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DATE: 9/30/05

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DISCLAIMER: Unless otherwise stated, answers to questions asked are based on the opinions of the editor and should be considered as such.

1. “Hey Jett, Glad you made it through Rita unscathed. Is there any way to get the WB execs, Nolan and Goyer to consider a different approach to naming titles for the sequels to Batman. I personally feel that ‘two word’ Batman titles follows to close with the destructive path the original franchise followed.” - Charles M.

JETT SAYS: Well, your question here at least let’s ‘em know what you think. Personally, I like the two word titles like BATMAN BEGINS.

2. “Jett, It won't be getting made any time soon, but what are your thoughts on the live-action ‘Batman Beyond’ film that was once in the planning stages?” - Blake, South Padre Island, TX

JETT SAYS: I liked BATMAN BEYOND. I thought it was a pretty good take on what might be in store in the future for The Batman of the TAS. But, I’m not interested in seeing it on film and as I said previously, that ship has sailed. If it was to happen, I’d cast Clint Eastwood as Bruce Wayne.

3. “[Do you think there] will there ever be a summer like [that] of 1989 that saw the release of the first BATMAN? - Trent M., Canada

JETT SAYS: Trent, the Bat-summer of 1989 will most likely never be duplicated. You mentioned the hype for SPIDER-MAN and it wasn’t even close.

4. “What is so scary about ‘Stage 2’ of the Scarecrow? Everyone seems to be talking about it and some people have seen how he looked (including yourself). It really bothers me that we didn't get a chance to see it in the final edit. Remember the action figure that you posted a long time ago? Did he look anything like that?” - R.S., Long Beach, CA

JETT SAYS: It was scary because it was damn sinister as hell. A leather-like face that seemed to be melting. I wish it had showed up at some point in BEGINS. And none the action figures that have been seen depict this version of The Scarecrow.

5. “Man, ever since you brought up the whole Bruce/Rachel/ and Harvey love triangle its causing a frenzy in my workplace among Batman aficionados. The whole Bruce vs. Harvey debate is becoming hyped-up. Its unbelievable.” - Vince, Sacramento, CA

JETT SAYS: My take was that perhaps Harvey digs Rachel, who still digs Bruce, which hurts affects Harvey’s relationship with Bruce. Bruce plays up on this - a ruse on his part, all the while, The Batman and Harvey are tight allies. On the other hand, you could have Harvey married and not even use this scenario. This is just my take and I’m certainly no screenwriter.

6. “What are your thoughts on Joaquin Phoenix playing Harvey Dent/Two-Face?” - Jake, Long Beach, CA

JETT SAYS: I’ve said before when this was suggested, I like it. I’d have to say that right now, I’m really leaning towards that Leiv Schreiber playing Dent.

7. “I respect the way you handle this website, and Batman as a character. My question for you/the people at WB...Although the Joker is the main villain for the sequel, I think instead of bringing in another villain just yet (The Penguin), they should reuse the Scarecrow. And how do you think the Cincinnati Bengals are going to be this year?” - Adam F., Baltimore, MD

JETT SAYS: Adam, I love Baltimore, been there several times and will be heading there again in December. Anyway, I’d live to see The Scarecrow again as well - either in a cameo in the sequel or on down the line in another film. As far as the Bengals, I think they have a shot to win the AFC Central.

8. “Hey Jett, I’m just now getting turned on to your site, I think it’s great. Commenting on your thoughts about the Joker being pale white skin tone or make-up, I totally agree with you that he should be permanently white. If it were make-up then the Joker would lose his effect. I think one of the reasons the Joker is so demented is that he is stuck being ‘Michael Jackson white.’ He can’t go anywhere in public without being stared at and he probably gets a kick out of the fact that his white-face disturbs people. He’s the Joker, he likes to make people feel uncomfortable, as well as kill them.” - Brent K.

JETT SAYS: Yep, The Joker has to be pale white - not makeup. Glad you found the site.

