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Mailbag for Saturday, September 24, 2005
DATE: 9/24/05

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Here's the fourth edition of the BOF MAILBAG. I banged this one out while waiting for Hurricane Rita to make landfall. Thanks for the questions and comments that make this section of BOF possible. Enjoy!

1. “[Here’s my suggestion] who I think might be a pretty damn good Joker in the the next film: Benicio Del Toro. Physically, I think he works and need I even ask if he can be menacing? He is a highly respected and distinguished actor, but not a star, and he can certainly disappear into any role he plays. Just food for thought, Jett. “ - Daniel Kisala, Hawthorne, NJ

JETT SAYS: I’ve heard this suggestion before and it isn’t a bad one at all. Consider your suggestion out there for the “powers that be.”

2. “I was wondering if you keep checking other superhero websites and their forums like etc. Do you like it, when you see what other fans have to say on the film or the character of ‘Batman’ and how different it maybe from your opinions.” - Sanjeev, Chicago

JETT SAYS: Sure, I’m a fan of other websites just like everyone else. I’ll also look through other message boards to get an idea of what the fans are saying.

3. “Now that Wayne manor has to be rebuilt, can you think of any improvements Mr.. Nolan would add to the Batcave? Is there anything that you would like to see personally? Thanks again for the great site and stay safe with Rita coming your way. (By the way, I'm a life long NY GIANTS fan. Hopefully we'll get some good games this year between the 'Boys & G-men.)” - Anthony, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

JETT SAYS: I’d like for them to add the Bat-Poles, so Bale can slide down one and be dressed as Batman when he reaches the bottom. Just kidding. Maybe some more sophisticated crime equipment and what-not. Something different than what we saw previously in the Burton/Schumacher films.

I don’t know about a giant penny, T-Rex, or huge Joker card either.

4. “Hey Jett...AWESOME SITE! Keep it up! I was just curious with the sequel pretty much imminent...How would you like to see the new "southeast" corner built at Wayne Manor? Maybe something similar to B89 or something in the vein of keeping it as it was in BB with a few minor upgrades. Personally, I'd like to see them keep it the same (waterfall, etc).” - Adam Anderson, Rochester, MN

JETT SAYS: Thanks for writing Adam and see the answer above. I do hope that some stuff will be added to it and I’m sure it will.

5. “How about Bob Hoskins as ‘The Penguin?’” - Jonathan, Liverpool, England

JETT SAYS: I could dig it. Great suggestion. I think you can go two ways with this character - looks-wise. You can make him look as much like the comic book character as you can or you could go the “Peter O’Toole” route as suggested by some. I’m really hoping they use him in the next film ala Carmine Falcone.

6. “One problem I've noticed with superhero sequels is the films always get bogged down in the origin of the villain. How many crime thrillers, psych thrillers or even horror movies spend the first act delving into the psycho's past? Very few. Superhero flicks should learn a lesson from this.” - DARKWORLD

JETT SAYS: I see your point. With BEGINS, there wasn’t really a “villain origin.” I could see how they might want to keep The Joker’s origin a mystery. With Dent, it is totally needed and HAS to be a part of the story.

7. “Hey dude, always a fun site. The kid in Gordon's house is probably his son. Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) was his adopted daughter (niece). She was already a teenager when she came into the picture. Just some info. It's still completely plausible within regards to the comic book timeline. I see the small shot showing Gordon's family as a nod to ‘Year One.’ Great movie, sweet as hell on IMAX. Good luck/Stay safe.” - A.C., Indianapolis

JETT SAYS: Thanks for the info.

8. “Hi Jett - Can you show some fairness too? What I mean by that is also post up fan feedback that actually are impressed by Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes. Many Batman fans would like her to come back. Despite her small role, Holmes was engaging and embraced Rachel's character so well.” - Steve from La Jolla,CA

JETT SAYS: There you have it. Hey, I’m on record saying I want Holmes to return.

9. “Ah, the days of ‘JettD60's Batman 5 Page.’ 1998 seems such a long time ago. Were we ever going to see another quality Batman film? Thanks to you Jett, we all got what we deserved. BATMAN BEGINS - fantastic! Writing from the UK, I've just recently had the opportunity to view ‘The Batman’ animated series. Just wondered what your thoughts were on it? Good/Bad/Indifferent. Keep up the great work Jett, and stay safe.” - Neil, Leeds, Englan

JETT SAYS: Thanks Neil. “JettD60’s” - I’ve got to laugh. As far as THE BATMAN, I dig it. I know it gets a bad rap by some, but I’ve always enjoyed the thing. A bit of a different take on The Batman, but that’s what you want - something a bit different. It stayed very true to the comic book spirit, but took a few creative liberties.

10. “I agree no flying vehicles in this series. But what about a motorcycle? It's more discrete than the tank (which I love), and allows for greater maneuverability. Bruce can design it himself and add all kinds of neat (but practical) gadgets and weapons. Imagine the chase scene possibilities!” - D.A.

