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Tuesday, October 18, 2005, 12:00 AM CENTRAL TIME

BATMAN: Motion Picture Anthology - 1989-1997

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The BATMAN Special Editions are a longtime coming. For years, Bat-fans have longed for these DVDs from the studio. And finally, they are here. And hey, I’ve got to give it to Warner Bros. for picking a great time to release them - coinciding with the release of the hit BATMAN BEGINS was a smart move.

I have previously reviewed all four of these DVDs, and you can find those over in the OP-ED/REVIEW SECTION of BOF. Now I assume that many of you may be asking the following question:

“Which ones should I buy, skip, or should I buy the set as a whole?”

Personally, I recommend buying THE ENTIRE SET - I thought they were fantastic. And I know that many of you Bat-fans and movie buffs will do just that. But I know that there are many of you as well that plan on getting one or three of them. So, here’s how I would rank ‘em for you:

4. BATMAN AND ROBIN - Good, but not as good as the other three. It may be worth it to hear Schumacher’s explanation for making B&R the way it is - and his apology to Bat-fans.

3. BATMAN RETURNS - Much better than B&R. If you are a fan of the film, you’ll like it for that reason alone.

2. BATMAN FOREVER - Now this is a good one. The additional scenes that are included kick it up a notch. Plus, it is the only one in which one of the actors (Val Kilmer) who played The Batman did an interview just for the Special Edition.

1. BATMAN - By far the absolute best of the four. If you are only getting one, this would be the one. The 3-part “Shadows of The Bat” documentary on this one is flat-out fantastic. The story of what it took to finally get a BATMAN film made is quite interesting (Bat-fans owe a big thanks to Michael Uslan). Plus, the "History of The Batman" documentary is tremendous.

If one was not going to buy all four, I'd suggest getting BATMAN for sure, and then perhaps pairing it with your second favorite. For example, I'd get BATMAN and BATMAN FOREVER. Others would probably pair BATMAN with BATMAN RETURNS - you get the picture.

So which ones did I buy? Well, I’d be lying to you if I said I actually purchased mine myself. I received them for reviewing purposes. But honestly, I would have bought the entire set which I suggest you do as well.

This is it for these Bat-films my friends and loyal readers. I highly doubt that another “Special Edition” of these movies will be put together again (Which means we will probably never see an "Alternate Cut" of BATMAN FOREVER - well, at least not an "official" one). Thankfully, they are as complete as they could have possibly been as very little was left out. Sure, there were a few things I wish were included - like a current interview with Keaton, some screentests, etc. - but my nitpicks are very minor.

These DVDs were well planned and put together. This set is something to buy and keep, not just rent. I enjoyed them immensely and I’m sure you all will as well.


"Jett" is the creator and editor-in-chief of BATMAN ON FILM and ON-FILM.NET.

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