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Author: Jett
August 31, 2010
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Are you kidding me?

If it wasn’t enough for the real Batman (“Uh, Bruce Wayne”) to be “Omega Sanctioned” into the Stone Age. AND…

Travel through time in the guise of a caveman, Puritan, pirate, cowboy, and gumshoe...

It now seems that we’re going to have to deal with Batmans -- or it that Batmen?


We all knew that it was inevitable that Bruce Wayne would be back as Batman in the comics, right? There’s just no way in hell that DC Comics would permanently kill off -- or “Omega Sanction” -- ‘ol BW forever.

So after enduring the Grant Morrison-inspired Batman soap opera the last couple of years, the Bona Fide Bat finally returns! Except…

Bruce ain’t going to be the only Batman.

The original Robin -- Dick Grayson -- will apparently be retained as a Batman by the returning boss. Not only that, it seems that Bruce is going to take Batman global and install a “Batman” in major cities around the world.

Batman fans rejoice! Not only do we get to keep Robin as one of the Batmans, we’re going to have a whole DCU of 'em soon! It’s going to be like the Green Lantern Corps, but made up of Batmen. I’m so happy, I think I’m going to cry!

And cry I certainly may based on this nonsense.

Someone -- at DC preferably -- is really going to do one heck of a sales job to convince me that this is a “good” idea. They need to tell me why -- and like-minded Bat-Fans -- the Batman of the DCU can’t be Bruce Wayne and Bruce Wayne only.

I don’t care how “good” that Batman monthlies have been post R.I.P.. Granted, I enjoyed Mr. Morrison’s BATMAN AND ROBIN quite a bit. Not only was it good, I’ll even say it was some borderline classic stuff. Regardless, I can’t help but thinking the following…

Do the “Keepers of Batman” even really get this character?!

First and foremost, it’s “Bat-MAN,” in the singular. If you are talking about Batman in the plural -- as in more than one Batman -- that’s just way, WAY wrong.

Look, I grew up a “DC Guy,” but Batman has been and will continue to be the reason I gravitate to comics. Back in the day when I was becoming the “Bat-Fan/DC Guy" that I am now, there was one constant: “Bruce Wayne = Batman.”

To me -- based on my own geek and personal Batman sensibilities -- if Bruce ain’t in the suit, it ain’t Batman.

I guess a lot of folks with a whole lot more talent and Bat-influence than me seem to have forgotten that little detail. If I’m wrong, DC Comics and Batman fans, convince me otherwise. Until then…

I will not buy a Batman monthly until Bruce Wayne is Batman -- and the only Batman -- in each and every one of them. While I’m not going to be reading, BOF will continue reviewing ‘em with a variety of writers whose P.O.V. is certainly different than yours truly.

I get it that this is nothing more than a stunt -- just like KNIGHTFALL, R.I.P. and Dick assuming the cape and cowl. Eventually, Bruce will be the only Dark Knight in the DCU. I refuse to believe that they are that ignorant of 70+ years of Bat-History. Really, Bruce Wayne is Batman and Batman is Bruce Wayne, right? However…

If you feel the same as I do, then I suggest you follow my lead and stick it to “The Man” where it really hurts, The Pocketbook.

I wonder if I can be Omega Sanctioned to a place where I can read Batman comic books in which Bruce Wayne is the only Batman?

One can only wish.

A life-long Batman fan, "Jett"
is the founder of
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