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Mailbag for Monday, September 26, 2005
DATE: 9/26/05

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Man, this mailbag thing is getting quite popular. Here's the latest edition. And an FYI: Paul Wares will be doing a mailbag perhaps once a month or so. If you have a question especially for Paul, send it to PAUL@NAMELESS.FSNET.CO.UK. And please, if you've seen a question already answered, do not send one that is the same or very similar - it will not get answered.

1. “Although I don't agree with all of your opinions, I would still like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to the character. I would like to see more hype for Dennis Leary as the Joker, as I believe he's possibly the best choice out there in terms of [appearance] and acting ability (6'3'', menacing when he chooses). Plus I bet his face would look really frightening with the makeup. Please consider giving him a bit more coverage.” - Captain Roy

JETT SAYS: There you have it. This is the second email I’ve had recently suggesting Leary. I’ll say that I could see it, but honestly, he’s not one of my favorites. I’m still liking Bettany and Hulme myself.

2. “This is probably a dumb question, but doesn't the Batmobile's appearance on the evening news compromise Batman's identity a bit? There must have been many people involved in the planning and building of the Tumbler for Wayne Enterprises. I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult for someone sharp to put two and two together, especially with Bruce Wayne's return to Gotham "coinciding" with Batman's emergence.” - Alvin, San Jose, CA

JETT SAYS: Alvin, that’s one of those things you have suspend belief. Just like no one recognizing Superman as Clark Kent just because he takes his glasses off. I think in BEGINS, Lucius Fox told Bruce that all of that stuff was out of production, not in the inventory, etc. Perhaps they reported one as being “lost” or “stolen.” Just take it like that and move on.

3. “Did you ever get around to seeing REVENGE OF THE SITH like you said you were trying to do? Or did you plan on just keeping room for one Dark Knight? - Chris Clow, Seattle, WA

JETT SAYS: Yes I did. I’m really not a STAR WARS fan at all, but I enjoyed it. I never saw the second one, but from what I’ve heard, this was the best of this trilogy. Honestly, I thought BEGINS was the best film of the summer - especially among the “blockbusters.” I’m I biased? Uh, um, of course not.

4. “BB was marketed perfectly. It sparked the interest and hit the target audience in just the right fashion. Granted it didn't top the charts as the highest grossing movie of the year, but shooting above $200 million is a tremendous feat. Batman, in his true form, is not a child's super hero. A character who retreats into a shadow of himself for the greater good of the rest of humanity can only be understood by adults. Can there be Batman and, as per B: TAS, ‘Batman-lite?’” - Tom in Indiana

JETT SAYS: Thanks for writing Tom. I thought the marketing for BEGINS was perfect. Anyone who tries to argue differently is just flat wrong - wrong to the tune of $205 million. I think many of those guys just wanted Batman to get more run in the media, which I can understand. But they are still wrong.

I agree with you about maintaining the “For Adults” theme in the film series. There are many outlets for kids to enjoy Batman such as the various animated versions.

Tom also wanted to know if Warner Bros. would change the DVD covers here in the States to what they are getting overseas. Tom, the hay is already in the barn on that one, sorry.

5. “Jett if the series is to stay grounded in reality then a helicopter makes perfect sense. In urban areas police use them often. They are also used by Special Ops teams for entry to high rise buildings. Imagine if Oswald Cobblepot had a penthouse pad and the Dark Knight needed to drop in for some intimidation or detective work he would either have to be dropped in from above or take the elevator. His grappling hook gun would not be practical on a building as tall as the Empire State Bldg. With Wayne Enterprises having all types of military hardware it is not hard to imagine a covert chopper in their arsenal similar to the Tumbler. Alfred could even fly it remote control after Batman drops out of it. This could refer back to Alfred's days with Her Majesty's Secret Service and his prior experiences. This is also grounded in reality as our troops in combat now use drone flying vehicles via remote control.” - Jolley from Tennessee

JETT SAYS: You know, I’m starting to change my mind a bit in regards to flying Bat-contraptions. A copter may work. I think I’d still prefer that they just stay with The Tumbler, but you make a good argument there Jolley.

6. “In BATMAN BEGINS, why were the Scarecrow hallucinations largely nonexistent? For instance, they cut the standing shot in Arkham, right after he sprays Rachel in the elevator. The shot had been seen in commercials, but in the film it cuts to the Scarecrow lunging towards her really quick, and we don't see why Rachel (in the elevator) screams. And then there was a quick shot of his mask producing the maggots - but that was it. And we all know about the ‘Stage 2,’ and how that never came to be. Was Nolan just too anal about keeping things ‘realistic?’” - The Only Woj, Indiana

JETT SAYS: John, I have no idea why those “Stage 2” scenes were cut. I know they were filmed and I’ve seen pictures of The Scarecrow ala “Stage 2.” Maybe they were concerned that if included, it could flit with an “R” rating. I don’t think that Nolan was being “too anal.”

