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Mailbag #33
Author: Jett
Friday, January 11, 2008

1. “You are a sell-out...You don't run spoilers anymore...You’re nothing but a middle age man who runs a Batman site -- probably for a living” - No Name from New Jersey

JETT SAYS: Let's see, to whom have I sold out? Because if I have, I want my damn money!

Secondly, when have I every run "spoilers?"

And finally, You are WRONG! I also sell Mary Kay. *sticks tongue out*

2. “I know its been shown before I AM LEGEND on IMAX screens, but is there any news of it been released on the internet or in BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT? - Niki

JETT SAYS: I’m assuming your are referring to the PROLOGUE and I highly doubt that it’ll be released online or on that DVD. Do yourself a favor and see it in IMAX if you can. Trust me! J

3. “Noone reads your site.” - No Name

JETT SAYS: Who is “Noone?” Do you mean NO ONE? OK, then. If no one reads this site, then I guess no one is reading this right now, right? Is that kinda like if no one is in the forest, does a tree make sound when it falls?

4. “What do you think about doing a CGI version [of JUSTICE LEAGUE] based on Alex Ross' drawings?” - Thomas T.

JETT SAYS: What I’d like to see with this JUSTICE LEAGUE film -- if it’s absolutely going to happen -- is go the CGI/MoCap mixed with live-action route. To me, it would be so obviously different from any live action DC-based films, that there wouldn’t be any problems such as multiple film versions of characters or it stepping on the toes of solos films.

5. “I know that you admitted you're no guru when it comes to marketing a film, and neither am I, but I agreed with everything that you said in your article ‘TDK Like To See's’ and I think that your idea for the fake political campaign thing for Harvey Dent is absolutely brilliant. Especially with it being an election year, it would be a great way to draw attention to TDK. And, if I'm right, it would be the first time a film has ever done something that drastic (I mean...making an entire campaign for a fictional character? Ingenious). I really hope that WB listens to what you have to say, because I think that you're inspired.” - Carlie M.

JETT SAYS: Thanks for the email Carlie. As I said, I’m certainly no guru when it comes to marketing a film, but I do think such a campaign with Dent would be really cool. Now whether they actually do it is something else all together. And if they do, it’s probably because they thought about it way before I suggested it.

6. “I agree with everything you have in the 'Like to See's' article I would love it if they would have Harvey Dent yard signs too. Have them in the middle of the Huckabee, Obama, Clinton signs would be hilarious.” - Paul W.

JETT SAYS: You bet it would!

7. “I believe that had it not been for your website that we would not have BATMAN BEGINS, etc. So with that, thank you. I too am an avid Batman fan and would like to see more than just three movies from Nolan and co. I have been following your website now for 5 years and being in the army and gone a lot of the time, you have been a great source of information. So thank you again and keep up the great work!” - SGT. Roy H, U.S. Army

JETT SAYS: No Roy, thank you for what you do. Also, how’d you find out that I got BATMAN BEGINS made? ;)

8. “Whether its with the one-sheets or the trailer, it seems as if Nolan is coming dangerously close to making the same mistake Burton made in BATMAN RETURNS by making Batman a supporting character. I just hope this isn't a sign of things to come. Don't get me wrong, I love the marketing for The Joker and I love seeing him in the trailer. I just wish Batman was shown some more.” - Scott C., Charleston, WV

JETT SAYS: Scott, don't be worried, trust me. Batman’s the star -- and hero -- of this film. The Joker is going to get a lot of press because, well, he’s The Joker!

9. “10 years of BOF - Congrats!” - Many, MANY BOF’ers

JETT SAYS: Thanks to all of you who sent in the nice well wishes! Much appreciated and thanks for reading.

10. “I read that TDK is going to be ‘PG.’ Is this true?” - Juan from NYC

JETT SAYS: TDK will be PG-13 just like BEGINS.

11. “Regarding all these TDK Joker makeup haters. These new films to me, have essentially answered the question of what Batman villains like the Scarecrow, Ra's Al Ghul, and yes, The Joker, would look and act like if they REALLY existed. Therefore, you can't have The Joker with perfectly-lined red lips, or The Scarecrow with anorexic thighs, or Ra's Al Ghul (my least favorite Batman villain until BEGINS came out) with immortality. What's not to get, guys?” - Stephen W.

JETT SAYS: Since I favor Batman and Batman stories when they are presented as “real” as possible, I agree with you. The “realistic” aspect of Batman is what has always appealed to me and the reason I’ve been a fan of this character for 40 some-odd years. And frankly, that’s what I think appeals to many about Batman.

Basically Stephen, what you’ve got here is that people have an idea in their head of what Batman and The Joker “Are,” -- or what each “Is,” if you will. As a result, they are unwilling to compromise their own idea of the perfect version of these characters -- some more so than others.

