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Mailbag for Thursday, September 22, 2005
DATE: 9/22/05

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Here's the third edition of the BOF MAILBAG. I banged this one out while waiting for Hurricane Rita to make landfall. Thanks for the questions and comments that make this section of BOF possible. Enjoy!

1. “What are the chances that the kid Katie Holmes's character rescued in The Narrows could turn out to be Jason Todd?” - Andrew from Ohio

JETT SAYS: There is a lot of speculation that that kid could end up being “Robin” at some point. That’s a possibility, but I don’t see Robin showing up in any of the next two films.

And it is no secret that I’m opposed to the Robin character being used in any Bat-film. I know a lot of y’all want to see him and I respect that.

2. Bill from Victoria, BC says, “Jett, how can you say "the Ra's Al Ghul storyline is done"? The dude's immortal, one dip in the Lazarus Pit will fix him right up. I mean C'MON! ;) “

JETT SAYS: Bill, you never know! Hey, I'll be forty next month, anyone know how I can get me one of those pits? But I think I wear "40" pretty well ;) .

3. Jeremy writes in with some interesting info:

“I second your call for a Director's Cut of BATMAN FOREVER. I was a test screener for the film here in Sacramento and the version I saw (while the effects hadn't been completed) was far superior (and a good 20 minutes longer) than the cut that ultimately was released. The studio version messed up the order of the beginning which if memory serves correctly, began at Wayne Industries in the director's version. A key ingredient why Bruce blamed himself for his parents death was cut from the studio version which caused the film not to make much sense.

I'd say if we had the director's cut finally, the fans wouldn't be as cheesed off at Schumacher's ‘vision’ ultimately since he'd only deserve razzing for B&R just as Burton deserves it for RETURNS. Although if I were the project dictator, I'd wipe away that horrible over-the-top musical theme present in both Schumacher films and substitute Elfman's iconic theme in its place - even if it were considered a cut-and-paste editing job.”

JETT SAYS: Thanks for sending that in. I have no idea why the theatrical version of the film was cut the way it was. Was is Warner Bros.? Was it Mr. Schumacher? I think Warners dropped the ball not releasing a re-cut of the film.

In my opinion, if cut properly, the film perhaps would be the best of the first four films. As it stands, it is a distant second to BATMAN.

3. Kyle F. says, “Great site, Jett! I check it out everyday, keep up the great work!”

JETT SAYS: Will do Kyle. Gracias.

4. “First of all, let me say that this is by far the best fan site of any franchise that I've seen on the net. I visit this one, and bluetights almost daily. I've read nearly all the op-ed pieces and while I disagree with a few of them, I really enjoy your point of view. I may have missed if you've already talked about this, but what the hell. A lot of people that I've talked to and seen on the net didn't like Bale's take on the Batman voice. Personally, I thought it was fantastic, far surpassing anything the previous 3 Bat Actors did in the other franchise (Keaton is second IMO). I loved the animalistic quality and pure rage that it conveyed. (I especially like the scene with Flass when he's being "interrogated"). My question is, what did you think? Did you like it?” - Michael M.

JETT SAYS: Michael, I thought Bale’s voice was cool as hell. He was consistent throughout the film in my opinion. What people complain about is his voice at the end when he talks to Rachel. Listen carefully - he’s talking to her as Bruce Wayne, not The Batman.

5. “Jett – how about a Batman get together. Convention or something? With one major rule- no one dresses up.” - P.J.

JETT SAYS: Dude, I’d love to do it! I just don’t know how to do it. If anyone has any ideas, hit me with an email.

6. “Hi, i just want to say on behalf of myself and all Bat-fans of Britain how pleased I am that there is a site out there that proves Batman isn’t just for the kids. Second just wanted to know if you were head of Warner Bros and let Shumacher go on and do a Batman 5 who would you have had as the villains?” - Craig H., U.K.

JETT SAYS: Hmm. Probably The Scarecrow. I’d get rid of the “multiple villain” angle.

7. “Two part question. 1) Which was the best unproduced Batman script that you've read? 2) Who are some of your favorite Batman artists and writers? “ - Andy, Huntington Station, NY

JETT SAYS: As far as question 1, I’ve read most of them except for BATMAN TRIUMPHANT. To be honest, I liked Andrew Kevin Walker’s BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN the best - although I’m glad they didn’t go through with it.

As far as question 2, there are too many to name. I like Alex Ross’ work. Jim Aparo. Neal Adams. Jim Lee. Frank Miller. Bob Kane. Denny O’Neal. Ahhhhh! Too many!!

8. “What do you think the new Joker will look like? Live-action comic movies like SPIDERMAN introduced their villains with quite a different look. From what I have seen in BEGINS, I certainly predict something darker. Perhaps the Joker won't sport a purple suit, you know what I'm getting at? By the way, I love the site and check it every day or two for updates. Keep up the great work bub. “ - SynRaven

JETT SAYS: I want something different than what we’ve see in live-action before. I don’t want a purple suit for example. I’m sure Nolan and co. will come up with something fresh and interesting.

