TDK Q&A and...
The Sequel?

Author: Jett
Monday, July 21, 2008

EDITOR'S NOTE: I've got A LOT of email since TDK hit theaters last Friday and I thought I would do a "BOF MAILBAG" on the most common questions. SPOILERS! - Jett

1. “Was anything left out of the film? Can we expect to see deleted scenes or maybe a ‘Director’s Cut’ of THE DARK KNIGHT?

JETT SAYS: No. I was told by someone very high up in the production of the film that nothing was left out. Chris Nolan himself told me he put “everything” into the film. So no, I wouldn’t expect to see any deleted scenes as an extra in the DVD.

As far as a “Director’s Cut,” there is one. It’s in theaters now and it’s called THE DARK KNIGHT.

2. “I thought Harley Quinn was going to be in the movie? Kinda disappointed. Do you think that they cut that scene out because Heath died?”

JETT SAYS: If you are disappointed, you only have yourself to blame for believing such rumor. And no, they did not cut out this scene because Heath died -- no such scene exists!

3. “Jett, did Two Face really die? Do you think Gordon and Batman hid him? Maybe he's at Arkham?”

JETT SAYS: Harvey died. End of story on that one. Frankly, I think it would be a little cheap for him to return in the next one. TDK story arc was Harvey’s and he died at the end because of his own actions.

4. “Jett, don’t you think it’s eventually going to come out that Harvey killed those 5 people, not Batman?”

JETT SAYS: Yes. The next one must be about Batman’s “redemption” in the eyes of Gotham. And for that to happen -- for Batman to be “cleared” -- the truth about Harvey Two Face must come out. Remember, that Det. Ramirez knows what Harvey did and she lived.

5. “Jett, do you think Nolan foreshadowed any villain that we might see in the next film?”

JETT SAYS: Not really. Maybe the “cat” comment by Lucius Fox could be considered a nod to Catwoman, but probably not. We know that “Edward Nashton” and “The Iceberg Lounge” were mentioned in THE GOTHAM TIMES, so perhaps we’ll see The Riddler and The Penguin at some point. However, I think that those were simply “Easter Eggs” for the fans as well as suggesting that those two do exist -- somewhere -- in Nolan’s Batman Universe.

6. “Jett, if Chris Nolan asked you if you could name one villain to be in the next one, who would it be?”

JETT SAYS: Without a doubt, Selina Kyle. I’d love to see what Chris, David Goyer, and Jonah Nolan would do with Catwoman! Chris, do you hear that “Selina Kyle drum” I’m beating? ;)

7. “Jett, did you like Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Rachel better than Katie’s?”

JETT SAYS: Yes, no offense to Katie Holmes though. I think Maggie’s Rachel was much, much more believable.

8. “All I want to say is that I appreciate your non-spoiler policy…now. I wish I had NEVER seen those pictures of Heath (Ledger) in the nurse costume and without makeup dressed like a cop. It would have had more of an impact on me if I hadn’t have seen them. I owe you an apology because I used to badmouth you on other message boards for not having spoilers on BOF. For the next one, I will get my Batman news ONLY from you.” - Chris from Delaware

JETT SAYS: Dude, I’m right there with you. I too am pissed that I saw those pictures -- especially the ones of The Joker in the nurse outfit. And don’t worry, BOF‘s no-spoiler policy will not change.

9. “I’ve heard you on ‘The Rod Ryan Show’ and other radio shows as well and you’ve said that you believe that there will be a sequel. If you had to put odds on it, what would they be?” - Ashley from Humble, Texas

JETT SAYS: Right now? Hmm. 60/40 in favor of Nolan returning for #3...right now. My gut feeling is that he’ll return for one more when it’s all said and done.

10. “Jett, do you think The Joker will return in a sequel and who do you think Nolan will cast to replace Heath?”

JETT SAYS: I don’t think that there is any way in hell that we’ll see The Joker in the next film. No chance whatsoever. Anybody hoping for that needs to delete it from their minds right now ‘cause it ain’t going to happen. In fact, this is something that I would lobby very strongly against happening.

11. “I read your article warning Batman fans not to have unrealistic expectations for THE DARK KNIGHT. After this weekend, are you surprised?”

JETT SAYS: A little, but I'm certainly happy! I started getting a “THIS IS GOING TO BE HUGE” vibe a few weeks ago once ticket sales began and they were selling like ice water in Hades. What I didn’t want to see was fans have their expectations not met, and then feel disappointed. I always knew it was going to be BIG, I just didn’t know it was going to be HUGE, you know what I mean?

I swear, I never thought I’d see Batmania like I saw back in 1989 ever again, but I did!

12. “Do you think THE DARK KNIGHT will end up being the #1 film of the year, box office-wise?

JETT SAYS: Yes, I certainly do. I believe it will have another HUGE Friday thru Sunday this coming weekend (weekend #2 domestic) which should definitely kick it up well over $200 million. Word of mouth and numerous repeat viewings by fans like me will be good for the box office as well.

13. “Jett, do you think Heath will get an Oscar for The Joker?”

