so his stock is high. This makes me say “could be.” However, none of my insiders have said a word about Jake as Harvey and this was something that originated on the Net.

RUMOR: “Philip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin.”
JETT’S TAKE: False. Right now, I’d say this is total BS. The guy too big to do a cameo -- which is what the part would be if the character is included in the film.

RUMOR: “Bob Hoskins as The Penguin.”
JETT’S TAKE: Unlikely. He’s more suited for the role than Hoffman and is somewhat of a fan-fave. However, he’s said publicly that he’s not doing it, so that is that.

RUMOR: “Michael Keaton is up for the role of The Joker.”
JETT’S TAKE: False! Total and complete BS.

RUMOR: “The sequel will be released in June of 2008.”
JETT’S TAKE: True! Set it in stone.

RUMOR: “Steve Carrell is up for the part of The Joker.”
JETT’S TAKE: Extreme BS.

RUMOR: Selina Kyle and/or Catwoman will appear in the sequel.”
JETT’S TAKE: Unlikely -- although I could upgrade the status of this rumor at anytime. Look, I’m all for it and I’m on record lobbying for this to happen. The reason that I say “unlikely” is because of the gosh-awful CATWOMAN a few years ago with Halle Berry. But that film was so forgettable that I don’t think it would have any affect using “Catwoman” in a Batman film. Geez, how many people actually saw that piece of crap anyway?

RUMOR: “There will a new female lead in the sequel.”
JETT’S TAKE: 50/50, leaning towards likely. If the Rachel character is not in the film, I’d say “Fact” for this one. But would would it be? Selina Kyle? Silver St. Cloud? Vicki Vale? Talia?

RUMOR: The Rachel character is really Talia -- daughter of Liam Neeson’s Ra’s Al Ghul.”
JETT’S TAKE: OK, this isn’t a huge rumor, but I’ve seen it pop up from time to time. No, she is not and regarding Talia appearing in the sequel, I’d say “Highly unlikely.”

RUMOR: “Johnny Depp is in the running for The Joker.”
JETT’S TAKE: Unlikely, bordering on BS. Sort of a fan-fave for the role and would probably do a hell of a job.

RUMOR: “Robin will not be in the sequel.”
JETT’S TAKE: True. Again, I’ll go by what the filmmakers say and in this case, it’s Nolan has said no Robin.

RUMOR: “Isla Fisher is up for a major female character in the sequel.”
JETT‘S TAKE: Please. Do I need to continue?

RUMOR: “Josh Lucas is a candidate for Harvey Dent/Two Face.”
JETT’S TAKE: Unlikely. When asked about it, Lucas said he nothing about the rumor and would certainly be interested. On the other hand, so did Paul Bettany when asked about The Joker rumors and Liev Schreiber when asked about playing Dent.
UPDATED: It has now been reported that Lucas is confirming he met with Warner Bros. about playing Dent. Upgraded to "Possible."

RUMOR: “Roman Sionis, AKA “Black Mask,” is one of the sequel’s villains.”

JETT’S TAKE: Unlikely. Hey, that rumor probably originated on BOF, but I call it like I see it.”

RUMOR: “Classic Batman ’rogues’ will make appearances in the sequel.”
JETT’S TAKE: Very likely and most likely true. I’ve been told by more than one trusted source that this will happen. How large or small the roles and which characters remains to be seen. I’d expect someone along the lines of Mr. Zsazz is BEGINS for the most part.

That seems to be about it for now. The bottom line is that very few people actually knows for sure what will and won’t be in the sequel. And the one person who does know all -- Christopher Nolan -- ain’t talking.

So have fun these next few months speculating and debating over the casting rumors that are out there and will emerge in the future. The closer we get to 2007, the more concrete the Bat-news will actually be.

"Jett" is the founder and editor-in-chief of BATMAN ON FILM

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