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DATE: 2/17/07

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Welcome back to BOF for MAILBAG #30! The hail mail is subsiding a bit -- what the hell is up with that? I guess one can only write "Dood, u suk!" so many times...

1. “The fact that the TDK team want to keep the character in despite the fact Katie Holmes will not be available makes me think they have a definite use for her.” - Ben H., Narara, NSW, Australia

JETT SAYS: Ben, you are probably on to something. I’ve said all along that I had no problem with “Rachel” returning, as long as she is there for a reason. If they are recasting the role -- and they obviously are with Maggie Gyllenhaal -- then obviously the character’s role is more important than being the clichéd “love interest.”

2. “You hate Katie Holmes. We get it Your editorial mean comments and your obsessive hatred for her only makes you on the same level like the rest of the trolls. I’ve lost all respect for you.” - Randy

“My family is upset about the Katie Holmes news….My wife is not much of a Batman fan but became one only because of Bale-Holmes, Bruce and Rachel. She's got the blues.” - Ross

JETT SAYS: Randy/Ross -- you are the same person, right? Same font, blue-highlighted text, etc. Methinks you may be the one who sends me all those “We love sweet Katie” emails. Are you “The Shill?”

Get this y’all, most of the “Katie Homes Email” BOF gets is from one friggin’ person! LMFAO!

3. “Hey Jett, is Gilda Dent going to be a part of the storyline in TDK?” - Jason S. from Stillwater, Oklahoma

JETT SAYS: I don’t know. If Nolan and co. have used THE LONG HALLOWEEN as an influence on their Batman, then it’s certainly a possibility.

4. “Why do you say with regard to Jennifer Connelly that it ‘ain't going happen?’ Thanks for all you do.” - Kevin

JETT SAYS: I just don’t think she’s do it. And with Maggie Gyllenhaal already a done deal -- allegedly -- I guess it’s a moot point.

5. “Is there any consideration for Talia Al Ghul to show up?” - Steve from Chicago

JETT SAYS: Not that I’ve heard. My guess -- no.

6. “Isn't Rene Montoya Japanese? I vote for Ed Norton as Harvey Dent.” - Alexander R.

JETT SAYS: Montoya is Latin. I think Norton would have been fine as Dent, but….

7. “Jett, what’s your take on Aaron Eckhart being cast as Harvey Dent?” - BOF’ers Everwhere

JETT SAYS: Honestly, I couldn’t be more happy with this news! Eckhart -- of ALL the names mentioned for Dent -- is by far the best. Brilliant casting methinks!

8. “Who are you interviewing next?” - Sam from New York City

JETT SAYS: I have lots of people I’m trying to nab an interview with. For one, Adam West. I put in a request at his OFFICIAL SITE. We’ll see. I’d like to get Michael Keaton, but I’ve got about a snowball’s chance in Hell to get that one.

9. “With much of the film involving Harvey Dent, doesn't it make sense that the Rachel Dawes character would be in close proximity, seeing as Dent is a District Attorney and Dawes was an Assistant District Attorney in the last film.” - Jesse G.

JETT SAYS: Perhaps Dent (Aaron Eckhart) will only be a ADA -- like he is in YEAR ONE -- and will work hand in hand with Ms. Dawes. Obviously, Nolan believes that it is important for Rachel to return.

10. “I just crack up that every time you mention Katie Holmes, you need to implore her fans not to write you hate mail. Are they that rabid? She wasn't that good or bad, just OK. Her character would be useful in the new film if, say, some crazy villain did something bad to her and Bruce felt somehow responsible. Nothing works for Bruce Wayne like guilt.” - Mike B.

JETT SAYS: I’ve been informed that lots of the Katie Holmes email I get comes from a single person that shills on her behalf. Anyway, I agree with your assessment and the suggestion that something bad happens to Rachel in TDK. Now, I’m hoping she doesn’t get killed off as it’s sort of predictable, but maybe Gyllenhaal will be so good in making us care for “Rachel,” that it’ll suck when The Joker offs her.

