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BOF MAILBAG - June 17, 2009
Author: Jett
June 17, 2009

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Wow...I didn’t think THIS STORY would cause such a backlog into my inbox!

So I figured that I’d whip out a quick BOF MAILBAG based on the four most common emailed in questions and -- “opinions” -- that I got. So, here we go…

1) “F*** Chris Nolan if he doesn't want to return!”

JETT SAYS: You sir, are a loser. A stereotypical “fanboy” who gives all the rest of us a bad name. This man -- Mr. Chris Nolan -- has not only given us “arguably” the two best BATMAN films to date, but the most critically acclaimed movie of the genre EVER! Anyway…

For those who really think like this, come on now. Think…THINK how asinine that line of thinking is, OK? It’s embarrassing.

2) “This is all about holding out for more money.”

JETT SAYS: Zzzzzzzzzzz. So you really think that Chris Nolan -- who is a multi-millionaire -- is holding out for “‘Mo Money?” Good luck with that.

3) “Just recast The Joker. What's the big deal?”

JETT SAYS: Are you serious bro? Really, are you?

Here's the deal with recasting The Joker...

ANYONE who took the part would have to do an impression of “Heath Ledger as The Joker.” You know what I mean? Would, say, a Johnny Depp want to do that? Hell no. And if you got an unknown, well, you know what you'd get: Rich Little.

Yes, Heath read the lines that Chris, Jonah, and David wrote, wore the makeup and costume that was given him, but you know what? "The Joker" in TDK was all HIS. The fine details -- the voice, the walk, the mannerisms -- all Heath.

Think about that, OK?

At some point down the line, The Joker will return to the silver screen – no doubt about it. But NOW is just not the time.

4) “I want Chris to return, but if he doesn't…he’s STILL the man! He gave us the two best BATMAN films ever and I'm thankful to him for that!”

JETT SAYS: Damn straight! You must not only be smart, but have a life with that sort of intelligent take.

Look, I know as fan’s it’s hard for many to understand or accept this, but is it possible that Chris just isn’t interested in doing another BATMAN? Perhaps he’s wants to go out while he’s on top, you know? Maybe Chris doesn’t have a story that he feels compelled to tell and has the integrity to not simply go through the motions.

In my book, Chris Nolan is not only the best director in the franchise’s history, but the best thing to ever happen to it period. If he is done, I wish him nothing but the best!

OK, a bonus question regarding JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL

5) ****hole, quit f****** it up for all of us with your rants against a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie! Everyone wants to see it…you’re in the minority douche.”

JETT SAYS: Nice! Sorry to throw a monkey wrench into your fanboy wetdream, but a JUSTICE LEAGUE film – particularly right now – is a terrible idea. To their credit, Warner Bros. realized that a year or so ago a pulled the plug on that disaster. And no, YOU and your brethren who pine away for such a film are the minority here, OK? In the 11 years that I’ve ran BOF, I have never saw such disinterest in what was considered an “Event Movie.”

Y'all JL movie supporters can keep hating away, but BOF will never, ever be on board with a JUSTICE LEAGUE film unless it’s perfect – the script and the time.

Look dude, Comic Con is coming up next month, right? Why don’t you and some of your boys dress up as the Justice League and protest with signs, banners, bullhorns, and the works? Wouldn't that be awesome? (Hehehehehehe!)

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