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DATE: 6/27/07
Author: Jett

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Hey y’all, Jett here with a new (GASP!) BOF MAILBAG.

The lapse was caused by two things actually. One, I wasn’t getting any questions that I though were “new.” It was basically the same ‘ol same ‘ol. And secondly, THE DARK KNIGHT began production and that has keep me a tad busy, LOL!

This one is a bit different in that I’m going to address some specific criticisms that BOF -- well, me personally -- get over and over again. I’ll also include some traditional mailbag questions as well. Let’s get cracking!

1. “You are so far up Warner Bros.' ass! Why don’t you criticize Warner Bros. or what Nolan is doing?”

JETT SAYS: Have any of you who send in that take ever stopped and thought that I genuinely LIKE the direction of the BATMAN film series under Chris Nolan? I thought that BEGINS was, by far, the best Bat-flick yet produced and there hasn’t been one thing I’ve seen from THE DARK KNIGHT that I didn’t like.

If they do something I think is wrong -- like NOT show up at Comic Con this July in San Diego -- I’ll hammer ‘em. But until then, I’m certainly not going to simply bitch about WB, Nolan, or TDK just for the sake of doing so.

2. “Jett, you are SO full of yourself! You are arrogant and your ego is HUGE!”

JETT SAYS: You know what, that’s probably true to a certain degree -- but so the “F” what?! I turned a little ‘ol fansite that started on a friggn’ WebTV 9 years ago into one of the biggest Batman websites on the Net. So I shouldn’t be proud of that?


Also, my life is pretty good -- I’ve got a wonderful (and hot) wife, 3 great kids, a nice house, and one of my “jobs” is running a successful Batman fansite. Sorry, but all that’s pretty cool and tends to keep me in a pretty good mood most of the time.

3. “Jett, BOF has changed! You sold out to Warner Bros.! You used to post spoilers all the time during BATMAN BEGINS, and now you don’t.”

JETT SAYS: *Sigh* Total bull****. In fact, I was even more strict when it came to spoilers during BEGINS because of the script leak. Get a clue -- BOF has NEVER been a “spoiler site,” OK? Geez.

4. “You are so wrong with your ‘news’ all the time! Like the whole Lachy Hulme thing!”

JETT SAYS: Have you NOT read the BOF disclaimer? Here you go:

“Unless otherwise noted, all BATMAN movie news should be considered rumor and treated as such." BOF reports rumors to give YOU -- the Batman fan -- an opportunity to respond and have your voice heard.”

BOF report rumors, OK? It gives you a chance to respond to them -- just as the disclaimer says. They’re floated by the studios, the actor’s “people,” insiders, as well a variety of sources. I want the Bat-Fans out there to have the chance to hear what I hear. But they are rumors and some people take it as if BOF is reporting fact.

As far as Lachy Hulme, he met with Chuck Roven -- the producer of both BEGINS and TDK! And they certainly didn’t hook up to discuss the great southern California weather.

5. “Why didn’t you post that ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY scan of the new Batman costume? All you provided was a lame description and all of the other sites ran with it once they got hold of it.”

JETT SAYS: Yeah, I had it several hours before anyone else discovered it and put it online as fast as they possibly could. You know why I didn’t? Because it was an EXCLUSIVE to EW and I wanted to respect that! You know, there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to do things and I’ve learned that over the last 9 years. I prefer to do things the right way whether some of y’all like it or not.

6. “Screw you for not wanting Batman in a JUSTICE LEAGUE film! And you only offered one opinion on the topic -- YOURS and yours only.”

JETT SAYS: Yet again, this accusation is false. I ran THIS OP-ED on March 1, 2007. And the last time I checked, the author’s opinion was 100% the opposite of mine. Get your facts straight before you open your mouth -- or hammer out that hate email -- next time.

7. “So what’s the deal with that ‘Green Arrow’ movie? That sounded like a much better idea than this whole ’Justice League’ shindig…JL will probably suck!” - “Captiain Blackbeard”

JETT SAYS: That Green Arrow project is titled SUPER MAX and it’s one of the freshest superhero movie ideas I’ve heard in a long while. I’m all for it. As far as a JL film, look, I’ve got no problem with one being produced. I am simply 100% against Batman being included. It does have a chance to be really cheesy if not done properly.

8. “I was curious about your thoughts on basing the Batman movie franchise on the longevity -- and even the looseness -- of the 007 series. My main concerns are ‘Quality Control’ and ‘Continuity.’ I care about the former. I don't care about the latter.” - Name withheld by request

JETT SAYS: One of BOF‘s main goals is the lobbying for the long term continuation of the live-action BATMAN movie series. I’ve long said that Batman can definitely be Warner Bros.’s “Bond,” if you will. As long as each film is done is a quality manner -- another issue BOF beats the drum for -- I see absolutely no reason why the Bat-series can’t last for decades.