9. “BATMAN ATTACKS? BATMAN STRIKES? ’Not too bad.’ Are you just saying that because you know WB is reading? I realize they are just possible titles but c'mon are they THAT lazy? Go Cowboys!” - Daniel R.

JETT SAYS: I didn’t say that I LOVED them, did I? I prefer “Attacks” of the two. And remember, people bitched up a storm when BATMAN BEGINS announced. That’s how it usually is with a title, and then it grows on you.

10. “I don't understand why everyone wants Crispin Glover to be the Joker. And definitely Liev Schreiber for Harvey Dent.” - Ryan H.

JETT SAYS: I’ll admit that I’m not too crazy about Glover as The Joker either. He’s got a fanboy following for sure.

11. “Do you think Nightwing could be incorporated somehow?” - Adolfo, TX

JETT SAYS: I don’t see how or why actually. I wouldn’t mind a “Nightwing” movie or TV show. I’ll also note that you are also a fan of seeing Robin show up in the series as you told me in your email.

12. “On some of the later BEGINS trailers towards the release of the film there were a couple of shots of Batman perched on the side of building. I love drawings like that in the comics and the shots on the trailers got me real excited but when I saw the film there wasn't a single one of them.” - Paul, Ireland

JETT SAYS: Paul, there were several “inconic” shots of Batman as you mentioned. I just finished watching the DVD several times for my upcoming review, and they are there. Now, they are short and I wish they were a bit longer, but they are indeed there.

13. “BEGINS was an awesome movie. Can't wait to see what they'll do with the sequel. BATMAN BEGINS for best picture? Go Cowboys (fan all my life) and best wishes to you and your family down in Texas.” - Kyle

JETT SAYS: Kyle, I would love for BATMAN BEGINS to get some Oscar run. I would be ecstatic if it got a Best Picture nomination. But I don’t think it is going to happen.

14. “Would you want to see Harley Quinn w/The Joker if portrayed in a realistic way and not in a black and red clown suit? I'm all about the realism. And what about Catwoman - would you want to see her later on?” - W.J., Miami, FL

JETT SAYS: I don’t know about Harley Quinn. I like the character, but I don’t know if having her would crowd the cast. Catwoman? Well, I want a hot-looking Selina Kyle to show up very soon and I think the Catwoman character can be portrayed rather “realistic” on screen.

15. “What role do you see Talia serving in any possible sequel? Taye Diggs would rock as TwoFace!!!” - Demetrius J., Georgia

JETT SAYS: Talia’s role? Probably none. I think they are going to go with Rachel as the “love interest”and bring in Selina Kyle at some point. But you never know.

16. “Many theories on the Net speculate that Joker's origin will be tied to the release of the fear toxin in the Narrows in BATMAN BEGINS. I like this idea. Also it could serve as a partial reason for Joker's insanity, and appearance. Story line wise I would like the sequel to take elements from, “Batman: The Man who Laughs.” This story was a story of Batman's first encounter with Joker. Joker was on a killing spree, targeting high level law officials. This storyline could work to incorporate a possible death scenario of Rachel and the scarring of Harvey Dent. What do you think of these theories?” - Adam from Canada

JETT SAYS: I’m interested in seeing if the fear gas release in The Narrows does play a role in the creation of The Joker.

17. “I would like to see how Paul Bettany would portray the ‘Clown Prince of Crime.’ I love the website and keep up the good work.” - Tyrone, Las Vegas, NV

JETT SAYS: Bettany is a good candidate, in my opinion.

18. “Hey Jett, love the site just want to say I'd love to see Lachy Hulme as the Joker and Liev Schreiber as Harvey Dent.” Kyle S.

19. “Jett, what about Michael Keaton for The Joker.” - Robert N.

JETT SAYS: I could have seen it - back about the same time he was first cast as Batman. Not now - too old for the role. I think it needs to be someone in their 30s.

