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Mailbag for Thursday, October 13, 2005
DATE: 10/13/05

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Welcome to another edition of the BOF MAILBAG. Jett here, and I'll do my best to answer your questions or give you a chance to voice your opinion. Your response has been overwhelming. Know that I do read all the emails sent to me, although I do not have time to reply to all. Also, I tend not to publish questions from people who do not provide their name and location. And please, read through all the MAILBAG ARTICLES and make sure your question has not already been answered.

1. “I would really like to see the Bane storyline that Dennis O'Neill wrote [done on film].” - David R., Alabama

JETT SAYS: I’m sure you are referring to his KNIGHTFALL monetization. I wouldn’t mind seeing Bane as a movie villain - done correctly of course. I like how he was handled in BATMAN: TAS and even in the new series THE BATMAN. I’m not to hip on seeing “KNIGHFALL” adapted for the big screen though.

2. “I am a new regular of the site. I just wanted to commend you, it's amazing. You have created an awesome place for Batman addicts like myself to come to. I guess the question I have for you is if you watch THE BATMAN cartoon series that airs on tv now, and if you do what's your opinion of it?” - Charles, Studio City, California

JETT SAYS: Thanks Charles for the nice words. Yes I do watch that show and I like it. Not as much as the animated series from the 90s, but it’s not bad in my opinion. More for kids though - my two boys like it.

3. “Gotta thank you for doing this mailbag thing, it seems like its very time consuming. Anyways, I'd like for Selina Kyle to be portrayed like she was in Jeph Loeb's comics. Also, I'd like for Nolan and Goyer to set up that triangle of trust between Gordon, Dent, and Batman, such as in the same comics.” - Adolpho from Texas

JETT SAYS: Yeah, the mailbag takes a bit of time, but it is one of the more successful additions to BOF of late. And I agree with your takes on Selina and Dent/Gordon/Batman.

4. “Fans have every right to feel betrayed by Nolan because he is stalling and Katie Holmes broke my heart too. Why can’t she just remain single for awhile? Is your site really for us Batman fans or just ass kissing to Warner Bros.?” - Weston from Tempe, Arizona

JETT SAYS: Do I even need to respond to this? I think it speaks volumes. Now, I’ve got to get back to kissing Warner Bros.’ ass.

5. “If revenge is the main focus of the sequel The Joker has to hurt Batman in a way that brings flashbacks to Bruce's parents being killed. The Batman has to have a hatred for The Joker that drives conflicts in him. As Bruce he wants to kill him. As the Bat he wants justice. The only way to make this happen is to have The Joker kill Rachel in front of Batman. It causes pain for Bruce that he hasn't felt since his childhood. Also it would be a great way for Alfred to again provide Bruce with parental strength, and also would provide material for a great grave site scene between Bruce, his murdered parents, and possibly Alfred coming to the rescue. It also would make the audience hate The Joker, not laugh at his antics as we did in 1989.” - Steve N. from Cupertino, California

JETT SAYS: Good stuff there Steve. I’ve contemplated the “Joker killing Rachel” scenario, but I’m thinking that is too predictable. But as I’ve said many times, I want to HATE The Joker in the next film. He’s not someone we should laugh at or with.

6. “You often criticize the notion of a Fries-gun. As an admirer of Freeze, I feel obliged to step in. *nod* Considering coldness is caused by an absence of particles/kinetic-energy-in-matter, Fries could simply have some sort of a concentrated nano-vaccuum. So, like, THERE. =)
I also recall you mentioning that BOF had a small part in WB's choice of Bale. As an admirer of Bale, elaborate please? If this is true I strongly suggest you cease advocating Angelina Jolie for Catwoman because if she is chosen you will be found and terrorized!” - Name Withheld

JETT SAYS: I’ve never criticized the notion of a “Freeze-Gun;” I wonder how that could be done in a “realistic” manner. As far as Bale, I long advocated Bale getting the role, I certainly had nothing to do with getting him cast. And as far a Jolie as Catwoman, she remains one of my top choices. Thanks for writing!

