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July 13, 2012

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I was just sitting here in my office and it hit me: I’m pretty much done covering THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

Except for a trip to New York City early next week and posting my review -- which I’ve already written by the way -- there is nothing left for me to do for BOF when it comes to this film.

Bottom line: I will never again cover a Team Nolan Batman film. And all of US -- the Batman fans -- will never again experience the buildup of a Team Nolan Batman film.

Wow indeed.

I’ve spent nearly one third of my life covering Batman on film. And truth be told, a third of my life banging the drum for what’s turned out to be Mr. Nolan’s DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY. So as this chapter of both Batman on film the film franchise and Batman On Film the website comes to a close, I’m in a very nostalgic mood.

When I started this website, the prospects for another Batman film did not look good. My goal was to simply say “Hey Warner Bros. Pictures! People still want Batman films, OK? We just want GOOD ones!” Truth be told, I never expected anyone to read what I was posting on BOF, much less people who actually worked for Warner Bros. Yet I kept hammering away -- almost daily -- and eventually I discovered that 1) People DID read BOF and 2) BOF was on Warner Bros.' radar.

Frankly, the only reason the studio ever reached out to me in the first place was because it was smart PR move on their part. They probably figured that if they showed me that they were “doing Batman right” if you will, that message would get out to the fans via BOF. Hey, I used to hammer the you-know-what out of them back in the day! So yeah, being totally honest here, “befriending” this guy “Jett” who runs a little ‘ol Batman site was smart business on their part.

I’m not without sin and I’ll admit that. I posted things on BOF back in the early days that I NEVER should have. But then this guy named Christopher Nolan was hired to write and direct a new Batman movie. Not “BATMAN 5” mind you, but a total reboot of the franchise.

No more rumors. No more "what ifs" and "maybes." No more developing and then shelving. A new Batman film was really going to get made.

Thus, I had to make a decision. Would I continue to post anything and everything people would send me? Is it my place to reveal information or pictures that someone leaked to me, even though this stuff could -- and would in many cases -- ruin the film for people? And really, who the HELL was I to do this anyway -- you know what I mean? So I made the decision as BATMAN BEGINS was still filming that BOF would be a non-spoiler site.

It's EASY to post spoilers...ANYONE can do it, TRUST ME. What's hard is NOT posting them.

Hey, I still made a lot of mistakes back then and posted stuff that I wished I had not. Live and learn, right? But once I saw BATMAN BEGINS, that was IT. This man, this Chris Nolan, had totally earned my respect. This Nolan believes that a move is more fun and enjoyable when the audience knows NOTHING about it prior to seeing it. He was from MY generation and I totally got where he was coming from.

Hmm...what a novel concept. Not knowing what happens in a move before seeing it makes watching it better. Go figure!

Look, I get a lot of crap from fans accusing me of “changing” after BATMAN BEGINS. They told me that I stopped giving Warner Bros. and the filmmakers the “business” like I did prior to that film. They say that Warner Bros. bought me off with set visits, early screenings and other freebies. They claim that I’m simply another part of Warner Bros.’ PR cog.

Fair enough. However, my retort is and will continue to be the following…

What the HELL was there for me to be ANGRY about? Did you see BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT? Do you REALLY think you DESERVE to know EVERYTHING about a film before you see it simply because you think it’s your RIGHT? Is it SELLING OUT to RESPECT someone?


I couldn’t care LESS that I’m hated by the “message board community” of fandom. I’m not that kind of "fan" -- never have been, never will be. And really folks, have you experienced the sort of despicable behavior a good chunk of these individuals exhibit on these forums? JFC! No wonder the so-called “mainstream” thinks that anyone who likes comics or superheroes are losers! That behavior is an embarrassment to fandom. Period.

Question: Why in the HELL do you think I’ve got to do all the cool things I’ve done over the years? BOF is a small site -- a piss in the ocean compared to all the other online outlets. Quite frankly, they didn’t need me after BEGINS. No, I was kept in the loop and continued to get to do all that stuff because I earned their RESPECT.

And I’m PROUD of that, VERY proud. Anyway…

To all you BOF’ers, THANKS for your support over the years -- MUCH APPRECIATED! I can’t wait for you all to see RISES and I hope you all enjoyed the ride like I said to do almost 2 years ago!

Gracias to anyone and everyone who has ever contributed to BOF.

A SUPER BIG thanks to the following folks for helping me “BOF” over the years: Sean Gerber, Mark Hughes, Chris Clow, John Bierly, Robert Reineke, Brad Lange, Jake and "Ra's Al Cool" Lane. These guys have been with me the longest and I appreciate them more than I can say.

HUGE thanks to the following people and they know why: Anne Chun, Darren Olcsvary, F.J. DeSanto, Chris Corbould, David Goyer, Jonathan Nolan, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and of course, the great Michael Uslan -- my friend and the “Godfather of the Modern Comic Book Movie.”

To ALL of the folks who made up “Team Nolan” for this trilogy: THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Cheers! Props to you! Good job! Well done! Etc., etc., etc.

To my wife Rachel: THANKS for not only putting up with my one and only geek obsession, but encouraging it!

As for me and BOF, I did seriously think about shutting the site down post-RISES. HOWEVER…

My batteries are recharged and I’m ready to bang that drum again! We…WE…MUST continue to make sure that Batman on film never, Never NEVER NEVER-EVER sucks again. Bang, Bang, BANG! - Bill “Jett” Ramey

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