Warner Bros., I'm Here For Y'all!

Author: Jett
September 1, 2005

Officially and publicly, director Christopher Nolan has not signed on to helm the sequel to BATMAN BEGINS. While it is believed that Mr. Nolan will return, the fact remains that he has yet to sign the dotted line. As a result, message boards around the Net are abuzz with potential replacements for Nolan. Many of the names bandied about are the same ones mentioned by fans prior to Mr. Nolan getting the gig - Alex Proyas, David Fincher, and Frank Miller among others.

So what if Mr. Nolan doesnít return? To whom will Warner Bros. turn to guide the franchise? You know that they are not going to go ďback to the futureĒ and bring in one of the two previous Bat-directors. Perhaps they will go with David Goyer who wrote the BATMAN BEGINS screenplay? But Goyerís got too many other irons in the fire right now - like prepping THE FLASH for Warner - so he probably doesnít have the time.

Therefore, Iím stepping up to the plate - I'm here today volunteering my services to Warner Bros. Yep, thatís right - Iím throwing my name into the hat to direct the sequel if Mr. Nolan does not return.

Bat-fans, there is no need to worry about a thing. I promise no nipples, neon, or black goo-spewing villains if WB hands me the gig. You have my word.

What qualifications do I have for this task you ask? Well, Iím a life-long Batman fan and Iíve run this website - BATMAN ON FILM - for over seven years now. Iíve been a football coach in Texas for seventeen years, as a result, I know a little bit about ďdirectingĒ people. A coach has to motivate and guide, just like a director. And there are a lot of similarities between a coaching and helming a film. On a film, the director is sort of like the head coach, the cast is the team, and crew members are the assistant coaches. Hey, Iíve got more experience that I originally thought!

Other credentials? Iím a college graduate, though I didnít attend film school. Iíve got a BS in Kinesiology, which is the study of the movement of the body. Actors move, right?

Iíll admit that Iíve never been behind a camera - unless you count filming my children with a minicam. Nonetheless, Iím not going to let minor ďinconveniencesĒ like these stand in my way.

I know what you are thinking, ďJett has lost his damn mind! He canít be serious.Ē Oh yes I am my friend, and there is no need to be troubled. Hell, donít you know that Iím a ďbig-timeĒ Hollywood player now? You bet I am. Donít forget that BOF got BATMAN BEGINS made and had a huge hand in getting Christian Bale the role of Batman. Clout and power are things Iím definitely not lacking. Iíll command that production and set like Bill Parcells on an NFL sideline.

Plus, Iíll just pick up a copy of ďTHE IDIOTS GUIDE TO DIRCTING SUPERHERO FILMS," buy a pair of baggy knickers, a beret, and Iíll be good to go!

Or maybe I should dress in all-black?

Now Iím not out to take anyoneís job here, let me make that clear. If Mr. Nolan wants to return, the gig is rightfully his. Hey, he's got a family to feed too. So please donít be firing off any ďReplace Nolan with JettĒ emails to Warner Bros., ok? And I donít want to see any online petitions pop up on the Net either. Iíll have no part of such tactics. Let me make this clear - Iím only going to accept this job if Mr. Nolan does not return. I am not - as we say in Texas - ďpolitikiníĒ for someone elseís job. And Warner Bros., donít even think about throwing mad cash my way! (Uh, scratch that last statement.)

A pretty persuasive pitch if I do say so myself. Iím confident all the fans believe that Iím the man for the job if needed. Iím also fairly certain that the guys at Warner Bros. will be adding me to their short-list of possible replacements after reading this article.

All of this is probably a moot point as Mr. Nolan is most likely to return. Iím simply trying to help out here if need be. I have a lot to offer with all my education, experience, and fantastic qualifications. And I care man!

Even though I probably wonít end up in the directorís chair, I'll still roll up my sleaves and help. I am willing to drop down a notch or two from the directing job and serve in another capacity - like the all-important role of set gofer.

Fans, Warner Bros., Iím here if you need me.

"Jett" is the founder BATMAN-ON-FILM.COM.

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