JETT SAYS: The Academy Awards aren’t my area of expertise -- especially predictions. I hope he does and I think he’ll be nominated. Here’s hoping.

On the same note, I’d love for the film itself to get some Oscar run -- particular for Best Director and Best Screenplay. Hell, I hope the show opens and the host says “THE DARK KNIGHT wins everything! Thank you and goodnight!”

14. “All those ‘Heath-Joker’ haters and naysayers. What’s your thoughts on them now?”

JETT SAYS: The SAME THING I SAID BACK IN DECEMBER (2007) when I first addressed this issue: They look silly. Anyone who doubted him as well nitpicked the look and the asinine “permawhite” issue look mighty foolish right now because he was, well, BAD-ASS.

Frankly, some of the “debates” I came across about TDK Joker over the last two years was some of the most petty and juvenile nonsense I’ve ever heard or read in my life. It’s that kind of baloney that gives fanboys a bad name.

15. “Jett, I thought the same thing you did when I first saw TDK: ‘How in the HELL does Nolan top this?’ So how?”

JETT SAYS: You don’t even try to. You come up with a good story, turn that into a good script, and turn it into a good movie. Frankly, I don’t know how this one can be topped as I consider in the greatest comic book-based movie of all time. BUT…

If anyone can do it "Team BATMAN BEGINS/THE DARK KNIGHT" can.

16. “Hey man. I found your REVIEW OF THE DARK KNIGHT on that Dallas Cowboys message board that we both post on. I’ll admit that I read it and laughed…I chalked you up as nothing more than an overzealous fan boy. I did not believe that a Batman film could be anything more than popcorn escapism and cinematic fluff. I didn’t see the first one [BATMAN BEGINS], but with all the hype, I went to see this new one.

Well let me say that I owe you a HUGE apology! THE DARK KNIGHT was one of the best films that I’ve ever seen in my life! Your review was spot on and I was moved just as you were…and I’m not even a Batman fan!

I have since went and bought BATMAN BEGINS as well as THE PRESTIGE. In the matter of just a few days, I’ve become a huge Batman and Chris Nolan fan…as well as a regular reader of your site. - Name withheld by request

JETT SAYS: Thanks for the very nice email! Look, I wasn’t blowing smoke up anything -- just calling it as I see it. And what I see clearly is that THE DARK KNIGHT is a great film. Oh yeah, GO COWBOYS!

17. “Jett, if Chris Nolan didn’t return and Warner Bros. went ahead with BATMAN 3, who would you like to see take over?”

JETT SAYS: Look, I want to see another BATMAN in three years as much or more than anyone. Hell, I run a website titled “Batman On Film” for crissakes! BUT, if Chris is done (and I don’t think he is, OK?), I DO NOT want them to hire someone to “finish” what Nolan started and try to copy and mimic what he did in BEGINS and TDK. The very last thing I’d want to see happen is an X-MEN 3 sorta deal with BATMAN 3 -- you know what I mean?

Whenever a new director takes over the film franchise -- and that WILL happen one day -- he should be allowed to do what he wants with “Gotham City.”

18. “Have you heard any rumors yet about BATMAN 3? BATMAN BEGINS was still in theaters when the TDK rumors began.”

JETT SAYS: The only thing I’ve heard is that they’d like to use Selina Kyle/Catwoman in it IF they can come up with something fresh and new. And that’s fine with me because that’s the one character that I 100% believe HAS to be in the next one.

But rest assured, the rumor mill will be a-churning away BIG TIME shortly.

19. “Any chance that Robin will be in the next one?”

JETT SAYS: Sure -- a very, VERY small one. Chris has been pretty consistent in saying that he doesn’t intend to use Robin in any of the Batman films he directs. Plus, Christian Bale’s anti-Robin stance is pretty strong was well. Frankly, I have zero interest in Robin on film to be perfectly honest, so I’m down with Nolan and Bale’s position. But…

I will admit that there might be a way to do Robin and make it work in the Nolan Batverse. Perhaps Bruce Wayne -- after the events of THE DARK KNIGHT -- gets totally lost in this “monster” he created. Maybe he takes in Dick Grayson (or Jason Todd or Tim Drake) and he helps Bruce find himself again. Hell, we don’t ever even have to see “Robin” in my opinion.

With that said, I wouldn’t be holding my breath for The Boy Wonder.

20. “Now that THE DARK KNIGHT has hit theaters, what do you think is the status of that JUSTICE LEAGUE film?”

JETT SAYS: Think about it…

TDK is well on its way to being the #1 film of the year and maybe even some Oscar success. It’s already considered by many (including yours truly) to be not only the best BATMAN, but the best comic book movie of all time. Do you think Warner Bros. would do anything to jack with this series? Do you think they’ll risk “Batman overkill” by introducing another live-action Batman right now? Do you think they’ll jeopardize pissing off “Team BEGINS/TDK“ with this JL film and it’s alternate movie Batman?

I say no.

Plus, I think they realized that this project -- JUSTICE LEAGUE -- was a disaster waiting to happen. A disaster that hardly anyone was interested in. But…

"I’ve been wrong before." ;)

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