JETT SAYS: That I could dig. Very good suggestion there dude.

11. “I was just wondering who would be your ideal composer for the ‘Batman Begins’ sequel if either Hans Zimmer or James Newton Howard were unavailable to score it. Would you pick a well-known composer to do the job or someone a little less prominent?” - Mathew C.

JETT SAYS: Hmm. That’s not really my area of expertise. I just hope that they keep the same score - I really loved it.

12. “Do you think that with the next BATMAN film, there might be a music video to go with it? “ - Jeff S., Canada

JETT SAYS: My goodness I hope not! And if you are thinking about it WB - NO!!!! Jeff, I do enjoy THE FOO FIGHTERS though - I did read your musical suggestion, eh.

13. “Love the site and enjoyed the Batman-On-Film midnight screening of BEGINS. My question is, what would you like to see in the sequel, and what would you like to change or add? - SeekNDestory

JETT SAYS: Hey dude! Good to hear from you. I want to see The Joker, flat out. I hope that Dent and Two-Face or in the mix for 2 and 3 as well. I want to see The Penguin in a small role as I’ve mentioned several times. I want Katie Holmes to return. I’d like to see Selina Kyle show up. And I’d like to have a million dollars.

14. “Jett, I feel a bit of an affinity towards you as I will be 40 in January and I've have been a Batman fan since I was 5. I loved Bale's performance as Bruce Wayne but he didn't really seem to be the brooding and driven Bruce that we see in the comics. Do you think Nolan will continue the character development of Bruce? I was surprised that there wasn't a graveside visit by Bruce to his parents.” - Ramon

JETT SAYS: You and I sir are of the same generation it seems. I liked the “Angry Bruce” as depicted in BEGINS. Of course, he channels that anger into The Batman. He “brooded” a bit to much for me in Burton’s two films. Personally, the Bruce Wayne of BEGINS was the same one that is in my head.

15. “Hey man, I love the site...I check it almost as much as I do myspace! Haha, anyway do you know who the studio had in mind to play 'Robin' in BATMAN and RETURNS before his character was cut from the film?? Who else besides Kilmer was considered for BATMAN FOREVER? - Patrick

JETT SAYS: Ricky Addison Reed was cast as Robin in BATMAN, but was dropped before filming began. Marlon Wayans was cast to be Robin in RETURNS and BATMAN 3, but was dropped by Burton prior to RETURNS starting production. When Schumacher took over, he “recast” the role with Chris O’Donnell.

As far as Batman for FOREVER, Joel Schumacher has said that Kilmer was his first choice. He accepted the role without even reading the script.

16. “What's with these assholes that keep mailing you with BS remarks? What is their problem? Jealousy? Boredom? Probably some lame-ass ten year old typing away in his bedroom after being grounded for watching his daddy’s porn collection! Great site by the way. Really, its the best. In the world. I mean it.” - David

JETT SAYS: Thanks. And that was some funny stuff there. I love reading the hate mail and I’m sure y’all do too - it’s funny as hell, isn’t it?! And I know you asked if BOF might include a comic book section. That’s a thought.

17. “I do not mean to pry into your personal life in any way, but I was just curious, what does your family think about your Batman obsession?” - Filmfan90, Georgia

JETT SAYS: For the record, I love Batman, but I’m not “obsessed” with him - even though I myself use that term! LOL. My family doesn’t care. My wife likes it when I dress up like Batman - just kidding.

18. “Dennis Leary - Joker. Harvey Dent - Joe Mantenga. Selina Kyle - Angelina Jolie.” - Ron Prewoznik

JETT SAYS: You got your choices out there now dude for everyone to read. I myself am sort of liking Jolie as Selina Kyle.

19. “I’ve heard Joel Schumacher is directing the next Bat-film!!” - Several BOF’ers

JETT SAYS: There is no chance in hell. I’ve got a better chance at directing. But that’s a bad comparison since I am indeed on Warner Bros. shortlist.

20. “Do you honestly think that Warners now understands how the legendary character of Batman should be handled? I am worried that if Chris Nolan does not return for the sequels we may get crap second movie.” - Dave, Toronto, Canada

JETT SAYS: I think that understand now more than they ever have. Plus they have me to guide them ;) .

21. “I would like to say thank you for all of your hard work in pushing Warner Brothers to make a decent Batman movie. Batman has always been my hero because of the fact that he can see the world for what it really is and does not have his vision clouded by optimism like Superman. That being said, I have to call you on something that I disagree. I read your post in which you said it would be a good idea to have a joker that carves a smile in his face. I have to ask you this; if you have so much respect for Batman, then why do support an idea that would completely destroy the mythology of Batman's greatest villain? I realize that Batman requires a certain level of darkness, but you can only go so far before it becomes a disgrace to Batman and all who believe in what he stands for.” - Jacob

JETT SAYS: I think that idea - which was Lee Bermejo’s - is a bit interesting. A Joker who cuts a smile into his own face - hmmm. It isn't like he has to cut his entire mouth off or anything.

