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How About An Adult Animated Bat-Series?
Sunday, October 8, 2006
Bill (Jett) Ramey

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So, Iím watching THE BATMAN animated series yesterday with my 5 year old son as I always do on Saturdays. Look, I like the show for the most part as I believe it to be a respectful interpretation of the character. But letís be honest here, itís aimed at kids -- young kids.

Case in point: My 5 year old adores it.

But if you are a more mature Bat-fan like myself, many of these episodes are probably not your cup of tea. Iím talking about fans in their early 20s +. Letís face it, that age group holds by far the largest number of fans of the character.

So, how about an animated series aimed at the adult Bat-fan?

Hey it worked for Spawn on HBO, right? So what not a similar approach for The Dark Knight?

Look, Iím not talking about an R-rated Batman cartoon with tons of blood, profanity, and sex, but a PG-13ish series would be cool as hell. No Robin. No Batgirl. No Batmite (just kidding -- sort of). Simply some dark and gritty crime drama featuring The Darknight Detective.

And I can guaran-damn-tee you that there is a demand for this type of Bat-series, as Iíve received tons of emails over the years suggesting (and demanding) such a show.

Just imagine an animated action/drama set in The Batmanís early years? Youíd have the vigilante which the police are after (The Batman). The fed-up-with-corruption police detective (Gordon). And an idealistic, up and coming assistant Gotham City district attorney (Dent). The three form a ďThe Long Halloween-ishĒ type team that takes on organized crime, police corruption, and these new ďfreak criminalsĒ that are starting to infiltrate Gotham.

I know, I know, that sounds a little like the route Chris Nolan and crew are taking with the upcoming THE DARK KNIGHT live action film. However, TDK is only one 2-plus hour film which will only be able to tell a single story. Think about how many more The Batman/Gordon/Dent tales there will be left to tell, and such a animated series will provide that opportunity.

I donít know, maybe itís just because Iím getting older here. And there is definitely a place for a series as the current THE BATMAN that targets a younger audience. But it seems that just because The Batman is a fictional comic book superhero, thereís still the belief that heís mostly for kids.


Go into any comic book shop and check out just who is buying these comics. Itís not your stereotypical comic book ďgeeks;Ē itís also educated professionals and the Average Joe.

I know that with THE BATMAN currently in production, such as series isnít going to happen any time soon. But I hope that the next time a new Batman series is suggested, they remember us ďoldĒ Bat-folks.

"Jett" is the founder and editor-in-chief of BATMAN ON FILM and ON-FILM.NET.

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