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BOF MAILBAG - March 28, 2009
Author: Jett
March 28. 2009

It’s been a while, but I figured it was time for another edition of the 'ol BOF MAILBAG! Bet y'all couldn't wait and have been chompin' at the bit!

DISCLAIMER: If you sent in a question that sounds remotely similar to the ones that I picked, I did a lot of "amalgamating" as many of the questions were pretty much the same. Anyway, hope you enjoy or hate -- whichever you chose based on the questions and my responses...

And as always, send in your questions, comments, and hate mail to THE BOF MAILBAG!

1) “OK F’er, you’re take on ‘Batman’s New Era’ SUCKS. Bruce Wayne isn’t “Batman” -- it’s all about the suit and the SYMBOL of Batman dude. You GOT that MAN?! You arrogant S.O.B.!” - BOF Hater Amalgamation #1

JETT SAYS: Woa, whoa, WHOA there Cowboy! Bruce Wayne isn’t Batman? *look of disbelief* I don’t think I need to say anything else.

2) “For someone who told everyone that they needed to be open for a different kind of Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT -- not ‘permawhite’ -- I find it kind of funny that you won’t tolerate anyone ‘filling the shoes’ while Bruce Wayne’s away on a ’sabbatical.’” - Tommy M. from Oklahoma

JETT SAYS: Hmm. Does The Joker being “permawhite” define him as a character? I say no -- and that was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt in THE DARK KNIGHT. Was that NOT “The Joker?” in that movie? BUT…

Bruce Wayne being Batman most certainly defines the character -- no if’s and’s or but’s about it. If it ain’t ‘ol BW in the suit, it ain’t The Dark Knight.

And one more thing, I NEVER said that Batman fans should be tolerant of a “New Joker,” OK? I warned Bat-Fans not to expect a literal interpretation of the character in TDK. I said -- and argued (correctly, mind you) -- that The Joker isn’t defined by having bleached white skin, permanently colored green hair, and big ass red lips that are deformed into a grotesque grin.

Again I’ve gotta ask:

* Was The Joker as conceived by Chris Nolan, David Goyer, and Jonah Nolan -- and BRILLIANTLY portrayed by the late Heath Ledger -- NOT “The Joker?”

* Does Batman = Bruce Wayne and vice versa?

I rest my case.

3) “i starting reading comics during grant morrisons run on the batman title. i've now read almost every batman comic there is. i find your comments of calling me a 'bat-sheep' in bad taste and i'm not going to read your site any longer. have fun wanking over 'heart of hush' while the rest of us enjoy good comic books.” - Andrew Collard from ?

JETT SAYS: Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. Bro, when you email me and accuse me of -- ahem -- “wanking” over Paul Dini’s excellent run in DETECTIVE COMICS -- “Heart of Hush” in particular -- then you are going to be called out publicly.

For one thing, my email responses to you were very respectful and, well, nice, right? But you do know that you insulted a HUGE number of your Bat-Fan brethren with your “wanking” comment in regards to Mr. Dini’s storyline.

Also Andrew, I find it hard to believe that you’ve “…now read almost every batman comic there is.” I’ve been reading Batman comics since probably 1969-ish, and I can’t claim that! Anyway, it was Mr. Morrison that got you into Batman, right? So in the last three or so years, you’ve read EVERY Batman comic book and story that exists?

*cough* BS! *cough*

And GROW UP my friend.

4) “F-YOU! I’m not a ‘Bat-Sheep’ just because I want to read this “New Era of Batman.” - BOF Hater Amalgamation #2

JETT SAYS: *sigh* You DIDN'T GET MY POINT HERE, did you? *sigh*

Anyone who thinks this, just let me say that one, I questioned myself if I was indeed a “Bat-Sheep" -- and I probably am. Secondly, if one digs this “The New Era of Batman,” they’re NOT one.

I've already addressed this topic and the “BOF Roundtablers” discussed and debated it in THIS PODCAST, FYI. I ALSO let "the other side" HAVE THEIR SAY on BOF as well. Of course, Cary Ashby (the author), presented their case in a much more mature and respectful manner -- as does Brad on the podcast.

Regardless, while some didn’t get my point, MOST of you did.

5) “Jett, what’s up with BATMAN 3? - Many Batman Fans in general

JETT SAYS: It’s coming, no doubt.