11. “What do you think the real story is behind Katie Holmes not returning?” - Ron from Nederland, Texas

JETT SAYS: It’s exactly what her publicist said -- she pulled out because of “scheduling conflicts.” *snickers* She turned down $2 million and TDK to play second fiddle to Queen Laytifah. *rolls eyes* Why should I doubt what Katie’s people say? *flat out laughs*

12. “Is this for real about Katie Holmes not back for Batman? I feel like crying.” - Veronica

JETT SAYS: Yes. And you are going to cry because an actress is not going to be in a film? Get a grip! There’s no crying in Batman!

13. “Recent [trade] reports have named Morgan Freeman among the cast that has already signed to return. I was under the impression he had in fact NOT signed and was most likely expected NOT to return.” - Mike from Houston, Texas

JETT SAYS: I’m pretty sure that Freeman was only signed for BEGINS. I think when it’s all said and done, Freeman will indeed return as Lucius Fox in TDK.

14. “This is certainly off topic from the regular TDK questions you receive, but, I was wondering, under Batman’s cowl, does he wear any kind of application ( i.e. make-up) to make his eyes appear dark, or is the mask just that deep to cover up the eyelids? I always wondered about that since M.Keaton back in 1989. I know, odd question. Feel free to point and laugh.” - Jason H.

JETT SAYS: *points and laughs* I’m just kidding dude! Yeah, they’ve all wore black makeup around their eyes so you only see the eyes behind the cowl. In fact, in the original BATMAN BEGINS script, Alfred has to remind Bruce to wipe it off before entering his party at the end of the film.

15. “I wanted to know how you rate John Cusack as an actor? Can you see him as Dent, or any other character in the new Batman films?” - Postroom11

JETT SAYS: I like him a lot. Did you catch his work in SIXTEEN CANDLES? Fantastic! I could have seen him as Dent, but what about Edward Nigma?

16. “Can we expect Warner Bros. to release a synopsis of TDK's storyline in March when filming begins?” - Dave W.

JETT SAYS: I’m sure that as soon as casting is done, a press release will be issued announcing Eckhart, Gyllenhaal, and the rest of the cast along with the film’s synopsis. In fact, I know this is going to happen -- I’m just waiting for them to send it to me.

17. “Since Dr. Crane was last seen riding off into the sunset with electrodes going off on his face and since he was mentioned in the last scene of BATMAN BEGINS as not having been picked up by the cops, do you feel his character will show up in THE DARK KNIGHT or perhaps the 3rd installment as a disfigured villain forced to wear his ‘mask?’” - Matt S.

JETT SAYS: Matt, I don’t think Crane will be back for TDK. However, I wouldn’t rule out his return at some point in the future.

18. “First off, still loving BOF after all these years!!! Second, have you heard anything about Warner releasing a 15th anniversary Special Edition ‘Batman: Mask of the Phantasm’ DVD (hopefully with a commentary and special features) next year to coincide with TDK?” - Josh from Cleveland, Tennessee

JETT SAYS: Nope -- but that would be cool. WB, are y’all listening?

19. “I just saw your post on the possibly recut of BATMAN FOREVER? What does that mean, exactly?” - Josh

JETT SAYS: OK, here’s the deal. There was a lot of filmed footage cut from BF that if included, would make the story make a whole lot more sense. In particular, the “Red Diary” subplot which when played out in full, explains the title of the film. Also, Schumacher rearranged the film’s opening that would have started with Two Face’s escape from Arkham and the subsequent helicopter/Batman chase scene.

All in all, BF could be made a better film if cut footage was now included, the film was rearranged a bit, and some scenes -- the more goofy/campy ones -- are removed altogether.

20. “I just wanted to ask you what’s up with the Liev rumour? Why isn’t he being mentioned [as Dent] anymore?” - Chad Z.

