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BOF MAILBAG - May 1, 2009
Author: Jett
May 1, 2009

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In today's mailbag, we take on the "INCEPTION is B3" BS, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Matches Malone, Catwoman, and the chance of a future Burton/Keaton Bat-reunion.


1) “I think you are rather arrogant -- all you are is a fanboy after all. How is it that you are so sure that INCEPTION isn’t BATMAN 3? You insulted Xxxxx and his board in your last mailbag when you dismissed ‘the guy on a message board.’ I can’t wait until you are proven wrong asshole!” - “Xxx Forum Supporter”

JETT SAYS: NOW it all makes sense…LOL!

Look bro, when I called BS on the “guy on a message board,” I thought it was simply someone talking nonsense on one of the millions of such forums across the Net. I sure as hell wasn’t targeting any single message board, website, OR a particular person. Sorry, but that is just hilarious to me! Anyway…

I’m now 100% sure that INCEPTION isn’t the next Chris Nolan-directed BATMAN. I asked around to those who know and they told me the truth -- and got a laugh out of it as well. Do you really think that Warner Bros. would go to such elaborate methods to hide the fact that they had a new BATMAN in the pipeline?


2) “I’m more than aware that INCEPTION isn’t B3. However, I'd love to see Joseph Gordon Levitt in a Batman film. Not asThe Joker, but defiantly as someone else. Have you seen this guy? He's hands down one of the best of his generation. I'd recommend BRICK and THE LOOKOUT to start with -- then maybe STOP-LOSS.” - Michael E.

JETT SAYS: What about his work in THRID ROCK FROM THE SUN? I’m kidding -- though I did like that show back in the day. Anyway…

Hell yeah! If Chris cast him, he must have talent -- and he does. I’ve seen the films you’ve mentioned and he was tremendous in them. While I don’t think he’ll be cast as The Joker I B3, it wouldn’t shock me if he ended up in the film based on how Chris works.

3) “I don't get why everybody considers Catwoman a given. It's been done to death, is incredibly obvious, and there isn't much more to be brought to the table. Just the fact that everybody CONSIDERS it a given should almost be enough to make it not so. People are still trapped in the 90's movies mind-set. You are right about INCEPTION affecting BATMAN 3, but your implementation is wrong. Leonardo DiCaprio = The Joker recast.” - John M.

JETT SAYS: Hold on there bro, OK? I don’t recall saying that Catwoman is a "given." What I have said is that I am banging the drum on her inclusion in BATMAN 3. I’d LOVE to see Nolan’s take on that character.

As far as Catwoman being done to death, she hasn’t been used anymore than The Joker -- and that worked out pretty good on THE DARK KNIGHT, didn’t it? Everyone figured that The Joker would be in the next film after BATMAN BEGINS, and Nolan still used him.

As far as DiCaprio being the “New Joker,” not going to happen. I’m pretty damn sure that The Joker will not be in B3. And even if he was, LD won’t be playing him. Why in the hell would an actor of his stature take on a role basically created by someone else and copy it?

He wouldn’t.

4) “Hey Jett. I’ve been a lurker to your site for many years and I've rather enjoyed your opinion pieces. You really knocked the ball out of the park with that ‘New Era Of Batman’ op-ed. When ’BATMAN, R.I.P.’ came out, I dropped all books related to it. I was pissed since DC let Chuck Dixion go so unceremoniously. Had I known FINAL CRISIS was going to be a major part of the ‘R.I.P.’ storyline, I would have not bought it. Just let DC know that I vote with my wallet.” - “Lukas Cartoon”

JETT SAYS: I agree. But sadly, I can’t vote with my wallet like you can -- I’m probably one of the “Bat-Sheep” I’ve previously alluded to. I will continue to read most of the Batman monthlies because it comes with the territory of running BOF -- I‘ve got to stay up to snuff with what is going on. But I can hammer DC and pass along emails like this in these columns to let those folks know how many of us feel.

And I agree -- I think we really got screwed with the “R.I.P.”/FINAL CRISIS connection.

5) “Love the podcasts…when’s the next one and what’s it about?” Blake S. from Port Neches, Texas

JETT SAYS: Port Neches, Texas? You’re kidding me? That’s where I’m from -- sorta! Yea! First time someone from the “hometown area” emailed in!

But to answer your question, we recorded one last Friday night (April 24th, 2009) and we discussed Batman’s animated TV history and you can listen to it HERE. I also have got to give out props to all the guys who give up their time to participate: Brad (who also does a HELL of a job editing them), Sean, Paul, Mark, Gregg and our frequent "guest star," F.J. DeSanto.

6) “Whatever. If you know so much about Batman, why doesn’t Chris Nolan just hire you as a consultant or something? Get over yourself!” - Stephen from Iowa

JETT SAYS: I don’t know? Why buy a cow when you can get milk from under the fence I guess? *wink* Hehehehehe!

