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Bat-fans: CHILL OUT!
Saturday, October 1, 2005

“What the hell is going on,” I’ve heard all day. “Why is Nolan doing this?”


If you joined us late, it has been announced that director Christopher Nolan has chosen his next film which will be the long-rumored THE PRESTIGE for Touchstone (and Warner Bros. internationality). His BATMAN BEGINS star Christian Bale is said to be in negotiations to star alongside X-MEN‘s Hugh Jackman. And from what I’ve read of it, it sounds like a hell of a project and I’m personally looking forward to it.

So what’s with the quotes that opened this article you may ask. Exactly, I say - what in the hell is the deal with that line of thinking? What exactly is Mr. Nolan “doing?” For cripe’s sake, the man is only going to work. He’s not cheating on anyone - so quit taking it that way.

These are the type of quotes I’ve received all day here at BOF via email. It’s been like getting a letter from someone who just got handed a “Dear John” letter. (I know that many of you are thinking "who in the hell is he responding to?" If that's the case, I'm not talking to you. I'm well aware that the majority of BOF'ers and Bat-fans have a clue.)

Guys (and gals), did you really expect Mr. Nolan to go straight to the BATMAN BEGINS sequel? Did you think that this man - an artist - was never going to do another film again besides BATMAN? If so, I’ve got one thing to say to you - COME ON!

Christopher Nolan owes us Bat-fans nothing. This is the man who delivered arguably the greatest BATMAN movie ever made. If he walked away from the Bat-franchise right now, he should still be revered among all Batman fans. Just because the man wants to make another film or three before he returns to Gotham, should not be viewed as some slap in the face or disrespect towards Batman fans.

And if you think that way, then frankly, get a life and get over it.

Mr. Nolan’s life doesn’t - and shouldn’t - revolve around Batman.

With all that said, chill out.

I have no doubt that Nolan is going to return - trust me. The basic storyline for the next two films has already been lined out. It’s just a matter of time before it is announced that Mr. Nolan will be back to direct the sequel and then all will be well.

Until then, buy BATMAN BEGINS when it hits video in a few weeks and watch the living hell out of it for the next couple of years. And thank Mr. Nolan for bringing that great Bat-film to us each time the closing credits roll.

If you are offended by this op-ed, you probably should be.

"Jett" is the creator and editor-in-chief of BATMAN ON FILM and ON-FILM.NET.

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