Don't Sweat The Small Stuff!

Author: Jett
Monday, June 23, 2008

As I begin typing, THE DARK KNIGHT is only 24 days away from hitting theaters across the country. While the “hype” isn’t on a 1989 level, the anticipation and buzz for this BATMAN film is awfully huge. Actually, the biggest I’ve seen since, well, 1989.

Look, “Batman Nation” is fired up for this film and it certainly seems that “Average Joe Movie Nation” is as well. So…

I’ve got 3 things that I want to say (*cough* get off my chest *cough*) to you my dear readers here in the days right before TDK is upon us all.

Actually, they are my suggestions of things not to stress over.

You know, don't sweat the small stuff.

I know that everybody and their Bat-brother thinks (Hopes?) that THE DARK KNIGHT is going to kick some major box office ass and just mop the F’n floor with this summer’s “competition.”

And there seems to be this obsession over besting IRON MAN for some reason. Like if IM makes more money this summer than our beloved TDK, that somehow the latter is a flop.


The better each "Comic Book Movie" does, the better it is for the genre as a WHOLE.

Look, THE DARK KNIGHT is going to do really, REALLY well this summer. It’s going to make TONS of coin -- certainly enough to guarantee a third Bat-Flick. So chill will ya?

Hell, I dug the heckout of IRON MAN and gave it a SOLID B+ in my review. It deserves the success that it’s received and any belief or perception that that is skin off TDK‘s nose is BS.

Will TDK best IM at the box office this summer?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But to be perfectly honest…


And neither should YOU.

Bottom line: THE DARK KNIGHT is going to get some bad reviews.

On the other hand, I truly believe that overall, it’s going to get a very high rating amongst all the critics out there. Regardless…


If you like it and I like it, what does it matter what the “Movie Gurus” have to say? I review films and I certainly don’t expect anyone to care that I hate a film they like, you know?

Hence, if “Mr. Prudey Pants” from “Newspaper/Magazine/Website Such and Such” rips TDK to kingdom come…

Like I said...


You know what, I totally L -O-V-E “Batman Nation” and I’m a Batman fanboy too -- although I prefer “Fanman” now.

But don’t y’all find the nitpicking to the Nth degree of every single detail of THE DARK KNIGHT a little, well, exasperating at times?

“Uh, that goes against issue number such-and-such of BATMAN back in 1950-whatever. If TDK was staying true to the ‘Batman Mythos,’ they would have done THIS instead!”

I’m sorry, don't come here with that crap!

I don’t need to see Liam Neeson emerge from a bubbling, steaming pool of goo to appreciate that he WAS Ra’s Al Ghul.

I don’t need to see (the late and great) Heath Ledger fall into a vat of acid and come out "permawhite" to know that he IS The Joker.

And (I can’t believe I’m including this, but I get email…) I don’t need dadgum Cillian Murphy looking like Ray-stinkin’-Bolger to know that he’s The Scarecrow!

Some of y’all need to get over yourselves ‘cause you’re setting yourself up for nothing but disappointment.

I’m sorry, but…

Your favorite comic book/graphic novel/TPB isn’t going to be adapted to screen panel for panel...

Tim Burton ain't directing Batman movies no more. And...

Adam West isn't playing Batman! (Like I said, I get email...)

*Big Sigh*

Just getting that off my chest.

My point here is that YOU -- the Batman fan who L-O-V-E-S THE DARK KNIGHT -- don’t sweat the small stuff, OK?

When it’s all said and done, does it really matter if…

THE DARK KNIGHT “only” makes $299 million domestic? Or…

THE DARK KNIGHT gets a few negative reviews from folks who have NEVER (Ahhhhhh!) read a single Batman comic book in their life? Or…

Your own Bat-brethren nitpicks holes in every single frame of this film on message boards across the Net?


Enjoy July 18, 2008...


THE DARK KNIGHT opens July 18, 2008...and I CAN'T WAIT!

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