Really y’all, Chris Nolan has admitted already that he and David Goyer have “mused” about doing a third -- that's damn near a total confession from Chris!

Guys,'ll be here in due time. And remember, a lot of the fun is in the anticipation and build-up, right?

6) “Jett, when’s the next BATMAN coming out? - Lot's of BOF’ers

JETT SAYS: Kinda related to the last queston, but I'll bite. I can’t see it any earlier than Summer 2012. I may be wrong, but I don’t think so. For my explanation/hypothesis, CLICK HERE.

7) “’F’ Chris Nolan! If he doesn’t want to do another BATMAN now, then he can F-off! I don’t give an ‘F’ about INCEPTION.” - Loser Withnoconceptwhohatesbofandismyopic

JETT SAYS: Wow! What a last name! What's the origin? Anyway…

LW, I’m quite looking forward to INCEPTION to be honest. I know that you’ll chalk that up as -- what’s it y’all say? -- “Kissing Nolan’s Ass.” But I’d rather a Batman-refreshed and fired-up Chris Nolan with is Bat-batteries recharged, as apposed to a guy going through the motions, you know?

So make your way to the many message boards online that allow you to spew your nonsense and do just that.

8) “You’ve made your displeasure with the way DC is going with BATMAN the next year. While I respect that, I still disagree -- though I get why you guys are pissed. Is BOF still going to review the ‘Bat-Comics?’” - John N. from Chicago

JETT SAYS: Absolutely John! In fact, I personally will be reviewing Grant Morrison’s BATMAN & ROBIN. If it’s good, I’ll say it -- I promise. While there IS an agenda with BOF that says that all of this stuff is nothing more than a “stunt,” I’ve demanded that there be no bias in any of our reviews.

The usual suspects -- Paul Casey, Stephanie Carmichael, John Bierly, Ryan Hoss, and Chris Clow -- will being doing what they do and calling ‘em as they see 'em.

9) “Hey Jett, Chan here, long time reader from the Philippines. Just read YOUR REVIEW OF the ‘Trials of the Demon’ episode of BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD and I've got to say it -- I totally agree with you. When I think about it, I shouldn't like this show. In fact, I should hate it because it does have all the stuff I don't want associated with Batman as well. But then it got me thinking... How did I fall in love with the Batman character anyway? It was through SUPERFRIENDS and the old cartoons with Bat-Mite. Basically, Brave and the Bold has taken the spirit of all those zany old cartoons and repackaged them into a funny, enjoyable, well-written, respectful new show.” - Chan from the Philippines

JETT SAYS: Totally agree Chan! I'll admit it, I was dead ass wrong about this show.

When I first heard about this show and its lighter tone, I thought “Meh.” Even after I got an EARLY LOOK AT THE FIRST EPISODE via a screener from The Cartoon Network -- and liked it -- I still didn’t tune in when the show began airing. I finally gave the show a chance and rather quickly I -- ahem -- became a fan!

If you’re one of those out there who haven’t given this show a chance yet, I HIGHLY recommend that you do so! Trust me on this one. LOVE (!) that show….

10) “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s great to have someone out there speaking out and saying what someone like myself is thinking about DC right now. I was also ticked off after the cop-out that was ’R.I.P.’ and I am not looking forward to this new era. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the BATTLE FOR THE COWL, but I was hoping to have Bruce back after a few issues. I don’t like it that I’m having to wait another year or so for his return. I’m interested to see what happens in BATMAN & ROBIN, but my pull list at my local comic store is going to be seriously cut down because I am not interested in any of these other stories that don’t involve the TRUE Batman. Thanks again man!” - Arlo F. from Austin, TX

JETT SAYS: I agree totally Arlo. Look, I’m probably one of those “Bat-Sheep” I alluded to because I’m going to buy a few of these titles -- mostly because it’s sorta my job running BOF, but that’s neither here nor there. But as I’ve said many times, my interest level right now is very low. When it’s not Bruce Wayne, I really don’t care. Plus, there’s a HUGE element of “been there, done that” with this from where I stand. Hello? KNIGHTFALL and PRODIGAL anyone?

If they had simply kept Bruce’s disappearance intact with the end of “R.I.P” and hadn’t had him F’n “Omega Sanctioned” in FINAL CRISIS, I’d be a whole lot more tolerant -- and interested -- in all this.