20. “Do [the next two films] have a great chance of filming back to back?” Vi

JETT SAYS: That’s one of the rumors. We’ll see if it pans out. If that does happen, I’d look for a summer/holiday release - or vise versa - with the time in between 2 and 3 fairly short. But BATMAN has always been a summer tent pole film and I really don’t expect that to change.

21. “Has anyone considered that the actual word ‘BATMAN’ need not be in the title?” - Jamie S

JETT SAYS: Jamie, that is a great point. I’d love for the film to be called THE DARK KNIGHT if they went that route. That would be a great title, IMO.

22. “Is there any chance that they will move away from the all-armor suit in the sequel to a more fabric based one? I don't mean spandex, but rather something more form-fitting and mobile.” - Brandon J.

JETT SAYS: From what I’ve been told, using cloth leads to lots of creases and cosmetic problems with the suit. Personally, I like the BEGINS suit the best of all that we have seen. This is probably a question better answered by Paul J. Wares - he’s the suit expert.

23. “What other [sequel title] ideas have you heard or have come up with yourself? - Chris, Middletown, DE

JETT SAYS: Those two and recently BATMAN ESCALATION. I’m not very good at coming up with titles, but I’d go with simply THE DARK KNIGHT.

24. “Hey Jett, I love the site and I check it every week. I just had a question about the microwave emitter. How come when it was turned on over the damn ocean, it didn't evaporate any of that. Maybe this wasn't the salt-water microwave emitter. And please don't give me a suspend belief form answer!” - Steve T.

JETT SAYS: Dude, it’s a movie and you can’t hold to “real reality.” But from watching the film, I believe it can be “targeted” to affect a direct water supply, not everything made of or that has water.

25. “Did you notice that the kid Rachel saves in the Narrows is wearing red and green? Subtle clue, or merely coincidence? I don't like Robin all that much either, but if there's a chance that they can do him right, then I'm all for it. But Chris Nolan and David Goyer would have to do it extremely well to impress me.'s Joel Schumacher all over again.” - Andrew in Ohio

JETT SAYS: To be honest, I didn’t notice that. I have the DVD right now, I’ll check it out. So you think they were doing a “SMALLVILLE” thing there with costuming?

26. “It is very clear you (as well as the majority of Batfans) consider BEGINS as the best Batfilm, and in some cases comic book movie, of all time. How does it, however, rank amongst your favorite films of all time?” - Tho Bishop

JETT SAYS: #1 - by far. I had such an emotional attachment to the film, that its my fave of all time. 27. “Superman Returns IS going to be dedicated to Christopher Reeve. It's already been decided. They just don't know whether it will be at the beginning or in the end credits.” - Name withheld

JETT SAYS: That’s great to hear. Put it at the beginning - I certainly would.

28. “Hey Jett, I’m a big fan of the site. In my opinion, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ is the greatest Batman story ever told. So my question is this: what are the odds of ever seeing a big screen version of this way down the road?” - Derrick Griffin, Springfield, IL

JETT SAYS: They’ve considered it before from what I’ve been told. The thing is, you do it, and it basically ends the series. I’d love to see a full-length animated version of it though.

29. “My questions is, do you think we will ever see Catwoman in one of the next few sequels? She is so important, in my estimation to the Batman story, and with Nolan's directing prowess, we could see an accurate depiction of her. My suggestion to cast as Catwoman would most definitely be Kate Beckinsale.” - Jesse from Orlando, FL

JETT SAYS: I’d love to see Selina Kyle in the next film - or no later than the third. I think Catwoman could be done very realistically. Make her a cat-burglar by night, a hot, wealthy socialite by day. Even the costume could be real-looking. As far as Beckinsale, I wonder if she’d be interested?