JETT SAYS: Liev was probably briefly considered, and that was that. They wanted Matt Damon, but he balked and then considered others -- such as Josh Lucas and Jamie Foxx. And then they went after Eckhart who ultimately got the part.

21. “Are thinking of adding another ‘mobster’ in the movie?” - Mitch C.

JETT SAYS: I would think so -- someone will have to fill the void in Gotham’s crime world now that Falcone is whacked out of his head. Perhaps it’s Sal Maroni? Or maybe the oft-rumored Roman Sionis, AKA “Black Mask?”

22. “Props for that blurb about ‘Rory’s First Kiss’ last summer! I had no idea what you were talking about (GILMORE GIRLS?!) then and thought you were full of sh*t! Now we know and I will never doubt you again. Thanks for all you do -- a lot of people don’t realize what you do for the Batman community.” - Jonathan from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

JETT SAYS: Jonathan, if you doubt me again, The Batman himself will come hunt you down!

23. “Hey dude, wow, I can't believe people hate on you.and this site -- it is the f***ing bomb! I would not know anything about what is going on with the production of the Bat-films if it wasn't for you and the website.” - Mark K.

JETT SAYS: Thanks Mark. Hell, I don’t get it myself -- not that I expect everyone to love BOF or anything. Hey, BOF isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I know that. But to tell you the truth, those people are a small minority -- I just like to print what they say so everyone can see how F’n idiotic they look!

24. “If you need someone else that has your back, I’m all for it. Hell of a job with BOF! - Arch

JETT SAYS: Thanks Arch!

25. “I love the website and think you do a great job. I just wanted to throw out a suggestion and ask what you thought about Mark Wahlberg for the role of Harvey Dent/Two-Face.” - Barry from London

JET SAYS: I thought he was fantastic in THE DEPARTED, but I wouldn’t want him as Dent. Rumor has it that he got some consideration for the part.

26. “Now that Katie Holmes has dropped out, would you rather see the role of ‘Rachel Dawes’ re-cast or scrapped completely?” - Dave from New Jersey

JETT SAYS: Well, I’ve long said that as long as Rachel has a purpose, I didn’t mind her returning -- I just didn’t know what that “purpose” was. I guess Nolan does because Maggie Gyllenhaal is going to play her this time around. And frankly, MG is a much better actress that KH.

27. “Any chance that this Lachy Hulme could be cast in another role in TDK? Say, Roman Sionis for instance?” - Joe from New York City, New York

JETT SAYS: I wouldn’t rule it out, but I’m doubtful.

28. “Thanks to Nolan, all our hopes and dreams of seeing Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Robin, Batgirl, Clayface, or Man-Bat (just to name a few) in a potential Batman film are now shattered.” - Jeff from Houston, Texas

JETT SAYS: Jeff, dude, do you really want to see those characters in a Batman film? Batgirl? Killer Croc? Come on! Robin, I can understand, but the others?

29. “What conventions are you covering this year? Thanks!” - Sarah C. from Charlotte, North Carolina

JETT SAYS: Sarah, I’ll be at Wondercon in San Francisco in March and Comic Con in San Diego in July for sure. The latter one should be interesting because I expect Warner Bros. to make sure that TDK has a big presence there! I’m going to make sure they make sure! ;)

30. “Jett, are y’all doing a set visit again? Y‘alls reports were excellent last time! Hook “em” - Dallas R. from Austin, Texas (and the University of Texas)

JETT SAYS: Man, a lot of email from Texas this time! *breaks out in song* Texas, our Texas, all hail the mighty state! OK, anyway, I hope so. We’ll see. If they do a set visit, then I don’t know why BOF wouldn’t be included.

31. “How much does WB pay you off to kiss Nolan’s ass? Burton and Keaton rule and BATMAN BEGINS sucks ass!” - Tony from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

JETT SAYS: *Dr. Evil voice* One mil-li-on dollars!

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