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BOF MAILBAG - April 15, 2009
Author: Jett
April 15, 2009

Glad to see y’all back for yet another BOF MAILBAG!

While there is TONS of stuff on BOF to read just about daily, we are in that period between Bat-Films that news of BATMAN 3 just ain’t rolling in. So I have the chance to focus on the other incarnations of Batman -- like the comic books as well as the animated series THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD.

Nonetheless, here’s the latest mailbag which is sadly lacking any BOF hate mail.


1) “Jett, I agree with you about Batman’s ‘New Era’ and it’s been frustrating. I also think it goes without saying that the writers do have a monumental challenge of creating new stories for a 70 year old character. I'm not sure you've given the guys at DC enough credit. I know you know this, but I'm sure the writers and artists are all fans of Batman too and they probably don't wake up in the morning twiddling their thumbs saying ‘How can I mess up Batman today? Hehehehehehe!’ Just give 'em a chance and let’s seewhat happens.” - Jordan M.

JETT SAYS: Jordan, I both agree and disagree.

I understand that it must be one hell of a task to both attract new readers as well as keep the ones they already have.

My issue with all this “New Era” stuff is that it reeks of “Been there, done that,” ala KNIGHTFALL and PRODIGAL. Also, if all of “This” is simply allowing the creative juices of some very talented folks to flow, then why can’t that be applied to Batman comics that feature the real Batman? If all of this stuff is cutting edge and imaginative, then why in the hell to we have to resort to stunt storylines that alienate a HUGE contingent of Batman fans?

Look, we ALL know that Bruce is coming back. I know that DC knows that Bruce Wayne = The Batman and vise versa. It just sucks that many a Batman-only fan can’t enjoy their fave character in his historical monthlies (BATMAN and DETECTIVE), until this stunt ultimately plays out.

2) “OK, I feel the need to comment on all the freaking out people are doing over Chris Nolan making INCEPTION rather than going straight to BATMAN 3. History lesson: Nolan made THE PRESTIGE before THE DARK KNIGHT! So please people, stop freaking out. There will be another Batman film, and it will be awesome.” - Alex B.

JETT SAYS: I 100% agree with you bro! Anyone who is “pissed” that Chris is doing another film before BATMAN 3 needs to get a life. And yes, I’m talking to you loser who is now pissed that I just called you out. Go back to your message board and hate away cretin.

3) “Jett, I’m not worried in the least about the next Nolan Bat-Film. My concerns are with BATMAN 4. I doubt Nolan will make a 4th film -- though I hope he will. I feel Warner Bros., being Warner Bros., will continue the Chris Nolan franchise only with another director. The only reason WB would break with the ’Nolan’ continuity would be if they run it into the ground again.” - Citizen Cook

JETT SAYS: As much as I criticized Warner Bros. in the years prior to BATMAN BEGINS, they’re batting .1000 with the last two Bat-Films.

Yes, Chris is going to leave the franchise -- probably after the next one. BUT…

As arrogant as it sounds, y’all will still have me making sure we NEVER go back to the days of BATMAN RETURNS and BATMAN AND ROBIN again.

And to be honest, I don’t they have any desire to anyway.

4) “Any chance Leonardo DiCaprio could possibly come to the Bat franchise as Edward Nygma?” - Nick S.

JETT SAYS: Who the hell knows? You know how Chris is -- he likes to hire folks he knows and has worked with before. But I HIGHLY doubt The Riddler will be in the next Bat-Film -- only because the character is expected. You know what I’m saying? Anyway…

Regardless of character, I’d take DiCaprio in a BATMAN films period. I think the guy’s a hell of an actor.

One last thing...

Y'all can FORGET about him be cast as The Joker in BATMAN 3 -- or anyone else for that matter. So stop the emails on that one.

5) “As an older fan -- I bought my first Batman comic in 1965 -- my tastes are different. They’re probably like your’s -- though I’m willing to give this ‘New Era’ a shot. We all know Bruce will return, so it’s somewhat interesting to see how his supporting cast will change when that happens. Anyway, Matt Wagner’s DARK MOON RISING was the best Batman stories I’ve read in the last 5 years.” - Larry V.

JETT SAYS: Truth be told Larry, I’m in the same boat as you. While I may not like it, I’ll be reading. So, like I said, I’m a “Bat-Sheep.” Regardless, I stand by my take that DC didn’t have to do all this to keep fans reading and keep Batman relevant in comics.

By the way, I got my first Batman comic in 1965 too! When I entered the world on that year, the first thing that was handed to me was DC’s latest edition of BATMAN. Screw rattles and such, I got me a comic book! (OK, I’m making that up, but I’m hoping that it’s true!)