7. “Your website is excellent and I would like to thank you for it and for putting all the time you do into it, it is appreciated. Anywho, in response to this comment from BOF Mailbag 8:

JETT SAYS: Hmm. I’m sure they talked about several actors, but once Burton came on board, Keaton was the man. I think that Bill Murray was considered at one point in the early 80s! I don’t know who else actually tested. If anyone knows, shoot me an email.‘

Please allow me to direct you to the following page of IMDB which contains assorted trivia from BATMAN. Alec Baldwin, Charlie Sheen, Bill Murray and Pierce Brosnan were all considered for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Mel Gibson was the original choice, but was forced to turn down the role due to his commitment with LEATHAL WEAPON 2.” - Caleb, Lakewood, Ohio

JETT SAYS: I have read that before but it slipped my mind. Alec Baldwin would have been a hell of a choice. Charlie Sheen - wtf!? I think a lot of it is just speculation.

8. “Just wondering, with sequel casting being the hot topic at the moment, I was curious who is contracted for 2 more films other than Bale. Like is Gary Oldman contracted to do 3 movies? Morgan Freeman? Michael Cain? Katie Holmes? - Anjou

JETT SAYS: I think both Oldman and Caine are signed for two more. The producers have an option on Katie. Freeman is not contracted, but told me that he would return for sure, as he loved working on the film.

9. “Hi Jett, Its good to be back from the Middle East because one of my blessings is being able to watch Batman Begins as a Batman fan. It gets high marks from me. But with the Army and Marines rotating I don’t mind going back in Iraq because we still have a lot to do and my younger brother is still in Baghdad (Camp War Eagle). He checks out BOF on their internet cafe when he gets the chance. Do you think Warner Bros. can hold a BATMAN sequel premiere for the troops at Camp Jersey, Kuwait? It’s where I was stationed then and usually where the stars show up.” - Dylan

JETT SAYS: Dylan, I’ll pass along your question to “the powers that be.”

10. “What about using the number ‘2’ or ‘II’ in the title?” - Veppe from Finland

JETT SAYS: Like BATMAN, Part II? That would work for me - even though I do like the two-word titles.

11. “[How about using Bane as a] secondary character and be like a thug for hire who always seems to escape Batman? I’m not very up on the history of Bane, so I don’t know if this would fit the comic storylines very well.” - Jacob

JETT SAYS: I’d like to see Bane again, but I’d use him as a main villain. And he shouldn’t be depicted as a buffoon - he’s a pretty sharp dude.

12. “I have a few predictions for the next film I'd like to share. Semi-villains like Flass and Judge Faden are still around and I can see their characters being useful in the upcoming films. I can see Commissioner Loeb developing into a villain, especially since he was one in Year One. He and Gordon could have a conflict similar to the one Mr. Earle and Fox had in Begins that could prove instrumental in Gordon's rise to Commissioner.” - Kennon from Florida

JETT SAYS: Your idea regarding a conflict between Loeb and Gordon would make for a nice sub-plot in my opinion. Good stuff.

13. “I REALLY can't wait for THE PRESTIGE. What are your opinions on the film itself? I, personally, can't wait! - Sarah

JETT SAYS: I’m now a NFFL - “Nolan Fan For Life.” I can’t wait for THE PRESTIGE either.

14. “You have touched on it and so have the fans, but Kate Beckinsale for Selina Kyle would be my first choice. She fits the role perfectly in Nolan's universe. They could introduce her as Selina Kyle in the next film and then turn her into the Catwoman in the third film,” - Jesse from Florida

JETT SAYS: I think I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Kate B. is one of my faves for the role if they include her in the next film. No doubt.

15. “What do you think of Frank Miller being part of the new sequel?” - Joseph from Germany

JETT SAYS: I’ll pass. I love “YEAR ONE” and “TDKR,” but I like what Nolan and co. are doing with Batman on film right now. Plus, Miller has another SIN CITY to work on.