7. “What did Gordon mean by ‘I've been wrong before’ when he and Batman had a chat on his house?” - Bilal, Pakistan

JETT SAYS: Gordon most probably meant that he’s trusted people before - perhaps Flass - and was wrong. Now he’s being asked to trust a guy dressed as a giant bat - wouldn’t you be a bit concerned as well?

8. “JETT!!!!!! don't you think it's like so bad-ass in FOREVER when Batman is in the Batflyer and he sticks the thumbs-up at Gordan. that was like...soooo hardcore of Batman!!! Also. I'm a huuuuuge Clayface fan. Do you think we will ever see Matt Hagen?” - Mike Phillips


9. “We all know your view on a Batman/Superman movie. And I know you said that the film franchises should be kept separate, but would you be against a Bats/Supes movie if Warners greenlighted it? What would your thoughts be about a ’JUSTICE LEAGUE’ film, if done a while down the road after a lot of DC characters have been brought to life on film? And last but not least, your thoughts on a ’BATMAN BEYOND’ film someday?” - Andrew Kosarko, West Haven, CT

JETT SAYS: If Warners did go with a Bats/Supes film, I’d get behind it - but I’m here to tell them DON’T DO IT. I’m really not interested in a JUSTICE LEAGUE film, unless they do one ala X-MEN and use characters that couldn’t carry a film by themselves. And as far as a BEYOND film, no. That ship has already sailed anyway.

10. “Bale is more than adept with matial arts (Look at the inspired EQUALIBRIUM for proof of that) so we know he can pull off any fight sequence from any angle. I understand they had to look brutal on screen, but the camera was far too close. Give Bale a chance to shine again, indeed, Let Batman out! 'Free Batman!!'“ - Jamie The Fox

JETT SAYS: I get what Nolan was doing with the fight scenes. But I do hope that in the sequel, he does pull back a bit at times to see more of the action.

11. “Absolutely LOVE your site! Keep it up. I'm a big BATMAN '89 & BEGINS Fan, not the biggest Batman comic fan (which really just means I don't know as much as a lot of you guys : ) but I thought Harvey ‘Two Face’ Dent was originally Black, hence Billie D. Williams in '89. If Nolan keeps this as such, maybe someone like RAYs" Jamie Foxx could have a shot, or Taye Diggs (who worked with Bale in EQUALIBRIUM) as Two Face. There is also a brilliant young black actor named Adrian Lester - just some suggestions. Also, my vote was for ‘George Mcfly’ for the Joker! Be Blessed!” - Chris A. from Virginia

JETT SAYS: As long as a good actor gets the role, I’ll be happy. Can’t see Foxx though, but that’s just me. Loved him in RAY however - great film and performance.

12. “Hey Jett. We all know you don't want to see ‘Robin’ in any of the upcoming sequels, but what are your feelings if we saw ‘Dick Grayson’ being in an upcoming sequel?” - Ryan from New Jersey

JETT SAYS: That I’d be OK with - down the line. I know a lot of you want Robin in the series and I respect that. I just disagree. But BOF is letting you Robin supporters have your voice heard.

13. “I'm a long time reader and big fan of your site and I've enjoyed watching things come together through your updates. KEEP IT UP! The reason I was finally compelled to write to you is because of reader #25 in mailbag # 3. What kind of f&*#ing dipsh** asshole makes a comment like that! This idiot should have his sorry ass tied to a tree during the next hurricane (God forbid there are more like these) and see it first hand. I wonder if he'd still be wishing hateful sh** on people after that? God bless you and your family and all that have suffered.” - Yvon, Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada

JETT SAYS: Yvon, some people are just assholes and there is nothing we can do about it. Thanks for your very nice email.

14. “What do you think - do you think Rachel should live or die, and if so why and how?” - James J., New Zealand

JETT SAYS: That’s a tough question James. I want Holmes to return and think she should and will. I don’t know, if she does die at the hand of The Joker, or perhaps even Dent, is that too cliché? I don’t want her to go bad either. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Nolan and co. come up with for Ms. Dawes.

15. “You said you think they might be doing a Batfilm ala SE7EN with BATS,GORDON, AND DENT stopping The Joker. How would this work for today’s ‘bigger and better’ sequels? I mean if they made it like SE7EN, there’s not a chance in hell it would out-gross BEGINS. It would need more action.” - James in Washington

JETT SAYS: I didn’t say that there would be any action - this is a BATMAN film for goodness sakes! But the point is that a crime film ala SE7EN - a good, smart film - would be great. The last thing I want to see is “bigger” with the sequel. We don’t need that sort of nonsense.

16. “Hey Jett. Big-time Batman fan. So big I'm converting my new room into a solely Batman-oriented living quarters. My question regards the sequel's casting. What are your feelings on my two favorites for their respective roles; Vincent Cassel (Joker) and Joaquin Phoenix (Harvey Dent)?” - Jeremy

JETT SAYS: Cassel? I’m not very fond of as The Joker. Although his wife is hot as a firecracker. Phoenix as Dent? Interesting suggestion. I think he is a very good actor. I like that! And good luck with that room dawg.