6) “Assuming this would be Team Nolan's final Bat-Film --although I certainly hope not! -- I think he has the intention and the capability to put out a multi-layered and multi-villain sequel to THE DARK KNIGHT.” - Mike M. from Philadelphia, PA

JETT SAYS: Mike, I’d say he has already done it. Think about BATMAN BEGINS. You had Ra’s, The Scarecrow, Mr. Zsasz, and Falcone. In TDK, you had The Joker, Two Face (though Harvey was a hero for most of it), Maroni, The Chechen, Gambol and corrupt cops. So I certainly think Chris could have several “known” Batman rouges in BATMAN 3 and have it not feel “too much” -- ala all three BATMAN ’89 sequels.

My friend, comic book artist deluxe Lee Bermejo, has a hell of an idea regarding the next Bat-Movie villain. He says have several rogues that together are the “Main Villain.” I think that’s a brilliant concept and one that’s right up Chris’ alley.

7) “Jett, trust Morrison. He’s said that he absolutely loves the character of Bruce Wayne. If you think about it, ‘R.I.P.’ is the same as his ARKHAM ASYLUM graphic novel. Batman descends to hell and then he rises up and kicks major ass. Bruce Wayne is Batman, Batman is Bruce Wayne and Morrison knows it. And that’s exactly the point we’ll be getting from him. But I agree with you that DC is messing up things. What’s with all these new titles? Batwoman in DETECTIVE?” - Lucho from Argentina

JETT SAYS: Bro, I hope you’re right. Look, I know that DC knows that Bruce is Batman and vise versa and I’m pretty sure that Grant knows that as well. BUT…

This is a gimmick! Like I’ve said several times before, if all of this “New Era” stuff was coming straight from “R.I.P.,” I wouldn’t have as much as an issue as I do. I still can’t get past all the FINAL CRISIS/Omega Sanction/Caveman Bruce nonsense.

I’m going to be in New York in May (of ‘09) and it’s looking like I’m going to get a chance to ask the keepers of The Batman about all of this in person.

8) “Just read your review of ‘Mystery in Space’ I too was very skeptical of the series, but I've come to really enjoy it. Just to let you know, Aquaman has been featured on the show several times before. There's one where his brother and Black Manta try to overthrow him and there's one where he and The Atom go inside Batman to eradicate a disease.” - Alex S.

JETT SAYS: Thanks man -- I’m assuming that you liked that review! If I had heard those episode descriptions a few months ago, I’d have rolled my eyes, sighed, and shook my head. Aquaman and The Atom going inside Batman…WTF? But now, I’d be down with it! It’s not my Batman, but I do dig the hell out of that show!

9) Jett, two questions. One, what do you think about the possibility of a December 2011 release for BATMAN 3? If Warner Bros. is releasing GREEN LANTERN in December of 2010, why not B3? Two, if they do release the next BATMAN in 2012, Christian Bale will be in his late thirties (38,39) and hopefully they will write the movie as if three to four years have actually gone by. How about THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS as a title?

What do you think? And I still believe I will be proven correct about Two-Face! Love your site!” - Scott

JETT SAYS: OK, as far as question #1, there’s no way that a BATMAN film will be released in November/December. Just ain’t going happen -- nor should it. As much as I’m fired-up for the GREEN LANTERN film (Which -- ahem -- BOF is covering FYI y’all!), Hal Jordan is no Bruce Wayne -- you know what I mean.

As far as #2, I wouldn’t have any problem if B3 is set a few years after TDK. With that said, Bale being in his late 30s shouldn’t play a role in that as dude’s in shape and can probably play an in-his-prime Batman for another ten years.

Frankly, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS sounds too much like BATMAN RETURNS for me and I don’t think Batman will have gone anywhere after TDK and on into B3. Plus, that title’s kinda synonymous with something else, you know?

And sorry, Two Face -- AND Harvey Dent -- died in THE DARK KNIGHT!

Thanks for reading Scott!

10) “Jett, that April Fool’s (2009) joke…not funny! LOL!” - Rick from Ontario

JETT SAYS: Hehehehehehe. Full credit goes to my man Kris Tapley from INCONTENTION.COM. I just helped out the rouse! (What got me was not how many people bought it, but how many thought it was a good idea! Disturbing.)

11) “It's Paul from Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Just wanted you to know that I love the ’BOF Mailbag’ -- glad it’s back on the site. All of those haters…YET they STILL were on your site and read it. So they must not truly hate you.” - Paul W. from Ohio

JETT SAYS: LOL! Oh yeah, BOF is indeed “hated” by many. But like you point out, they still read it! Honestly, I couldn’t care less how many “fans” hate the site and me -- but I do like reading their emails. Nothing better than showing everyone how ridiculous those folks are. Truth be told, 90% of the email I get is respectful and nice -- whether they agree with what I write or not. That other 10% are tools and they’re fun to laugh at!