As far as continuity, I’d like for it to stay relatively consistent from film to film and it looks as if that is the case this time. THE DARK KNIGHT will be the first Bat-flick to actually be a true sequel to the previous Bat-film.

9. “[Regarding the proposed TEEN TITANS movie], I agree with your idea of having Nightwing/Dick Grayson with no reference to Batman, or as being first Robin. I love the idea making it same 'serious' tone like BEGINS. I would hate it if it becomes a children's movie.” - “Dark Protégé”

JETT SAYS: Hey, I’m all for this film! And I have no problem including Nightwing either. As I said, no wink-wink nods to him once being Batman’s partner and Robin. Just make the movie and make it a good one.

I will say that it should be aimed at a younger audience, ala FANTASTIC 4 without the cheese. Michael Uslan told me that all superhero films don’t have to be BATMAN BEGINS, and I totally agree with him.

10. “Hey man, I wanted to know if you heard if Tom Wilkinson will be making an appearance in TDK?” - A.H.

JETT SAYS: Not a word. From what I can tell and have heard, he’s not in the film. However, it would be pretty easy to have him do a cameo while they are filming in the UK and have no one know about it.

11. “I think it would be cool to see either Bats in a scene with Supes or Supes in a scene with Bats at the end of one of their movies. Heck, it could even be like a minute into the credits at the end. But just them two on the top of a roof together at night.” - Joe Marks

JETT SAYS: Joe, I can’t put into words how much I’m against that. I don’t mind the mention of “Metropolis” in TDK and vice versa (they actually mention “Gotham” in SUPERMAN RETURNS), but no cameos.

12. “I have a question that I think you will be able to provide an answer to. Since the 1960's Batman television show, make-up artists have always done their best to depict the Joker as always wearing a smile. For Cesar Romero they simply painted the smile on like any regular clown. For Jack Nicholson it was the famous ‘perma-smile.’ And now, with Heath Ledger, it's the ‘Chelsea Smile.’ My question is: why do they do this?” - Matt in Vermont

JETT SAYS: IMO, it’s the filmmaker’s way of adapting a comic book character to film. In the comics, The Joker usually has that big-ass smile and that is simply hard to portray in a live-action film with an actor. But remember, the inspiration for The Joker was THE MAN WHO LAUGHS and he had a “cut permanent smile.”

13. “Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your BOF website! Having just discovered it recently by accident, I constantly come back to read some of the articles posted. Having been a fan of THE Batman since I was a small boy ( I'm now 53!!), I just can't let go of this one aspect of my childhood -- I find this character so interesting even though he has gone through so many changes over the years! Keep up the good work!” - Richard O.

JETT SAYS: Thanks for the nice words Richard. Hey, I’m with you. I’m 41 myself and The Batman is the one thing from my childhood that I’ve kept with me all these years. Batman and The Dallas Cowboys that is!

14. “I am curious of your opinion -- I think it's a mistake…not to include young Bruce in the TDK.” - Aaron G.

JETT SAYS: Meh, doesn’t bother me if they don’t. IMO, Nolan’s already addressed the aspect of Bruce’s persona that required having “Young Bruce” in the story.

15. “I keep hearing the word ‘trilogy’ getting tossed around, since when was this series supposed to be a trilogy? I thought they were trying to establish a franchise with BATMAN BEGINS and its sequels?” - Mike L.

JETT SAYS: It’s a fanboy term that seems to be in vogue due to the STAR WARS and LORD OF THE RINGS films in particular. Nolan has never said “I’m doing a Bat-Trilogy!” Now, he may do 3 of them and then move on and another filmmaker will take his place, but he’s not out to make a “trilogy.” Sheesh, that’s one of my pet peeves too.

16. “Has there been any talk of Red Hood making his way into the film as a part of the Jokers origin?” - Donald T.

JETT SAYS: Only on message boards amongst the fans. No Red Hood from what I gather. And no origin as well.

17. “First of all, I love the site, and think you do a great job of providing great movie info, and dealing with butt-holes. My question has to do with Batman's secret identity. One of the few things that disappointed me about BB was the fact that he revealed his identity to Rachel Dawes. For some reason, every Batman director has felt the need to have someone find out his true identity. Why is that, and what are your feelings in that regard? “ - Errol S. in Washington, DC

JETT SAYS: Errol, I think there was a reason that Nolan did it in BEGINS that’s going to be resolved in THE DARK KNIGHT. I think there’s going to be some “issues” between Bruce, Dent, Rachel, and Batman. And I’m one that hated that in the previous films.

18. “With the site branching out into comic book and cartoon reviews, what do you think about opening a Batman-in-video-games section?” - Forrest in Salt Lake City, Utah

JETT SAYS: Probably not a complete sub-site, but BOF will certainly review any Bat-games that are released.

