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BATMAN 3 "Like To Sees"
Author: Jett
June 19, 2010
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EDITOR'S NOTE: The following article first appeared on BOF in January of 2009. Since Chris Nolan's INCEPTION is nearly upon us, the director will soon turn his attention to his third and last Batman film. As a result, I figured it was time to dust off this year and a half old article and perhaps add a few things to it as well. Enjoy! - Jett

So, the great Chris Nolan and the fine folks behind the BATMAN film franchise (David Goyer, Jonah Nolan, et al) are now admitting that they’re "musing" about another BATMAN.

Frankly, this is damn near a "BATMAN 3 Confession" as close as Chris plays it to the vest!

Since they are currently (*ahem*) “musing” over what will ultimately be the third Nolan-directed BATMAN film, I might as well make a few suggestions of things I’d like to see in the next one.

I totally dig Bruce’s penthouse, um, digs in THE DARK KNIGHT -- which is a nod to the 70s comics of course. Love the temporary Bat-Headquarters he set up as well. But…


And not the Batcave we last saw in BATMAN BEGINS. No, we need a fully decked out command center for The Batman which is akin to what we see in the comics -- you know what I mean?

Something sorta like this?

Remember, Bruce and Alfred talked about making improvements to the southeastern corner of Wayne Manor in BEGINS. Well, I want to see those renovations and hopefully it’ll be what we saw in Bruce's temp Batcave TDK -- multiplied by 1,000 of course.

I could do without the giant penny and that Tyrannosaurus rex though.

Being one of those Batman fans that prefer Batman and his world presented as “real” as possible, I had absolutely no problem with the look of either BATMAN BEGINS or THE DARK KNIGHT. Furthermore, I’d argue that Gotham City’s look was the most consistent from film-to-film of all the Bat-Flicks.

Another thing that I’m completely on board with is shooting on location and shooting on location in Chicago. With TDK shooting pretty much totally in Chicago, the film came across as a real living and breathing American city -- more than any of the previous Bat-Films.

So when production of BATMAN 3 commences, I'm pretty sure that it'll be in The Windy City. However...

I’d wouldn't mind it if they'd “Gotham-Up” Chi-Town -- if you will -- a little more in the next film. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly NOT suggesting that Nolan’s GC suddenly become a gothic netherworld or a neon-lit amusement park-like metropolis either.

I love The Narrows!

I’d merely like to see more of “Gotham” -- The Narrows from BEGINS for example -- as well as other parts of the city that we’ve yet to experience in the previous two films.

And bring that monorail/train system from BEGINS too!

Alright, we know that after not having the nerve it do it in BATMAN BEGINS, Chris Nolan finally blew The Batmobile -- AKA “The Tumbler” -- to bits in THE DARK KNIGHT.

While I love The Batpod and hope to see more of it in the next film, Batman needs The Batmobile and I expect to see a new one in B3.

Look, I absolutely love the tank-like look of The Tumbler and I hope that they keep that aspect of Batman’s wheels when they design the new one. But I’d like it if they sleek it up a bit to make it more in line with Batman’s ride in the comics.

But please, no convertible.

I’ll admit it, I hate the Batwing.

Hated it in both B89 and FOREVER.

Consequently, I have zero desire to see a third version of Batman’s jet on the big screen -- Nolanized or not. However…

What about a Batcopter?

Think this, but "Tumblered-Up"

Honestly, I’ve never understood why Batman would need a jet to fight urban crime, you know? The Batwing is cool in the comics -- IN THE COMICS -- and its inclusion was merely a flat-out gimmick in BATMAN '89 and FOREVER to get folks to buy toys, so to heck with that.

But the police use helicopters, right? Why wouldn’t The Dark Knight? It sure as hell make a lot more sense than any sort of airplane, and you can still sell them toys!