Whatever, it is what it is. BUT...

I also think that DC is alienating A LOT of their older/Batman-only fanbase with this stuff -- just an FYI to them.

11) “u dont no if Bales being replaced your jus guesing your gona have to eat a lot a sh** when hes not batman no more and his batman voice sux and thats why tdk didt win no oscar f*** u!” - Anonymous (Only because I feel sorry for him!)

JETT SAYS: *sigh* See what I have to endure? Anyway...

Let me first translate that "rant" for the good BOF’ers that are very befuddled at this moment. Basically what that very confused and disturbed individual is saying is that when I reported that the Christian Bale being replaced by Sam Worthington rumors were total BS, he’s saying I made that up. And he’s also one of those “Bale’s Batman Voice Haters” and is claiming that it cost THE DARK KNIGHT a “Best Picture” nomination/Oscar.

My man, I want to say STFU, but I won’t. Did you not read my story on that rumor? I said that it was officially BS, OK? That means I asked Warner Bros. (and others mind you), they checked, and then told me to tell y’all it was poppycock.

And enough with the “Bale’s Batman voice sucked!” nonsense! If you -- and any of y’all -- really think that’s one of the reasons that TDK wasn’t nominated for “Best Picture,” there’s nothing I can say in response other than to simply laugh my ass off at y’all!

I’m guessing that you all also think that The Joker not being stinkin’ “permawhite” cost Chris Nolan a “Best Dirctor” nod, right?

*shakes head* and *chuckles*

12) "Hi Jett, this is Brandon Jackson from Fresno, Ca. Do you think It would be a good idea to have just a new Batman comic book all that takes the same look and tone of both the Nolan films and the Brian Azzarello/Lee Bermejo JOKER -- a realistic take on Batman in the comics? Also, is it a contradiction [and hypocritical] to dislike the idea of a new Batman in the comics but yet like the series BATMAN BEYOND?" - Brandon Jackson from Fresno, CA

JETT SAYS: Brandon, I’d absolutely LOVE it if DC would put out a monthly -- or even quarterly -- comic book that was set in the world of BATMAN BEGINS/THE DARK KNIGHT. And since you mentioned Brian and Lee’s JOKER graphic novel, I gotta say again that I LOVED IT! Now, it would be damn near impossible to get that sort of artwork on a monthly -- or even a quarterly -- basis. Trust me, Lee’s a friend of mine and I know how long it took him to do JOKER. But I get the point -- a “realistic” Batman comic set outside of continuity. Well, DC?

As far as your other question, no, it’s not hypocritical nor is it a contradiction. Stuff like that is an alternate take on Batman’s possible future -- just like THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS and KINGDOM COME. And to be honest, I loved both of those.

If Batman were real, then yeah, he’d be replaced at some point. But he’s not real and those who are in charge of his comic book exploits can do whatever they want with him. Right now, they are choosing to go with a non-Bruce Wayne Batman (*cough* been there/done that already *cough*) I guess for the next year. This however isn’t an “alternate take” on Batman like BATMAN BEYOND or any of those old “ELSEWORDS” stories, you know? If you want to read Batman in comics right now, you have no choice -- and THAT’S what’s maddening here.

Wouldn’t a well-done, non-continuity Batman comic set in the Nolanverse be well received right about now?

13) "Jett, LOVE the podcasts! Props to Sean, Brad, Paul and all the other 'Roundtablers.' And keep it up with the goofy skits at the end -- hilarious! Also, have that F.J. dude on more if you can. Don't always agree with you, but you run a hell of a site and I know you stand up for the fans." - Chris from North Jersey

JETT SAYS: Thanks bro! I'll pass along the nice words to "The Roundtablers" -- though they all will probably read this before I get the chance. Since you missed them, let me also mention Robert, Gregg, Mark, and P.J. who have contributed as well -- and will so (I hope) in the future. And I've got to send out props to Brad as he's the one who does the editing -- great work my friend!

As far as F.J. returning -- that's F.J. DeSanto I'm referring to -- I'm pretty sure that SOB will return. He owes me money and he pays his debt by doing these podcasts. We should be square by the time BATMAN 3 hits theaters. Then, all bets are off when it comes to his participation.

Oh yeah, I also INTERVIEWED F.J. at NY Comic Con 2009...or was he interviewing me? Weird.

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