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A Crowded Sequel? Not Really
Author: Jett
Thursday, January 16, 2006

Typical email I’ve received of late: “Jett, don’t you think there are going to be too many characters in the sequel?”

My answer to all: “No.”

No, because I don’t think all of the rumored characters are going to make it to the sequel. I believe there is a core plot involving The Batman/Bruce Wayne, Lt. Gordon, D.A. Harvey Dent, and The Joker. Everything else will be secondary. Some of the characters rumored are going to be -- or have been cut. Many of these characters will only be supporting roles. Plus when you break it all down, it really isn’t as crowded as one thinks. Let’s do just that.

As far as subplots and secondary characters, I can take or leave Roman Sionis/Black Mask. Keep The Penguin -- I like the idea of him being a British arms dealer in cahoots with a revenge seeking Bill Earl. Bruce Wayne being attacked -- not The Batman per se -- would make for a nice little storyline. Perhaps add Sionis into this mix.

With Falcone down, you have to have a big “traditional crime lord” trying to fill that void in Gotham. That’s where Salvatore Maroni enters the picture. Dent, of course, should bring him down -- with help from Gordon and The Batman -- and Maroni should be the one to scar him ala THE LONG HALLOWEEN.

I really dig the possibility of bringing in Dr. Leslie Thompkins into the mix. I think it would make for an interesting dynamic in Bruce Wayne’s story present and past. Plus, perhaps she would give Alfred more to do than simply being “Alfred” (Get your minds OUT of the gutter!). They are, to a certain extent, Bruce’s substitute parents.

Lucius Fox will return as Wayne Enterprises CEO and will most likely have about as much screen time as he did in BEGINS. No problem here.

Talia Al Ghul? That rumor was suspect at best and the Ra’s Al Ghul storyline is finished. No need to have her in the film. Dr. Arkham? Small role that fits easily. Dr. Harleen Quinzel? Another small role and including her is a nice nod to the Batman mythos.. But, NO HARELY QUINN -- not yet at least and definitely not in a jester‘s outfit! Perhaps the good doctor helps an Arkham-imprisoned Joker.

So there you have that. Look back at the cast of characters in BATMAN BEGINS: Bruce Wayne/The Batman, Alfred, Ducard, Ra’s Al Ghul, Dr. Thomas Wayne, Martha Wayne, Sgt. Jim Gordon, Carmine Falcone, Flass, Commissioner Loeb, Bill Earl, Rachel Dawes, and Dr. Jonathan Crane - AKA “The Scarecrow.” Whew!

Doesn’t that look crowed? Was it? No.

Feel better now?

OK then, bring on that sequel!

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