Batman On Film After BATMAN v SUPERMAN (Part 2 of 2)
AUTHOR: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
DATE: November 28, 2013

In PART 1 of this op-ed, I told you the main two reasons that Warner Bros. was including the character of Batman in the sequel to MAN OF STEEL. One of WB’s motives is that they want to get back into the business of solo Batman films ASAP.

Hell, can you blame them? Batman is arguably the studio’s number one cinematic asset, so I certainly can see why ($$$) they want the character back on the big screen in a solo film sooner rather than later.

So, Batman’s appearance in the MAN OF STEEL sequel aside, what sort of Batman on film are we going to get once the new solo Bat-films commence? I believe there are three possibilities/options and here they are...

Solo Batman On Film After BvS
I figure that this is the route that everyone assumes Warner Bros. will take when it comes to the first solo Batman film with Ben Affleck. Batfleck – and presumably a bit of that Batman world – will be introduced in BvS and a run of new Batman films will begin. This means that Batman will be older – basically a middle age man - in these films than any previous incarnation of the character in cinema. Also, there won’t be any “universe building,” if you will, as this version of Batman will have been Batmanning for nearly two decades. Thus, his rogues gallery already exists, as does the Batman Family.

Solo Batman On Film Before MOS & BvS
While Ben Affleck is in his early 40s, he could easily play a character that’s ten years or so younger. As a result, it’s not a stretch to suggest that Affleck could portray a Batman who is in his prime and fighting crime in a time period before the events of both MAN OF STEEL and BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN.

If Warner Bros. was to go this route, universe building could indeed take place. Since the Batman of BvS is allegedly going to be semi-retired and fighting crime with Batdrones and Batbots, I’m quite sure there a few Batman films in telling the story of made Bruce Wayne hang up his cape and cowl.

Solo Batman On Film Before AND After MOS & BvS
You know what I’m talking about here, right? Flashbacks, non-linear with me?

Personally, I feel this is a best of both worlds situation for the new version of Batman on film. I believe that using the older, grizzled vet version of Batman, exclusively, would be creatively stifling for the filmmaker (ahem, Ben Affleck) tapped to direct. Conversely, setting the new solo Batman film a decade or so prior to BvS would as well. Plus, there’s a bit of “been there, done that” by giving us yet another cinematic incarnation of Batman in his prime – don’t you think?

A Batman film featuring two versions – based on age – of the same Batman would not only be different from what we’ve seen previously, but quite challenging creatively for both the film’s director and star…who will most likely be the same person. And that challenge is a GOOD thing.

For example, Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne are estranged – allegedly – in BvS. What caused the “break up” between the original Dynamic Duo? When did Grayson stop being Robin and become Nightwing? Was there another Robin after Dick and if so, where is he now? Also, perhaps, there's a dead Robin weighing heavily on Bruce Wayne's conscience? Jason Todd? Tim Drake? Or even Dick Grayon maybe? A film that goes back and forth between the present and the past is the perfect way answer all those questions.

So there you have it folks, three routes Warner Bros. can go with their solo Batman film franchise after the new version of The Dark Knight is introduced in the MAN OF STEEL sequel. I’m hoping for option #3 myself – what about you? Vote in the poll below and give your thoughts on the matter down in the comments section. - Bill "Jett" Ramey

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