12) “Thank you for reminding me of why I don't read comics. Being a Batman fan via the films, EVERY SINGLE incarnation of Batman on film -- or on television -- regardless of the actor playing played BRUCE WAYNE. From West to Keaton to Kilmer to Clooney -- and to the MAN himself, Christian Bale -- ALL played BRUCE WAYNE. If ANY of those actors played a Batman who wasn't Bruce Wayne, no one would have accepted that -- no matter how good or bad the movies turned out to be.

Without Bruce Wayne, Batman does not exist.” - Nick


13) “Just a quick message to say thanks for all your work on BOF. I'm from a small town in Northern Ireland and thus have never really had the opportunity to buy the monthly comics you talk of. But after discovering your site back in 2005 -- and reading the comic reviews -- I finally feel a part of the 'Batman World' and not isolated or left out. So for that, I thank you and keep up the good work!” - Kyle from N. Ireland

JETT SAYS: No Kyle, thank YOU for reading -- and that very, very nice email.

14) “Jett, how about a ‘Bat-Poll’ where fans can vote so Nolan can see what we want?” - Mustafa K. from London, UK

JETT SAYS: Mustafa, I will do that -- though I don’t think it’ll affect what Chris and co. want to do with BATMAN 3. I’m not saying Chris doesn’t care -- ALL of them do -- but I think we’re at the point where we can trust ‘em no matter what villain(s) are used.

15) “Hey Jett, I love the site! You and your staff do a great job. I might not always agree with you all, but I do respect your opinions because you understand Batman and what he's all about. So we all know there will be a 3rd movie, if you had to choose a villain who would you pick?” - Rudy from Stockton, California

JETT SAYS: Rudy, the only character that I’m somewhat demanding that Chris and co. include is Catwoman. As I’ve said before, Chris, Jonah, and David could use Crazy Quilt and I’d be down with it.

16) “You say Batman is real. Well, in the real world, people die. I hope Bruce Wayne is gone for good!” - Anonymous

JETT SAYS: *Sigh* I’ve never said that I thought Batman’s real, OK? What I’ve said -- and what has obviously confused you -- is that I prefer Batman stories that are more realistic. This is why I like stories in the comics like YEAR ONE and the Nolan films. Capisce? In terms of people dying in the real world -- yeah, they do. But Batman isn’t real (remember?) and that’s why he’s basically been 30 years old for the last 70 years! And the last time I checked, people in the real world don’t get “Omega Sanctioned.”

17) “Jett, any chance that INCEPTION is just a codename for BATMAN 3? Like ‘Rory’s First Kiss’ and ‘The Intimidation Game?’ Some guy’s been saying that on a message board.” - Blake from Mansfield, Texas

JETT SAYS: Nope…not a chance. And I wouldn’t be listening to this “guy on a message board.”

18) “Do you think BATMAN 3 -- or whatever its ultimately called -- will be announced at Comic Con? Thanks. - Cory from St. Cloud, Minnesota

JETT SAYS: Comic Con International in July I assume you’re referring to, right? Well, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Chris Nolan will be in the middle of shooting INCEPTION (not that that matters) at that time. Plus, I was told directly by Warner Bros. that the rumors of this happening were not true.

If I had to guess, we might get an official announcement at the end of the year or early in 2010. At some point soon though, they’re going to have to stake their claim to a release date in Summer 2012.

19) “Jett, I was really disappointed with Christian Bale after he went on that rant on the TERMINATOR set. Have you met him? Is he an ass in real life? Any chance that Nolan will fire him?” - Chance from Orange County, California

JETT SAYS: Like I’ve said before, stuff like that happens all the time on movie sets. Was he wrong? Sure. But he’s apologized and it’s time to move on. I have met Christian before a few times and he’s been nothing but cool with me, so I have no issue with him out all. As far a Chris replacing him with a new actor in BATMAN 3, not a snowball’s chance in hell.

20) "What other DC character would you like to see ‘on film?’” - R.J. from North Carolina"

JETT SAYS: Without a doubt, Green Lantern. I've been advocating that for a few years now and I'm glad to see it happening! I hope to see another SUPERMAN soon -- be it a sequel, requel, or reboot. A WONDER WOMAN flick (I really dug the recent animated WW film) would be cool, though I think female superhero films are a tough sale. I'm keen on SHAZAM! and I hope it finally gets made. A DEADMAN film would be something a little different. Of course, I'm looking forward to all the DC films coming up such as JONAH HEX and SUICIDE SQUAD. Other than that, there aren't many characters that I'm just dying to on film. But I do love me some comic book movies -- good, quality-made comic book movies.

OK, that's it for this edition of the "BOF MAILBAG" and make sure you send your questions to BOF_MAILBAG@MSN.COM. In the meantime, you can listen to us via the BOF PODCASTS and you can follow BOF on Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook -- just click on the icons below.


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