The last time we saw a “Batboat,” it was being driven by Robin in BATMAN FOREVER. That was nearly two decades ago and 3 Bat-flicks removed. I kinda wouldn’t mind seeing a return of a Batman aquatic vehicle -- if of course there’s a reason for Batman to have to use one. Plus, Nolan's production designer Nathan Crowley told me on the set that he's keen for a Batboat to appear in a future film.

Now, I don’t think you can have BOTH a Batcopter and a Batboat in one film -- though I’m sure the fine folks at Mattel would disagree.

Is a "classic" Bat-Rogue" needed?
Maybe that third one there....

I promise, I’m not trying to be funny here. Nolan, Goyer, and Nolan could decide to use Crazy Quilt as the main villain for BATMAN 3 and I’d be down with it.


If not Catwoman for the big baddie, then I’d also love to see Nolan’s take on The Riddler and The Penguin -- both of which I think would easily fit within the “realistic” Bat-Universe as established by Team Nolan.

Then there’s a slew of minor Batman villains that they could use as well -- The Ventriloquist, Deadshot, Firefly, and Hugo Strange to name a few.

With that said, I’m willing to bet that at least one classic -- and well known -- Bat-Rogue is prominently featured in the next film. If I had my druthers, it would definitely be Selina Kyle. And there’s going to be a need for a female lead, right?

No doubt about it, Batman has a GREAT rogues gallery!

Batman’s rep amongst the citizens of Gotham must be redeemed and The Batsignal atop Gotham police headquarters has to be restored in B3. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

The End is the Beginning is the End...
Yes, Chris Nolan has stated that BATMAN 3 is going to be the “end” of his Batman on film run. But that doesn’t -- and SHOULDN’T -- mean that end of Batman on film in general.

While Chris has every right in the world to conclude his Bat-story, he should leave things where a new creative team can come in and continue the story without having to hit the reset button and do yet another reboot. Let’s just continue on with the continuity and foundation that Chris established so well back in 2005 with BATMAN BEGINS.

And if Chris Omega Sanctions Batman at the end of B3, I will make it my goal to get him banned from having anything to do with Batman forever.

All you Bale-Batman-voice haters need to relax. Really, are you THAT much of a petty and stereotypical fanboy where the voice an actor uses while portraying a fictional comic book character causes you so much consternation and pain? Anyway…

I do sort of get your argument, OK? If y’all hadn’t have spent thousands of hours hate-banging away on BS message boards, I’d probably have respected your opinion a bit more.

Regardless, keep in mind that the Batman buck stops with Mr. Nolan, not Mr. Bale. If you “hated” Christian’s Batman voice in TDK, blame the former, not the latter. With that said, here’s what I think should happen…

One, Chris can finally explain why his Batman sounds the way that he does. Apparently, The Dark Knight’s voice is amplified and distorted so as to frighten the superstitious and cowardly lot of criminals that he has to face in Gotham. Or…

He can simply have Christian tone it down a bit and/or not alter it so much in post.

While I’ve got no problem with Bale’s “Batman voice,” I’m just speaking for those Batman fans who have respectfully asked me to pass along their message to WB and “Them.”

These message board cretins who still carry on about need to really get over such an insignificant issue.

One last thing, no more emails suggesting that Kevin Conroy or Michael Keaton should provide the voice of Christian’s Batman. That is ludicrous suggestion as well as something that would never happen anyway.

Really, get over such fanboy-ish thinking.

This is why BATMAN works ALONE!
No wink-wink/nod-nods to anyone or anyplace in the greater DCU. As Chris Nolan has said many times, the Batman of the BEGINS/TDK/B3 exists in the "real world" and is its only costumed "superhero."

Forget Robin and Batgirl, the only costumed ally I want to see Batman working with in the next film is the one and only Batmite! Can you just imagine what Chris Nolan would do with such a fantastic character?

Yes, I’m kidding.

I am NOT kidding.
I can mix and mingle at one of Bruce Wayne's parties at Wayne Manor or his penthouse just as well as anyone. ;)

A life-long Batman fan, "Jett"
is the founder of
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