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"She's GOT To Have Ears!"
Author: Jett
August 7, 2011
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For real people? FOR REAL?

Anne Hathaway doesn’t “look” like Catwoman in that first official publicity image because…

She’s not wearing a cowl?

She isn’t sporting cat ears?

She’s not carrying a whip? Or my personal favorite...

She doesn’t have a tail?

Give me a damn break!

Look, I’ve got no issue at all with anyone who honestly isn’t happy with the look that Team Nolan has given Catwoman in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. To those folks I say it’s only one picture and there just may be more to this character aesthetically that you’ve, ahem, YET TO SEE. Most people in this category are calmly and thoughtfully explaining their opinion -- I totally respect that. BUT…

We've got this minority of fandom -- albeit loud and vocal -- who are currently carrying on as if Chris Nolan and Lindy Hemming conspired and designed a Catwoman costume just to piss them off!

If that’s YOU, didn’t you learn your lesson four years ago with all that “The Joker is PERMAWHITE!” nonsense? I’m sure that YOU probably felt a little stupid after seeing THE DARK KNIGHT in its entirety and discovered that Team Nolan’s Joker (brilliantly portrayed by the late Heath Ledger) was absolutely, 100%, beyond a shadow of a doubt, “The Joker,” right? I bet you even conveniently “forgot” about your passionate “The Joker is PERMAWHITE!" and “This is The Joker in name ONLY!” proclamations as you were sporting your TDK Heath-Joker T-Shirt around town, didn’t you?

Ah, ain’t “retroactive reality” just grand?!

Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman
in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (© Warner Bros. Pictures)

To be blunt, this “outrage” over the look of TDKR Catwoman should be laughable, but yet it's damn sad. Why? Because this aforementioned small, yet loud, group of fans keep making all of US -- the REAL majority of fandom who love Batman and comic books -- look like a bunch of tools.

Wow, here's a thought! Doesn’t Team Nolan deserve the benefit of the doubt by now? My gosh! These are the folks who provided us not only the definitive Batman film, but the greatest comic book-based movie to date! And THE DARK KNIGHT is no slouch either.

Yes, the vision of what Catwoman “Is” in your mind is valid. So is the vision of Catwoman that was in the mind of Team Nolan. Just because it doesn’t jibe with what’s in your noggin, DOES NOT mean it needs to be labeled with this absurd “CINO” acronym.

Bottom line, you don’t know a DAMN THING yet. TDKR’s Catwoman may indeed…

Wear a cowl.

Sport cat ears. Or…

Carry a whip.

Even if she doesn’t, she’s still “Catwoman,” like it or not.

“She’s got to have a tail!” Really? Hahahahahaha!

A life-long Batman fan, "Jett"
is the founder of
and resides in the great state of Texas.

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