And sell them. ;)

19. “Should we expect the Joker to be an unnamed character in the movie?” - Name withheld by request


20. “I have been a huge Batman fan for as long as I can remember. I think it is great that you have made a website just for the fans. You guys are great! Thanks.” - Bill S. in Cullman, Alabama

JETT SAYS: Bill, you are mistaken. BOF exists only to feed my huge ego. “For the fans?” Please! BOF also tries to influence fans on behalf of Chris Nolan and Warner Bros. Pictures. (For you haters, that’s what is called a “tongue in cheek” response to Bill’s question.)

21. “Are people seriously freaking out about the possible direction Nolan is taking with the look of The Joker? That’s insane! What little you were able to post, regarding the grayish skin & scars, ‘scary as hell,’ etc. sounded BADASS! I can’t believe people would really want a purple tux and green hair especially given the ‘real world’ perspective Nolan painstakingly used on the first film.

Don’t worry too much about the bad emails, for every whiner, 10 other people were happy but didn’t say anything.” - Ryan L.

JETT SAYS: Yes, people are seriously freaking out - that’s what they do for a living. Looks like my source was pretty spot-on with his description of The Joker, wasn’t he. And you are right, there are a ton more people happy with the direction of TDK than are flipping out over every little detail.

Hey, I need those “bad emails.” Trust me, they make for hours of laughter!

22. “How are you, Jett? Well, I could not agree with you more when you say that it is indeed an exciting time to be a Batfan! I just had a thought. Since we now know the Joker is going to have a crew in TDK, and that part of the film's inspiration is said to come from ‘The Joker's Five Way Revenge,’ I was wondering if his crew was going to end up screwing him over in some way to save their own necks?” - Daniel Kisala in Jersey City, New Jersey

JETT SAYS: Quite possibly Daniel. Thanks for the nice email!

23. “Hey Jett! Love the website man, it really got me back into Batman. I'm writing to ask for your personal opinion. When do you think Warner Brothers will reveal the Joker?” - Chris R. from New York

JETT SAYS: Completely reveal him? In the film, I hope. But they did give us that face shot of Ledger and then the production pic of Nolan directing him -- though he’s behind some sort of smoky glass. IMO, I hope they hold off as long as they can and build up the suspense!

24. “Is it true that your really working for Warner Brothers and that you are in fact based in a Warner Brothers office? Just I know someone who worked on BEGINS and saw you lot when you popped in to see how the cowls were going, and he said you only allowed in as you work for Warner Brothers. Little dis-honest to the fans dont you think?” - Anonyous

JETT SAYS: Yes, it is true. I’m really Jeff Robinov.

25. “Jett, when are you going to be able to spill the beans on what you’ll see during your set visit? Love the site! F*** the haters!” - Karl S. in Atlanta, Georgia

JETT SAYS: Probably not until early 2008. Perhaps later than that to be honest. Thanks for writing in.

26. “My question is about Batman comics. Much like you I have not regularly subscribed to any Batman comics, like more than a decade. I was wondering if you had any major suggestions as to which one to start with?” - Alex Speer

JETT SAYS: You can’t go wrong with BATMAN and DETECTIVE. Skip BATMAN CONFIDENTIALfor now.

27. “Do you think that BATMAN TRIUMPHANT could have been a successful way to close out the series before rebooting it into the more realistic franchise we have now?” - Nick in Chicago

JETT SAYS: At the time, I really wanted that 5th Batman film. BT would have probably been much better than B&R and may have spawned yet another sequel in that series. That means that we probably would have never got BEGINS and TDK. So I’m glad things turned out the way it did.

28. “I agree with your thoughts on how Batman should not be included in a ‘ustice League’ movie, but I think it would be a very nice touch if maybe at the end of the movie one of the heroes would ask Supes how they got the money for their headquarters (be it a satellite or Hall of Justice) and for him to say ‘Wayne Corp donated it.’ - B.D. from Iceland

JETT SAYS: THAT, I could live with. ;)

29. “As a long time Batman and justice League fan I completely agree with you. Comics and animation are totally different than movies. A ‘JLA’ movie would have too many characters to explore, and with Batman and Supes vying for the lead, all the other characters would not be properly explored. The only reason X-MEN worked was because there was no franchise character (think Spiderman) in the movie. In film, Batman deserves his own movie, and the same goes for Supes. By the way, love the site, and I forgive you for being a Cowboys fan.” - Chris Lee from Ft. Morgan, Colorado

JETT SAYS: Chris, you are 100% correct.

30. “You suck. BOF sucks. Me and a bunch of others from XXX XXXX board are making a spoiler Batman movie sight and put you out of business you asshole. Noone reads bof anymore anyway.” - Anonymous

JETT SAYS: Thanks for the nice words. And good luck on that new “sight.”

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