30. “The $135 million question: Is Bale really a credible Bruce Wayne and Batman? For me its yes to Bruce Wayne, but no as Batman. He has no intimidation factor. His Bathead voice is goofy and forced sounding like ‘Dirty Harry.’ And for fu**s sake, the quick cut on the action sucks. You raved on like this Batman is the best ever when its not even that good.” - Conner

JETT SAYS: Way to throw that F-bomb in there Conner! That always gets one’s point across. You lost me with your Bale “has no intimidation factor” comment. Puh-leez! “SWEAR TO ME!!!!!” that your are only kidding. He may not be the best Batman in your opinion (even though he is), but not “intimidating?” Come on!

32. “I just found your site and it's great. I am in my 50s and have been A lifetime ( since the age of 6) fan of The Batman. I am curious about what other fans think about Certain inconsistencies in BATMAN BEGINS. Don't get me wrong this isn't a hate letter. I really am confused. Fans seem to accept the fact that Bruce is not willing to kill a murderer to prove his loyalty but is willing to blow up the compound. Many individuals plus the murderer most probably died in the blast. Batman crushing police cars and endangering their occupants very unlike the character I know and love. Even early in his career this would have been uncharacteristic. The Batmobile driving across rooftops really bothered me. The interpretation of Alfred was to me completely off. Michael Cain is a wonderful actor but even he admits he had no background on the character. I just want some feedback from folks on how they were able to rationalize or dismiss these inconsistent aspects of the story.” - Henry Johnson, Georgia

JETT SAYS: Is was not Bruce’s intention to burn down the League of Shadows compound, he was only causing a distraction - at least that’s how I took it. I can see you point to a certain degree with the driving over police cars. But remember, he was out to save Rachel who was dying. As far as Caine as Alfred, I disagree - I loved his portrayal. When I talked to him at the press junket, he said he did indeed research the character a bit and did his own backstory. His Alfred was in the British army and he based him on his own sergeant when he was serving. Thanks for writing in and I’m glad you enjoy the site.

33. “I was very disappointed with the jagged editing and incoherence of the fight scenes in BATMAN BEGINS, especially in light of Christian Bale's extensive training in Keysi. Do you think Mr. Bale was disappointed by the fact that his fighting skills never showed up on film?” - Jeff Schmitt, Dubuque, IA JETT SAYS: Nolan wanted the audience to view the fight scenes from the criminal’s POV. Some liked it, some didn’t. I know Bale had no problem with it.

34. “Hey Jett, I agree with you on keeping the future debut of the rogues gallery grounded to reality. Many of the Bat-villains are simply too fantastic and could not work in sequels of this re-invention. It is for this reason, that it is imperative that such villains as Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Man-Bat, et al, be kept out. But that does not mean that we must extirpate from the screen villains that have not been seen before on Batman films. The Mad Hatter, for example, can be good for a minor role (a brainwashing semi-cult leader of sorts). I trust Nolan, Goyer, and company will deliver a good balance between the new Batman series and the wishes of the fans. - Juan Emilio, South Orange, NJ

JETT SAYS: I agree totally. I’d like to see Freeze done again, even though that would be hard to keep “realistic.”

35. “What’s you main goal dude, running BOF and all?” - Will Ryan, Apple Valley, MN

JETT SAYS: To feed my huge ego. Don’t you know that? ;) Hehehe…

No really, the main goal of BOF is to lobby Warner Bros. to produce quality Batman films. That’s really it. I want to see the BATMAN film franchise last for years to come. Sure I express my opinion and not everyone agrees. What I want in a Bat-film may not be what another Bat-fan wants or likes - I know that.

Honestly? I'll never write a "Batman" comic book - or draw one. I'll never have anything to do with a BATMAN film. This is my way of being a "Batman producer." To actively be involved with something I've cared about for nearly forty years.

This site grew from absolutely nothing. I've spent over seven years running it with the hope that we would see Batman on film again - no pun intended. Yes, we all don't agree about everthing that is "Batman." But we do all care about this great character.

So, bottom line, my deal with BATMAN ON FILM is that I do it because I care about The Batman.

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