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Thursday, May 5, 2005

BOF was sent a review from someone who we know has seen BATMAN BEGINS....

"Hey Dude. Wow! That's all I can say! I have just been the most fortunate person in the world and have just watched Batman Begins!!! I can tell you that it is complete (soundtrack and all) and is everything I could have hoped for in a Batman film!!!"

Regarding "The Look" of the film--

"The overall feel of the film is very moody and atmospheric. I seem to remember reading something where Christopher Nolan actually said he wanted the film to look like BLADE RUNNER. Well, he certainly achieved that....I was so impressed at the way they made everything look so grande, despite the fact that Gotham is now a run down city with little hope. Gotham could be any city in the world which is what makes it so realistic....Of course we also travel to China where we see Bruce join up with the League of Shadows. This again looks very realistic."

Regarding Christian Bale's Batman--

"Bale makes a fantastic Batman, the best yet!! He not only gets the characters of Batman and Wayne spot on but he also surprises you with both roles. As Wayne, he plays the cold hearted toy boy who only cares for his wealth and not much else. Of course this is just an act and we see the real Bruce Wayne immerge when he is talking to Rachel. Batman is the character we all know and love from the comic books. He plays him like Batman is some kind of animal."

Regarding Gary Oldman's Jim Gordon--

"...in my opinion Gary Oldman as Gordon steals the show from everyone else. You feel he is very much the 'human' in this story and because Batman trustís him implicitly, as the audience you feel the same way. I get the impression they wonít need Robin if they go on to make any sequels as Gordon and Batman make a fantastic pairing!"

Regarding the score--

"I can confirm that the music in the new trailer is in fact the music used in the film. It is the main Batman theme and is played throughout the movie."

Regarding The Scarecrow--

"When I first heard they where using Scarecrow as the villain in the new film I was a little worried how he may look. I can tell you that I wasnít disappointed in anyway. THE SCARECROW is truly terrifying!! They use some very clever editing techniques to freak you out even more!"

How much of The Batman is in BEGINS?--

"The Batman first appears in the film about half way through. The first time you see him is very memorable. Again, I donít want to spoil anything for you so I wonít describe in too much detail. There is a lot of fast editing involved when heís fighting the bad guys and whenever we see Batman just talking to either Rachel or Gordon he stands in the dark so you never really see him fully until...."


"The cut I saw was [over 2 hours - Jett]. It may leave some people feeling a bit restless as there is a lot of back story but when the film really gets going the time goes by so quickly!! I have to say I enjoyed every minute of it, I really hope Nolan does the sequels as it would be nice to keep the same style as in this film."

"The fight between Ducard and Wayne on a frozen lake was really exciting. The camera moves as if itís slipping on the surface and you really feel like youíre actually involved in the sword fight."

"One memorable scene where [Jett-edit] is being interrogated by Batman; Bale looks truly terrifying, almost as if he is out of control and is ready to do anything to him to get the information he requires."

"The most memorable piece of music being when Ducard and Wayne are fighting on the ice. We flash back and forth in time seeing Wayneís parents being shot and him being trained by the League of Shadows, whilst fighting Ducard. The music reminded me of the scene in THE THIN RED LINE when the American Soldiers attack the Japanese village towards the end of the film, itís very much in the foreground with the action and voice over almost flowing with the music as if we where watching an opera. As with all great scores, it tends to pull at your heart strings as itís full of emotion."

"You know the scene in FIGHT CLUB when Brad Pitt is talking to the camera and it all of a sudden goes all jittery as if the film is coming off the spools? Well, thatís the same way youíre going to see things when the scarecrow sprays his powder on you. Very freaky indeed. Nolan has been very clever throughout the film ensuring that the audience is very much involved in what is happening on screen, as if the audience is part of the film."

Our source's grades--

Batman - 10/10
Bruce Wayne - 8/10
Rachel - 8/10
Gordon - 10/10
Alfred - 7/10
Ducard - 8/10
Falcone - 7/10
Scarecrow - 9/10

Ra's Al Ghul - 6/10


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