Nolan, Idiots, and a New Director

Author: Jett
Friday, September 12, 2008

THE DARK KNIGHT is one of the most successful films of all time…

It’s both a box office and critical success…

And it just may win a few bald-headed statues as well.

It’s pretty darn obvious that Warner Bros. wants to do another Batman film and they want Christopher Nolan to direct it. In fact, they’ve got an offer on the table for Nolan -- all he has to do is accept it.

As I said in a PREVIOUS OP-ED, I’m not sure what Chris Nolan is going to do. One day I think he’ll be back, the next I’m convinced he’s done with Batman.

You know what, if this dude is indeed finished and wants to move on from Batman, that’s fine by me. If Chris doesn’t want to a return for whatever reason, no one should begrudge the man one iota. This is the person that is responsible for the two greatest Batman movies ever -- as well as arguably the best of the comic book movie genre. We owe this man nothing but a big “Thank You” for making Batman on film relevant and respected again. He owed us nothing but good films -- and he delivered.

Anyone who gets bent out of shape and PO’ed at the notion that Chris might be done with this franchise frankly needs to get a life. Unfortunately, there will be some losers that will act the fool by insulting Nolan and proclaiming that both the director and his artistic endeavors “suck.”

A way with words these idiots have.

Let me say right now that BOF NEVER has represented this type of, ahem, "fan" -- and I use the term "fan" lightly. This particular cretin lives in a world where social interaction is solely based on internet message board participation; where they pound out profanity-laced and hate-filled posts without a hint of capitalization and punctuation.

Yet in reality, they are nothing more than a pee in the ocean of Batman fandom and they don’t matter in the least. No one -- and I mean NO ONE -- takes this scum seriously. They are a joke and absolutely meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

(If you are currently thinking "Is he talking about ME," I probably am loser.)

Enough time has been spent on this embarrassing lot. Moving on….

My hope is that Chris decides that he DOES have another Batman story to tell, signs on to direct BATMAN 3, and everyone is happy. BUT…

Let’s operate for a second under the premise that Chris tells Warner Bros., "Thanks, but no thanks." With BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT under his belt, he’s told the Batman story that he wanted to tell and has nothing left to say. What’s Warner Bros. going to do in response-- stop making Batman films?

Hell no!

Frankly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t lobby them to proceed full steam ahead with another creative team. Remember, BOF is all about the long term continuation of the BATMAN film franchise period -- with or without “Team Nolan.”

The whole purpose of hiring Nolan in the first place was to reboot the Batman film franchise and he’s certainly done that and done it superbly. I don’t think that the series should and will end just because Nolan’s done.

If Chris is indeed finished, then Warner Bros. should go after a quality director, hire him, and let him do his thing. Furthermore, I say let him do his thing with as few restrictions possible -- just as they did with Nolan when he was hired for BATMAN BEGINS. The last thing in the world that Warners should do is hire an incompetent and Batman clueless Yes Man and say “Make us a ‘Nolan Batman!’”

It’s Batman for crissakes! I’m pretty sure that there are many a creative type just chomping at the bit to take a crack at this great character. And if given the opportunity -- which is coming eventually whether Chris does a third one or not -- will deliver a damn good BATMAN.

Just make sure it’s the right guy.

You’ve got a good thing going on right now Warner Bros., let’s not drop the ball as was done in the past.

And everyone, don’t worry about the idiots.

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