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The BOF Mailbag - 2.7.10
Author: Jett
February 7, 2010
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Well, it's been a while, but I'm back with another edition of the "BOF Mailbag!" I'll be answering questions about Batman in comics, BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, Batman in those DC animated films, Mrant Gorrison, and of course, BATMAN 3. Enjoy! (EDITOR'S NOTE: No names were used in this edition of the mailbag as all questions were repetative. - Jett)

Send your questions to BOF_MAILBAG@MSN.COM!

1) “January (2010) is over. Where was that BATMAN 3 announcement you promised?”

JETT SAYS: Have you checked out the BOF NEWS PAGE recently? Apparantly not. Anyway...

I never “promised” a BATMAN 3 announcement. The only thing that BOF reported was that rumor had it that Warner Bros. and Chris Nolan might finalize plans for a third BATMAN by the end of January 2010. I never said that would include an announcement.

2) “Talk about doing a 180! You’ve been very vocal against The Joker character returning in BATMAN 3, and now all of a sudden you are advocating it with a big op-ed piece on your site.”

JETT SAYS: Really?

First of all, if your are referring to the recent op-ed on BOF -- “How & Why The Joker Can Return” -- that was written by Mark Hughes, not me. So that’s his opinion, not necessarily mine, OK?

To be perfectly frank, I’ve changed my mind on the subject. My position is that if Mr. Nolan has a story to tell and it involves the inclusion of The Joker, then he should tell it. He certainly shouldn’t worry about what overzealous and irrational fanboys think about it.

3) “You’ll write an article on BOF lobbying for the return of The Joker, but you won’t do the same for Two Face. Why? Plus, you’ve flip-flopped on your Joker position you hypocrite. I’m sure Nolan told you to do it and you’re just kissing his ass as always.”

JETT SAYS: *sigh* I didn’t write that opinion piece dude, see above. Anyway…

Here’s the difference: In THE DARK KNIGHT the character of Harvey Dent/Two Face DIED -- he fell and broke his F’n neck! The character of The Joker, however, LIVED! And please, don’t start in with the “Harvey’s dead, but Two Face lived” BS, OK? Not only does the script says he died, just about everybody associated with the film has confirmed that he bit the dust. Get over it.

As far as a BOF op-ed on the matter, HERE IS ONE. Enjoy!

4) “Do you think Chris Nolan will return for BATMAN 3?”

JETT SAYS: Yes, I do. I’d be quite shocked if it were announced that he was done and Warner Bros. was bringing in a new director and creative team. In fact, it’s looking like things are starting to line up on the B3 front. I expect an official announcement sometime between now and the end of July 2010.

5) “I can’t believe you post anything about BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD on BOF. It’s a disgrace to The Dark Knight! You’re a sellout!”

JETT SAYS: Are you F’n serious? Look, I can respect the fact that B:TB&TB doesn’t mesh with your taste in Batman, but the idea that it’s a “disgrace” to the character is complete BS. This show is extremely well-written and is VERY respectful to the Batman mythos.

Now, would I advocate a live-action film with the same tone? Heck no. Is it “My Batman?” Not really. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy this particular take on my favorite fictional character. Bottom line, it’s a great show and anyone who is dismissing it without watching it first, is missing out on some great Batman stuff in my opinion.

6) “Why are you giving this JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS the time of day on BOF? I thought you were against Batman in a Justice League film and the dreaded ‘Batman…IN SPACE!’ Hypocrite!”

JETT SAYS: Oh good gosh, get over it.

Look, these DCU animated films is one the best things Warner Bros. and DC Comics have done for DC fans and the genre since…well…EVER. Plus, this CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS is animated, not live action, OK? Two completely different mediums. While I’m definitely not keen on seeing “Batman…IN SPACE!” in a live action film, I have no issues with him mixing it up with the Justice League in these animated films. And until they give us something that’s either disrespectful to the character and/or sucks, I have absolutely no reason not to cover these projects -- and like them as well.

7) “Jett, if Nolan recasts The Joker in BATMAN 3, who would you like to see take over the role?”

JETT SAYS: Well, I’ll keep that to myself. Until Chris actually decides to bring the character back, there’s no point in me going there. I will say that I do have some ideas on the matter and I am open to it -- if that’s what Nolan wants to do, of course.

8) “Let’s say BATMAN 3 is Bale’s last outing as Batman. Who would you like to see take over the role of The Dark Knight in BATMAN 4?”

JETT SAYS: Another recasting question. I’m sure I’ll get some grief over this, but how about Jake Gyllenhaal? He almost nabbed the part over Christian Bale back in ‘04, so Nolan must have liked him, right?

9) “Quit hating on Grant Morrison! Let him tell his story, OK?”

JETT SAYS: Have I criticized ‘ol Mrant at times? You bet. But I certainly wouldn’t say that I’m “hating” on him.

The truth of the matter is that I’ve liked much more of his Batman stuff than I’ve disliked. I thought his run on BATMAN was really good and I gave BATMAN, R.I.P. very positive reviews. My issue has always been with that “Omega Sanction” and what happened to Batman in FINAL CRISIS. I had no interest in that story and wish that it would have affected the Batman monthlies as little as possible.

With that said, Gorrison’s BATMAN AND ROBIN has been a pleasant surprise and I’m actually looking forward to seeing how all of this ultimately plays out.

However, I will admit that I am hating on “Caveman, Pirate, and Witch Hunter Bruce Wayne.”

10) “What Batman-related things are you most looking forward to in 2010?”

JETT SAYS: In no particular order…BATMAN: EARTH ONE, a BATMAN 3 announcement, FIRST WAVE and Batman in the “Pulp and Powerless” DCU, and the ARKHAM ASYLUM 2 video game.

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