7) “Do you think there’s a chance that Tim Burton and Michael Keaton will reunite for one more [BATMAN] movie after Nolan’s done?” - McKenzie from Connecticut

JETT SAYS: About as much chance as Sean Connery and Terence Young “reuniting” for another BOND. But hey, stranger things have happened.

8) “It seems to me that one could think that recasting The Joker would be OK as long as whomever played him didn't try to copy Heath. Take when Joker gave himself the scars and ‘re-made’ himself not too long ago in the comics -- it could work like that in the movies too. I just see Heath wanting the character to live on, and not worry about stepping on toes when it did. Thanks man, love the site.” - Mance from Longview, Texas

JETT SAYS: Mance, you do pull for The Cowboys up there in Longview, right? Anyway…

You are 100% right. I think that Heath would want the character to continue on and he will -- just not in BATMAN 3. As I’ve said before, I don’t think that Chris and co. every planned for The Joker to be in a third BATMAN anyway. I take Chris at his word when he says that he does one film at a time and doesn’t think about the “next one.”

Look, I may be wrong bro, but I just don’t see The Joker in B3 for a variety of reasons. BUT like I said, I do think we’ll see The Joker on film again -- no doubt about it!

9) “I know we have a few years before the third installment of Chris Nolan's Batman, but while the film is in the early stages of development, I think it would be a good idea for you to lobby for certain developments in the franchise. What I'm getting at is that since you obviously have the attention of the script writers and Warner Bros. brass, why not come up with a wish list for story developments with the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the next film? I know this was discussed a bit in BOF's BATMAN 3 PODCAST as well as one of your OP-EDS, but it would be awesome to see some more specifics.

For example, while we briefly saw Bruce Wayne disguise himself as a homeless person in BATMAN BEGINS, we really haven't seen him as the ‘master of disguise’ he is known to be in the comics. I'd be willing to bet that diehard fans (including you) would love to see scenes in the next film, where Bruce Wayne is unrecognizable while working undercover to crack a case. Matches Malone, anyone? This would jibe with the fact that Batman is wanted by the cops and has to lay low due to the events that took place in THE DARK KNIGHT. Nolan could hold off on the reveal for a few scenes as well, to really throw off the audience and illustrate just how great a detective Bruce is becoming. Specific storylines like this would be cool to see in an opinion editorial, which would likely catch the eyes of Jonathon Nolan and David Goyer. Anyway, I love the site, and keep up the good work. As a longtime Batman fan, I'm proud of BOF and how far it has come in the past 11 years.” - Mat A. from Battle Creek, Michigan

JETT SAYS: Wow Mat, thanks for the very nice email bro! Anyway…

I’d LOVE to see Matches Malone make an appearance in BATMAN 3 -- great idea! As far as Chris, David, or Jonah listening to me, those guys are much more talented than moi and certainly don’t need my 2 cents when it comes to Batman on film. But I know they do read this site, so let’s you and I hope that they check out this mailbag and see your suggestion about ‘ol Matches!

10) “I was just curious if anyone had heard of any working titles or possible titles being thrown around for BATMAN 3? Like ‘The Intimidation Game’ and ‘Rory’s First Kiss.’” - Eric H., USAF

JETT SAYS” Yes Eric, it’s called “Inception” -- didn’t you get the memo? :P

In all seriousness, I haven’t heard anything bro, but I’m sure when B3 finally rolls around into production, it’ll have some sort of fake title like the last two films.

11) “If you look at a picture of Joseph Gordon-Levitt next to one of Heath [Ledger], you can see the resemblance. He'd make a really good replacement. I think it's a pretty safe bet that The Joker is not dead. Joseph isn't really what you would call an ‘A-List’ actor. I agree with you that nobody can do The Joker the way that Heath did, but if they wanted to put The Joker in one scene like they did with Scarecrow in THE DARK KNIGHT, I think they could put Joseph in as a replacement in a non-speaking role. What do you think?” - David G. from Boston, Massachusetts

JETT SAYS: Well for one, I think that JGL is well on his way to being an “A-List Actor.” Dude is good -- he really is. Consequently, I don’t think he’d take such a role in B3 -- Why would he? But I do think he’d take another role in the film if Chris asked and there was one in the movie for him.

Look, I’m pretty damn sure that The Joker isn’t going to be in the next film for a variety of reasons. One of ‘em is that the Batman /Joker story in THE DARK KNIGHT was pretty damn classic, you know? Really, why bring the character back? Just because he’s “The Joker?” I don’t need it spoon-fed to me that he was arrested and locked up in Arkham.

Frankly, I don’t think Chris ever planned on bringing The Joker back in the sequel anyway. I figure he’ll want to do something completely different with Batman this next time around.

The Joker will return “on film” in due time. Just not in B3.

12) “If you had your pick of any Batman villain to be in the next one [BATMAN 3], who would it be?” - Scott from San Francisco, California

JETT SAYS: Crazy Quilt dammit! Haven’t I said that enough?! Don’t y’all here me banging that drum?! *wink*

(Really…Selina Kyle!)

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