"Casting Affleck: A Shameful Day For Batman Fans"
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey
August 24, 2013

Below you’ll find my fresh and knee-jerk reaction to the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman that was just recently announced by Warner Bros. – AND the embarrassing aftermath thanks to a very small segment of Batman “fans.” I hope you dig it...

This was a tweet of mine a few weeks ago and I was 100% wrong on both counts.

Even though I heard whispers of Warner Bros. courting Ben Affleck to be the new Batman, I didn’t think for a second that he’d actually accept the offer. Secondly, the thought of fanboys flipping out over an Affleck Bat-casting seemed to be fun spectator sport, but it in this case, it was not. No, it was ridiculous, sad, and embarrassing.

I LOVE Batman and wear my Bat-fandom on my sleeve, but I was appalled at, embarrassed for, and quite ashamed of Batman fandom today. Frankly, the vitriol directed toward Ben Affleck simply because he was cast as Batman was appalling. And what kind of social skills – or lack thereof – do these individuals have? NONE – they apparently believe that throwing an online temper tantrum like a two year old via Facebook, Twitter, or their fave online message board/only social hangout and chalking it up as just “stating my opinion” is OK. And keep in mind that all this online crying, bitching, moaning is coming from the same group of folks who were supporting a British martial artist/stuntman to be the new Batman!

*shakes head*

Come on Batman fans! Don’t let this small, but vocal, minority represent you any longer. If you don’t like the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, it’s perfectly cool. Doesn’t it come off better to display your disapproval by saying “I’m not down this casting decision. I don’t like Ben Affleck’s acting abilities, so I’m very disappointed,” as opposed to, “Teh Affleck SUCKS balls and teh Bat-Affleck SUCKS even more! F*ck you teh Warner Bros. cause I’m burning all my Warner Bros. DVDs and won’t watch teh Warner Bros. movie again!” It’s time that the mainstream realizes that most of us who love Batman are NOT a bunch of immature man-children who scream and pitch fits when something goes down they don’t like?

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Let me be clear: I’m NOT saying that fans shouldn’t criticize this casting decision if they think it’s wrong. As long as someone does so in a thoughtful and respectful manner, criticize it all you want. For the record, Mr. Affleck wouldn’t have been my first choice to play Batman in this film – though he was and is my first choice to direct the next Batman solo film. Regardless of what I think, I’d say my current state of mind on this choice is best described as me being “OK” with it. I’m not doing a happy dance like I did when Christian Bale was cast as Batman back in 2003, but I’m not underwhelmed or disappointed either.

The Ben Affleck of today is NOT the Ben Affleck of 10 years ago. He isn’t the guy who was part of that “Bennifer” nonsense and making suspect and downright bad films like GIGLI. He’s now one of the most respected filmmakers in Hollywood due to films like THE TOWN and 2013 Best Picture winner ARGO. As far as his acting, I think he’s always gotten a bad rap from folks for some reason. Regardless, go take a look at his work in GOOD WILL HUNTING, HOLLYWOODLAND, THE COMPANY MEN, THE TOWN, and ARGO. In fact, he’s been acknowledge and/or nominated for his acting in films by BAFTA, The Broadcast Film Critics Association, The Chicago Film Critics Association, The Golden Globes, The National Board of Review, The Screen Actors Guild, and the Venice Film Festival. To claim this dude “can’t act” is absolutely false. Furthermore, to claim he isn’t talented is absolutely absurd.

While covering this film over the next two years, I’ll keep an open mind not only when it comes to this casting, but also to the fact that Batman’s going to be in a film with an alien. A human-looking alien raised by two down-to-earth parents in Kansas, but a flying-invincible-can-shoot-lasers-out-of-his-eyes alien nonetheless. As a Batman fan, I’m WAY more concerned how the "realistic" Batman onscreen with the god-like Superman will come off than Ben Affleck being the new cinematic Batman.- Bill "Jett" Ramey

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