16. “I think that Scarface could make a physiologically compelling villain if done correctly.” - Eric, Salt Lake City, Utah

JETT SAYS: You know, I’ve thought that Scarface could work. Did you ever see that old 70s film MAGIC with Anthony Hopkins? Downright scary. Yeah, he could work I think.

17. “I read your review on YEAR ONE and from what you've stated I totally agree with you. But I really wanted it to be made due to the fact that I'm not only a Batman fan but also a Darren Aronofsky fan. Watch REQUIEM FOR A DREAM and Pi. If you're depressed then don't bother.” - Mahmut

JETT SAYS: Thanks. I like those two films as well and I actually liked his YEAR ONE script - but not as a Batman film. But hey, I give him an A for effort - at least it was something different than what we had seen in the past.

18. “I was wondering, have you heard anything about Catwoman appearing in the Batman sequels? That would be very nice. And specially, if Kate Beckinsale is playing the role.” - Enzo from Chile

JETT SAYS: My fear is that the CATWOMAN film with Halle Berry may hurt the chance that the character will show up in the next few BATMAN films. And here’s another vote for Kate.

19. “I feel real strongly about this: BILLY ZANE needs to play Harvey Dent.” - Dave in Denver

JETT SAYS: There you go. You’ve thrown his name into the mix.

20. “…don't get discouraged by the idiots who write you because they have nothing better to do than try to piss you off. Youre site has no FILLER and every bit of news or opinion you post who one hundred percent worth reading. You are the first site I check every day!” - Craig from Atlanta

JETT SAYS: Hey, I don’t worry about it at all. Usually, I laugh my ass off! Thanks for writing and let me know when you band is in Houston.

21. “…how much control did Chris Nolan have over BATMAN BEGINS and do you think that will change for the sequel? - Dave in Toronto

JETT SAYS: Dave, Chris had just about total control. They pretty much let him do what he wanted to do. So I wouldn’t worry about a “Burton/Schumacher” being pulled by Nolan and his sequel.

22. “What was the premise/villain going to be for Schumacher's BATMAN TRIUMPHANT? - Patrick, Highlands, North Carolina

JETT SAYS: The script was written by Mark Protosovich and had The Scarecrow and Harley Quinn as the villains. It was rumored that Jack Nicholson (and maybe other former Bat-actors) would make cameos in the film. It was allegedly going to be darker than B&R.

23. “First I got to say I envy you so much, you live the Batman dream that I wish I could! Just out of interest have you ever seen the short fan film ‘Batman Dead End,’ or ‘World's Finest?’ If you have what did you think of the man playing Batman? Furthermore did you think the gray costume was a good choice, or do you prefer the suit style of the mainstream movies?” - James

JETT SAYS: I saw both of those short films and I thought they were kinda OK. As far the cloth suit, can’t stand it. I like the “armored” look of the films. I can buy that. I couldn’t see some guy running around in a leotard scarring people.

24. “Do you think the movie [BATMAN 2] will be too crowded with villains?” - Jalyn, Seattle, Washington

JETT SAYS: No. Did you think BEGINS was too crowded with Ra’s, Ducard, Crane, Falcone, and Mr. Earle? Nolan and Goyer have proven that they can used multiple villains, but still keep the focus on The Bat.

25. “Does it bother you that a British actor is playing Batman, who is an American institution?” - Nicole JETT SAYS: I couldn’t care less. Bale was a fantastic choice for the role and I long supported him. As long as Nolan casts quality actors, it doesn’t matter to me from which country they are from.