12. “Jett, what’s your gut feeling on Nolan returning and directing a third BATMAN? - Chris from Omaha, NE

JETT SAYS: I don’t know Chris. While TDK will be stand alone film, I’ve heard that it does lead things open for a third film. Nolan’s going to be coy about it, so I wouldn’t read anything into what he says about doing #3 one way or the other.

My gut feeling? I say yes, he’ll return and finish the story he started in BATMAN BEGINS.

13. “I really enjoy reading your site I've been a Batman fan since the Adam west days .I've recently heard a rumor I would like you to comment on -- Will TDK will rated R? Can you tell me if this is true? I took my twin boys who are 10 to the last movie and they are looking forward to seeing The Joker.” - Scott

JETT SAYS: I’m 100% sure that TDK will not get an R rating. With that said, it’s not a film I’d bring kids to see. The Joker is going to be really, REALLY scary and violent. This film is aimed at adults. Hell, my two boys will be 7 and 11 next summer and I’m not bringing them.

14. “Jett, if you are so against the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA movie, why are you covering it. Hypocrite! - Anonymous

JETT SAYS: *rolls eyes* I am against it coming out now. In other words, I think the timing for such a film is way, WAY off. My wish is that they’d wait until after the 3rd -- and probably final -- Chris Nolan-directed Batman movie. I think it will make for “Batman over-saturation” having two live-action versions of Batman on film virtually at the same time. You know, too much of a good thing?

Anyway, I’m covering it because it is a form of “Batman on film,” right? Hopefully, BOF can give Bat-fans a voice in the direction that go with Batman in JUSTICE LEAGUE.

15. “Why in the hell would they cast a 21 year old as Batman?! You know, just when I think that they get it, they do something like this!” - K.B. from Houston, Texas

JETT SAYS: I’m assuming you are referring to the rumors that 21 year old Armie Hammer has been cast as Batman in the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. And you know what, I totally agree. Nothing against young Mr. Hammer, but Batman in this film should be older than the rest of the league members. If it were up to me, I’d go with someone in their late 30s or early 40s.

I hope I’m wrong, but this has the look of “JUSTICE LEAGUE 90210” written all over it.

16. “I have 100% faith that TDK will rock my socks off as a die hard Batman fan, but I was wondering if you knew [what the deal was with all the day filming]. After all, this is THE DARK KNIGHT and a Batman during the day wouldn't translate really well to a live action film. Thanks and keep up the excellent work!” - Name Withheld

JETT SAYS: LOL! Agreed -- but I don’t think we have to worry about Christian Bale’s Batman running through Chicago/Gotham with a bomb in his hands!

The Batman will be seen only at night, trust me.

17. “I noticed that Colin McFarlane has been added to the cast of TDK as 'Commissioner Loeb,’ but can you tell me if Mark Boone Junior will be returning as 'Flass?’” - Daniel C.

JETT SAYS: While I too would love to see Flass return, I don’t think he’s in TDK. In fact, according to the TDK viral marketing, Flash is now in a mental institution. Seems that The Scarecrow’s fear gas got the best of him.

18. “If you could pick the villains for the next BATMAN movie, who would they be?” - Keith from Seattle, Washington

JETT SAYS: Catwoman! Got to see Selina Kyle in the next BATMAN for sure! And who would I pick to play her? Angelina Jolie. Also, I’m sure the Harvey Dent, ahem, “situation” will be left unresolved in TDK, so I want to see Two Face as THE villain in the next film. I’d also like a few cameos from some of the other Bat-villains sort of like Mr. Zsasz in BEGINS.

19. “Jett, do you think Nolan is pissed about this JUSTICE LEAGUE stuff? If I was him, I would be!” - Jared from Tampa, Florida

JETT SAYS: Jared, I can’t speak for Chris Nolan, but I would imagine that the entire BEGINS/TDK team can’t be too happy about another live-action Batman -- especially if they intend on making a third Bat-film.

If the JL Batman is a noticeably different version of the character, then maybe it won’t be an issue. However, if the JL Batman is a complete rip-off of the “Nolan Batman,” then I could certainly see Team Batman having a problem with it.

20. “Since I know you’ve probably seen Bale in person, is dude all skinny or what?” - Brent from Orange County, California

JETT SAYS: It looks to me that he’s cut more cut and lean than he was 3 years ago when filming BEGINS. He’s certainly not “skinny,” FYI. This ain’t THE DARK MACHINIST.

21. “In I AM LEGEND, there’s a billboard for BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. Is that WB’s way of announcing that this film is coming?” - C.P. from Long Island, NY

JETT SAYS: Nope. Akiva Goldsman is one of the writers of IAL and he also did a “polish” of BvS. The billboard is just his way of giving a nod to that long dead project.

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