17. “I'm from Canada, and Canada loves your site. Keep up the good work. And go Jets!” - Marc Majeau, St.Albert, Alberta, Canada

JETT SAYS: Thanks, eh! And your Jets are in a lot of trouble man - no QB’s.

18. “…what elements [of graphic novels] would you like to see incorporated into the film franchise? Also, do you think that WB would ever consider releasing two versions theatrically of the same Batman film, one PG-13 and one R-rated - if Nolan and company happen to turn one out that actually gets gets an R from the MPAA? Take care and keep up the great work!” - Mike C. from Philadelphia

JETT SAYS: I’d like to see some of the elements of THE LONG HALLOWEEN incorporated into future films. As far as an “R” rating, ain’t going to happen. That’s one of WB’s mandates - PG-13.

19. “This is in response to the question someone asked about a ‘Dark Knight Returns’ animated movie. Although we may never see a full length one, there is a segment in an episode of the ‘New Batman Adventures’ called ‘Legends of the Dark Knight’ where three kids offer their visions of who the Batman is. The episode will be included in TAS volume 4 DVD and also features a great jab at Joel Schumacher.” - Dave from Canada

JETT SAYS: I’ve seen that episode and it is great! I love that jab at Joel as well. I’d love to get an interview with Schumacher - anyone out there who can help with that?

20. “On the issue of Robin, I feel that many fans aren't giving him a ‘fair shake.’ On a certain Superhero forum (*Cough*) there are legions of fans proclaiming that the characters ‘sucks,’ doesn't suit Batman, and should be avoided at all costs. It's like people blame the crappiness of the Schumacher films on poorness of Robin, but it's the other way around: Robin sucked in those films because the films themselves were poor. Now, my point is this: Robin has been a consistent figure in the Batman mythos for years, and despite the fact that many people connect him to the 60's era of camp, he has been written as a strong AND suitable character in the Batman world many times over since then. I should clarify that I won't lose sleep if Robin never appears in the franchise (And he definitely should NOT appear if they're not going to use him properly), but I don't subscribe to the theory that he will ruin it if he does. I could easily see a 16-17 year old Dick Grayson being taken in by Batman and used in a support/surveillance capacity, rather than as an actual combatant (I would only see Dick actually entering combat against Bruce's wishes) fitting into Nolan's established world. Hell, he could even simply appear as Dick, and not Robin.” - Brad J.

JETT SAYS: Very good argument and points there Brad. Your voice has been heard.

21. “What do you think about Barbra Gordon showing up at a Halloween Ball as Batgirl, and saves Bruce Wayne from being kidnapped? I know that is how she got started in the comics but maybe on screen it may work, what do you think? I enjoy reading the mailbag and all the questions you get.” - Larry W.

JETT SAYS: Robin, I can live with. But I absolutely do not want to see Batgirl on film ever. Thanks for writing Larry. Your scenario wouldn’t be unrealistic, but I just don’t want a film full of “sidekicks.”

22. “Do you think that The Joker might have his white face painted on instead of it being his actual skin tone. We thought it would be cool if he damages his face nerves through a early potent version of his laughing gas, leaving his face paralyzed in a ‘smiling’ image and then simply painted the white on afterwards. And any chance the Shirley Walker music might be used?” - ABC

JETT SAYS: I’d rather have The Joker actually be pale white - “Perma-Clown,” as he said in THE BATMAN animated series. As far as the Shirley Walker animated theme begin used, nope - highly unlikely. It is good music though, I agree with you all.

23. “Hi you should loose this sit before it looses you you think you are so cool because you think it is cool to lick batman but it isnt. I thik all yous guys are dumb and maybe you should have dates and not read batman storis and book all day and then night too. I hop the batman movies are dumb. you are dumb and i can't spell and have only a very basic understand of english language even though i am from canada and i am an idiot too for even being born because i'm dumb.

Just kidding. I just get a hoot from these guys who try to blast you and wind up making fools of themselves instead. Ever notice that hate mail is seldom coherent and almost always baseless drivel? I guess the Andy Rooneys of the world focus on the more important issues and leave the on-line blog debating to the more base life forms.” - Gilligan Fonzerelli

JETT SAYS: HeHeHeHe. You sir, are spot-on correct.

24. "The Dallas Cowboys SUCK!" - Travis H. from Houston, TX

JETT SAYS: Ah, a "H-Town Hater" I presume. I've got one word for you: FIVE.

25. "Dude, you said that Bale was about your size - how did he look in person? And being from The Metroplex, I'm a lifelong Cowboys fan too!" - Micheal I., Grapevine, TX

JETT SAYS: I'm just a hair over 6 foot, so Bale looked to be 6'1" or 6' 2". He was not nearly as big as he was in BEGINS - he told us that he was losing weight for a film he was about to, ahem, begin. He was cool - really gracious and nice and you could tell that he genuinely cared about the film and his role. He also seemed to be fired up for the Bat-future.

Mike, I've been to Grapevine many times and know that area of DFW well. Go Cowboys! What a game yesterday vs. the Niners! I went from being a pissed as one can be and looking at a week of being in a bad mood, to being ecstaticly happy in the matter of minutes. Can we cruise through at least one damn game?

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