26. “I have to agree with your idea of Dick Grayson fitting into Nolan’s realistic vision of the Batman universe more so than Robin would. I just think that the potential father-son relationship of Bruce and Dick, perhaps in the final part of the trilogy, would really bring some of the images and themes of father son relationships seen in the first film full circle. Hell, Bruce practically spends the whole movie looking for a father figure after the loss of his own (ie. Ra’s Al Ghul, Lucious Fox, Gordan and Alfred) What better way to bring Bruce’s sorry full circle than to end this trilogy with Bruce comforting Dick in scenes that parallel those of Bruce’s father comforting him at the beginning of BATMAN BEGINS?” - Name Withheld

JETT SAYS: While I don’t really care to see Robin, I wouldn’t mind at all Dick/Jason/Tim showing up at the end of the third film. Your takes and ideas on the subject parallel what I think closely. Good stuff there.

27. “I haven't heard a lot of hype about Jake Busey being nominated for a screen test by anybody and was wondering what your thoughts on his abilities to possibly portray the Joker?” - Stephen C., Fayetteville, Arkansas

JETT SAYS: You haven’t heard much hype because I don’t believe he’s in the mix. Personally, I can’t see it - but that’s just me and my opinion.

28. “Hellooo Jett, I know who Harvey Dent is but who is this Sarah Essen character? Does your wife share your Bat-infatuation too?” - Brendia

JETT SAYS Sarah Essen was a GPD cop with whom Gordon had an affair with in “YEAR ONE.” He later married her and she was killed by The Joker in, I believe, the “NO MAN’S LAND” comic book storyline. As far my wife, no, she’s not a Bat-fanatic like me. She likes shopping.

29. “I just want to say to you that I appreciate all your hard work devoted on this site & I have to say that it's one of the best sites ever on the internet today. Keep up the good work. I just wanted to pass along some things regarding about some fans negative reactions to Christopher Nolan's next project. For starters, Nolan has a lot of projects he wants to do & he's had some that have been in development for some time, before 'Batman Begins' & after. He will eventually return to direct the sequel, but these idiots are overreacting to his announcement of his next project & they need to get what is called a life & get over it!” - Lief R. - from the state of Washington

JETT SAYS: Thank you and you are correct sir.

30. “I came up the theory that the Freeze Gun acted almost like a fire extinguisher, but with a more concentrated chemical reaction. Almost like a ‘Super Soaker’ that sprays liquid nitrogen. Sure it wouldn't have the great light show of "‘laser ice’ like in the Batman cartoons and in BATMAN AND ROBIN, but it would certainly make the Freeze-Gun a more realistic weapon.” - J.D.

JETT SAYS: Fantastic idea! I’m a big fan of Freeze and I hope that we’ll get to see him onscreen again - and done properly (and realistically). 31. “I just wanted to comment on the whole Nolan issue. Awesome director, yes. A true visionary, whose gift at directing is truly inspired, and all Bat-fans should be thankful to the powers-that-be at WB that hired him. But solely responsible for the faithfulness to the source material and approach that was taken with BATMAN BEGINS? NO!
I think most people are forgetting the real reason we got the story put on film that we did. David S. Goyer. Being a true fanboy geek of comic books, like many of us that visit and read BOF, Mr. Goyer stayed as true as possible to the characters and elements found in the source material for his script. While I'm not a fan of his directing efforts (I wasn't a big fan of BLADE: TRINITY) this man can write the HELL out of a movie.” - Jason P., Niagara Falls, Canada

JETT SAYS: Jason, I’ve given props to Goyer many times here at BOF - and he deserves them. He should be given his due for his part in bring back The Bat by all Bat-fans. You are correct and thanks for reminding everyone.

32. “I like your ideas on the Penguin. I would love to see him, not as some freak, but as a suave, very dapper, VERY ruthless murderer/ringleader type. The affinity for wearing tuxedos giving way to his nickname - that whole idea is very appealing. I would love to see more ruthless criminal types than chemically induced freaks!!

Keep up the great work. A couple of years ago, you became a daily site visit for me. My co-workers were thrilled when the movie finally came out. They thought that would be the end of me reading your pieces out loud!! Suckers. - Bob Mc.

JETT SAYS: It looks like that may actually happen.

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