Let me say this - Movies and comic books are two different mediums. What works in comics, might not work on film. And writers and directors should be allowed to take creative liberties with these characters. Look at what Nolan and Goyer did with BEGINS. Proof positive that one can be an "artist," yet stay loyal to a character at the same time.

22. “I was just thinking, wouldn't the ultimate live-action version of Batman be a weekly hour long TV show for adults?” - Kennon, West Palm Beach, Florida

JETT SAYS: I’d love it, but I don’t see it happening. I’d rather see Batman on the big screen, live action-wise.

23. “At the end of BEGINS, I didn't feel we have a definite conclusion on what happen to "The Roman." Do you think The Joker and the Roman have some kind of connection in the sequels. I think that Harvey dent will try to finally prosecute The Roman. This will make Falcone use The Joker as a pawn to seek his revenge by having the acid hurled at Dent's face. What do you think?” - Daniel R., California

JETT SAYS: The Joker, my friend, is nobody’s pawn. I think that in the BEGINS universe, Falcone’s mind is long gone. Remember, he knew too much.

24. “Hi there, I stumbled across your site a long time ago and think it is one of the best resources out there but anyway. A couple of questions about the various animated Batman [shows] out there. I would love to know your thoughts on the animated movie MASK OF THE PHANTASM. Also of the various animations out there, which one is your favorite? Personally I loved the original Batman series but don’t care much for THE BATMAN - which is basically weak and designed for toy selling. Final question for you which is more of a request. Several years ago it was rumoured that work was going to start on an animated ‘The Dark Knight Returns"’ which I would LOVE to see. Did this start? Did it die? Or was it just rumoursvillie? - Mike, Edinburgh, Scotland

JETT SAYS: I love PHANTASM and plan to have my review of it posted soon - and about 13 years late. My favorite animated series is the classic BATMAN: TAS of the 90s. As far as an animated TDKR, I never heard that rumor. That would be cool as hell though.

25. “Question #1 - I contend that given the script for BATMAN BEGINS the criminal connections among Carmine Falcone, Ra's al Ghul and the Scarecrow made sense and reinforced the idea that Gotham City is incredibly tainted with crime. His argument is that those connections were a bit too convenient and were written unnecessarily to give the movie too many nicely wrapped packages to wrap up dangling storyline questions. We both think that coincidences are a part of reality, but too many push the realm of feasibity. Your thoughts? Question #2 - Why was the existence of Talia simply ignored? She is a much more feasible love interest and would have made the final confrontation with Ducard and/or Ra's MUCH more poignant.” - Cary, Huron, Ohio

JETT SAYS: I have to agree with you on question #1 Cary. I didn’t find the relationships between the BEGINS “bad guys” unrealistic - in respect to the film - at all. Ra’s and his group had already infiltrated Gotham going back years. Both Crane and Falcone were pawns. And I liked the way they were “working together,” but really were not.

As far as question #2, I don’t know how she could have been inserted into the film as it was. You would have had Bruce meet her while training with the League of Shadows and you would have eliminated the Rachel Dawes character all together. It could have worked, but you would have had to change the film quite a bit from what we got. Frankly - and if one disagrees, fine - I didn’t miss her.

26. “Hey Jett, first off, to hell with that guy who sends the hate mail, what a moron. Also, he should learn to spell. Anywho, I was wondering, has the WB mentioned/hinted about going past 3 films? And if so which villains would they use, and who would you want to see after Joker and Two-Face are in Arkham? And even more so, who would you want to play them? And ANOTHER QUESTION, do you think Bale would continue to portray the Dark Knight?” - Anjou

JETT SAYS: Hey, it’s not just one guy that sends me hate mail, it’s GUYS, plural. No worries.

I’ve heard nothing, but it is my hope that the BATMAN series becomes Warner Bros. “Bond” - in that in continues for years. I’d like to see many of Batman’s rouges gallery brought to life on film. And finally, I’m sure Bale will stay on for at least three films.

27. "Jett, good luck and we are thinking of you and your family." - MANY BOF'ers

JETT SAYS: Thank you all who wrote in wishing me and my family luck with the whole Rita deal. I truly thank you for your well-wishes and patronage. We are all OK. My main concern now is my Mom and family down in my hometown of Groves, Texas. That area got hammered by the damn thing. Please give to the relief links that I'll have up soon. You can already give to the RED CROSS if you are so inclined. BOF already has. All of you are the best!

28. "Jett. You are nothing but a plant for Warners. Quit kissing their ass for once and report the real news! In fact, I think this whole website is nothing more than something made up by Warners to influence the fans, you bastard! And unlike that 'anonymous' guy, I've got the balls to leave my name." - Sean St. John, Long Island, New York

JETT SAYS: I had to add this one in after the fact. Sean, you got us. "Jett" is a fictional person. All those pics of him, his kids, and his wife - computer generated forgeries. The gig is up - BATMAN ON FILM is nothing more than a propaganda site created by Warner Bros.

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