THE PRESTIGE Author Disses Nolan, "The Dark Knight Trilogy"
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
November 30, 2014

One of the best of Chris Nolan’s films is THE PRESTIGE. However, it seems that the author of the book on which that film is based – Christopher Priest – doesn’t think too much of Chris Nolan…

…or Batman either.

In a video interview (see below) with a French movie site called SKRIPT.FR, Mr. Priest talks at length about novel; but he eventually got on subject of Chris’ adaptation of his book and what he thinks about “The Dark Knight Trilogy” – which he calls “shallow,” “badly written,” and “embarrassing.” Here are some excerpts…

“I've only ever had one meeting with him, when the film was finished. Because I wasn't very interested in him. We all have different points of view on the world. To the world he's this great, innovative filmmaker; to me, he was a kid who wanted to get into Hollywood.”

“I don't like his other work; I think its shallow and badly written. I mean, I've got kids who like superheroes, and they think the Batman films are boring and pretentious. They like things like [the Marvel Cinematic Universe films] because they're fun.”

“It's a wrong move to take a superhero and give it psychological realism. There is no psychological realism. [Batman is] a bodybuilder who jumps off buildings. I'm sorry I feel really strongly about this.”

With all due respect Mr. Priest, you come off as an old bitter A-hole...I’m sorry, I feel really strongly about this.

I’m not really sure what got stuck in his crawl regarding Chris Nolan. This guy admits that he liked THE PRESTIGE and had only one meeting with Nolan - and that was after the film was released. Now, I wasn’t at this meeting, but I find it very hard to believe that Chris and Emma Thomas (Nolan’s wife and producing partner) were rude or disrespectful to this man. Those two folks have never been anything but nice to me – a regular ‘ol guy who runs a Batman site – each and every time I’ve met with them over the years. In fact, both have gone out of their way to be kind and pull a few strings for BOF as well.

Look, Chris Nolan doesn’t need me to defend him at all. And frankly, this retort to Mr. Priest’s comments has nothing to do with his remarks towards the director his or the “Dark Knight Trilogy.” No, it’s all about his totally ignorant idea that the character of Batman is nothing more than a “bodybuilder” who does nothing more than “jump off roofs.” Additionally, it’s even more about the author’s frankly ridiculous belief that comic book films are only meant to be “fun” and not serious cinema.

I’m sorry folks, if that latter opinion of Mr. Priest’s doesn’t give you the red-ass (a Texas sayin’), then, honestly, I’ve got to question your own ideas of what “comic book movies” are supposed to be.

Furthermore, this cat clearly doesn’t like or respect comic book films as I've already discussed. Thus, it’s not a stretch by any means to infer from this interview that Mr. Priest doesn’t like or respect fans of comics or superhero films either. This guy is a butt-hurt fossil who is still of the mind that films based on comic books are nothing but fluff and should only be mindless “fun.” That’s an insult to not only Nolan, but also to the folks behind those “fun” Marvel films as well.

For the full interview, check out the video below. One final word on this matter and a bit of advice for anyone put off by this man’s comments…

Don’t sweat it. This is nothing more than the clueless and bitter words of an out of touch curmudgeon. He lost any credibility with me with his proclamation that Batman is nothing more than a bodybuilder who jumps off buildings. The only people who are - truth be told - who claim that these remarks are OK are haters of the "Trilogy" and Nolan. If you're a fan of Batman and/or comic book films, I just can't see how you can support this guy's comments. I’m sorry, but I feel really strongly about this.

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