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Bring On The New DCU! (AKA Goodbye to the Morrison-Bat!)
Author: Jett
June 2, 2011
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So DC Comics has decided to basically hit the “reset button” on their comic book universe. As a result, all DC titles will “re-start,” if you will, at #1 in September.

My take?

Bring it!

As someone who has been reading comics since the early 70s, experienced different continuities, and witnessed several DCU “reboots” over the years, I’m all for this long-overdue clean-up of the DCU.

If, of course, that’s really what this is. Anyway...

While my initial reaction was “WTF?!,” I quickly realized that I was jumping the gun a bit here and being way too presumptuous. In fact, this is something that I’ve actually advocated and been in support of when discussing the future of Batman in comics and DC with BOF’s contributors.

Even though a reboot will clean up DC’s continuity mess, it appears that #1 issue behind such a move is that that the company is genuinely interested in attracting new readers and keeping them for the long run. Now someone can get on board from the beginning without having to have years and years of backstory explained to them.

In addition, making these titles available digitally on the same day as they arrive in comic book shops is not only a bold move, but a brilliant one. For instance, it will now be easy for the "Average Joe" to check out a Green Lantern, Batman, or Superman comic book after seeing the live-action films this Summer, next Summer, and next Christmas repspectively. He doesn’t have to seek out a enter a comic shop -- which many of his sort might be very leery of doing. No, all he’ll have to do now is go online, buy, and download.

Now, since I’m first and foremost a “Batman Guy,” I’ve got to wonder how all of this is going to affect Batman in comics? Here’s what I hope to see happen…

No need to explain, as that title’s pretty self-explanatory. Hopefully, there will be no other choice -- read on...

No more Dick Grayson-Batman, no more Batman, Inc. Grant Morrison and his entire run can be Omega Sanctioned back to the Stone Age for all I care.

Honestly, despite the fact that I was highly critical of the direction Morrison took the Batman comics, I did enjoy quite a bit of it. BUT…

There is only one Batman and that would be Bruce Wayne. And he’s in Gotham City, not traveling the globe creating The Batman Corps.

(No wonder DC gave Morrison such a free run to do all that crazy-ass stuff. They probably knew they were going to reboot the whole thing and said “What the hell!”)

It’s pretty simple.

Dick Grayson is Nightwing, Tim Drake is Robin, and Barbara Gordon is Batgirl.

And that’s IT when it comes to the Batman Family.

Well, except for maybe Ace The Bat-Hound.

This is pretty much a total MUST for me: BATMAN: YEAR ONE is not discarded and remains Batman’s origin story. As far as all those Batman stories we all love, we can read them anytime simply by opening up our graphic novels and/or TPB's.

Relax Clayface fans, I’m not talking about going totally “realistic,” OK? What I mean is that there are bound to be a number of folks who go see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES next Summer, right? And Chris Nolan’s Batman has been tremendously popular with the mainstream audience, correct? Well, I figure that Nolan’s cinematic Bat-Trilogy just might get more than a few non-comic book readers to try out Batman in comics. Therefore, give them something from the films to latch on to and (hopefully) make them lifelong comic book readers…

Like a Joker that wears makeup and isn’t permawhite. *wink*

The more I think about it, the more excited I am for the “new” DCU. However, I know that there are A LOT of fans that are upset that this is taking place -- and I totally get it. You’ve read many a comic and TONS of stories over the years and invested who knows how much time doing so. You probably feel a bit betrayed that it all -- well, probably a lot of it -- is going to be whipped away.

But you know what? All those stories that you love are really going no where. You’ve got your collection and you can read ‘em anytime and that can never be taken away from you.

Frankly, this is something that had to happen for the long-term health of DC Comics. They need new readers and this -- the reboot and digital comics -- was definitely the right decision.

And anyone that's upset that their "DCU" is going bye-bye needs to get over it to be perfectly blunt. There are a lot of DCU/Batman stories that I either grew up with or discovered retroactively that have gone away in terms of being "in-continuity." But I accepted it and moved on.

Now, bring on that new comic book DCU! (Though I reserve the right to change my mind if Bruce Wayne is not its only Batman…)

A life-long Batman fan, "Jett"
is the founder of
and resides in the great state of Texas.

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