"I Was Wrorrrr - Let's Give GOTHAM A Chance"
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM.COM)
January 14, 2014

Me and The Fonz share a character flaw. More on that later. Read on...

One of the things that I always preach (and Preach and PREACH) about here on BOF to my readers is not to assume, prejudge, or overreact to any sort of Batman on film news.

Today, I went against my own advice.

Apparently, the upcoming Batman-themed TV show titled GOTHAM will NOT be an urban crime drama focusing on a young Jim Gordon, but a Batman origin story ala SMALLVILLE. Not only that, but GOTHAM seemingly will be the origin story of the entire Batman universe – friends and foes alike.

OK, this wasn’t what I thought this series was going to be about at all. I was thinking – based on what we had heard – that it was going to be more like NYPD BLUE set in Gotham. Jim Gordon would be its John Kelly – Bobby Simon, Danny Sorenson, or John Clark if you prefer – with a strong “police TV drama vibe.”

But that is NOT what we’re getting with GOTHAM it now seems. According to the pseudo-synopsis provided by Fox’s Kevin Reilly, the series’ focus will not be Jim Gordon, but the entire “Batman Family.”

At first glance, it sounds too SMALLVILLE-like for me. No offense to SMALLVILLE fans or the show itself (I watched it, but it lost me after about three seasons), I just wasn’t a fan of its soap opera-esque narrative, as well as its infamous “Freak of the Week” storylines. Frankly, I don’t want that sort of stuff for Batman on TV – and I don’t think a good segment of Batman fans want that either.

In addition, I have many biases and whatnot when it comes to any live-action TV series based on the Batman mythos. For one thing, I’m of the belief that Bruce Wayne and The Batman himself should be reserved for the big screen and should be treated as more of an “event.” Also, I’m not too keen on seeing pre-villain versions of Batman’s villains. And the idea of Gotham becoming “Gotham” – in terms of all the stars aligning to form the “Batman Universe” – all at once seems a bit too convenient and contrived. BUT…

Maybe my like-minded Bat-brethren and I are jumping the gun here. Perhaps GOTHAM will be nothing like SMALLVILLE at all. And you never know, there just might be a bit of “NYPD BLUE set in Gotham” in the show as many of us believed since the project was announced. SO…

I’m hitting the breaks here when it comes to judging – or in this case, prejudging -- GOTHAM, and I hope you do as well. Bottom line, it’s a Batman project and it deserves our initial support for, if nothing else, for that reason alone. Now, I’ll leave y’all with The Fonz…


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