9. “Do you think The Riddler will ever be included in this Batman movie series? If so do you think Jude Law would make a good choice?” - Jeff S.

JETT SAYS: Maybe. He’s one of the classic Batman villains. It would have to be on down the line and something much different that Jim Carrey’s version. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of that character. I’m a Joker and Two-Face man myself.

10 “I thought I would rally for my personal favorite Joker choice: Adrian Brody.” - Neybone

JETT SAYS: I think Brody is getting a little run for the role among fans. Not that bad of a choice - based on looks. I don’t know how menacing he could be. But, you got your plug in for Brody.

11. “What would you have done differently if anything if you had input in BATMAN BEGINS?” - Scott, Panama City, Florida

JETT SAYS: Scott, I don’t know if I would change I thing. I absolutely adore that film. I might have cast someone other than Katie Holmes, but I thought she did a good job and now hope she returns. I few more inconic shots of The Batman perhaps?

12. “What would you think if the next film was simply Gordon, Bats, and Dent trying to stop the Joker from a killing spree (ala SE7EN)?” - Kris P.

JETT SAYS: I’d love it! And I think that’s what they have in mind.

13. “Great job on the site. As a lifelong Batman fan nearing age 40, it’s extremely comprehensive. My question about BATMAN BEGINS: Why was it so often referred to as a ‘prequel?’ “ - Alv in San Diego

JETT SAYS: We must be from the same Bat- generation. Anyway, I think it is just easier for people to “get” rather than saying “restart.” And many articles about the film clearly stated it was the latter. Don’t get too bent about it - BEGINS was a huge success.

14. “Jett, been a fan of the site for more than a year now. Great work. Stay safe and take care of your Bat-family. Good luck!!!” - Juan-Emilo

JETT SAYS: Gracias, amigo.

15. “Do you really think that the new Superman team is on the right track? I don't know about following the former films. I think it'll confuse people. Perhaps they should have waited until ‘Smallville’ ran its course and had Tom Welling suit up. I think they really know how to respect the character on that show. I have concerns about the Supes film that I never did with BATMAN BEGINS.” - Julian H.

JETT SAYS: I’m fired up SUPERMAN RETURNS! I like most of everything I’ve seen of it so far. I too like SMALLVILLE and thought it could be interesting seeing it jump to the big screen. But ultimately, the way they went with the movie series was the correct choice.

16. “Jett, I love the idea of Denzel Washington as Harvey Dent.” - Desmond H.

JETT SAYS” Check out Lee Bermejo’s take on the character (CLICK HERE), which was based on Washington. The only concern I’d have is his age. But dude looks much younger than he actually is.

17. “I can't agree more on him being a criminal mastermind, and being nicknamed The Penguin by everyone else, much like Carmine 'The Roman' Falcone. He has to be vain. He loves to quote Shakespeare. Let's have that in the film! We can have his umbrella fixation and still do it 'Nolan style.’ They can do Oswald brilliantly and perhaps have him as the secondary villain Bats is trying to bring down in both sequels.” - Leeroy, St. Neots, UK

JETT SAYS: I agree totally and hope that Nolan and Goyer are listening.

18. “Those who want a Robin in the sequel don't realize how early the timeline is in this series. That scene with Gordon taking out the garbage has a crying baby (ostensibly Barbara Gordon) in the apt. She's ends up becoming Batgirl, right? She's ends up becoming Batgirl, right? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Isn't Batgirl OLDER than Robin? The sequel would have to jump a quantum leap forward in order to satisfy Robin fitting in with the timeline and I simply don't see that happening. Heck, Gordon isn't even commissioner yet.” - Rob, New York City

JETT SAYS: I’d have to say that you are right. Although I don’t think the film series is following the comic book “timeline” that closely. And I can’t see “Batgirl” showing up in another film. With that said, I’ll lobby again: NO SIDEKICKS!

19. “Do you think we will see a Batcopter in the future? It would make much more sense than a Batplane or Batwing and it is more true to the comic book.” - Michael Jolley, Tennessee

JETT SAYS: Geez I hope not. I’m on record for wanting no damn Bat-vehicles other than the Batmobile. But if they did add one, a copter would be more realistic than a friggin’ jet.

20. “I was wondering if you caught one of the greatest symbolic moments in BATMAN BEGINS during the panoramic view of Batman right after the cops find Falcone chained to the spotlight. I noticed that Batman was standing on the ledge of the building where Joe Chill was murdered. I thought it was the perfect way to symbolize Batman's commitment to fight injustice. I'm mentioning this because I found it odd that no one else has talked about that great moment of symbolism.” - Greg G., New Orleans

JETT SAYS: I didn’t notice that to be honest. The Chill scene was filmed on location in the UK, and that shot of Batman is from Chicago - I believe. In terms of the film, it could be the “same building.” That’s nice if truly the case.

21. “Vin Diesel as Bane.” - Corey

JETT SAYS: Could work. Can Vin do a Latin accent? That’s a character that I’d like to see done correctly.

22. “1) How did you acquire your ‘insider’ sources initially? Did they contact you, you contact them? (I just think its amazing you have such accurate info.) 2) What do you think can be done to reduce the risk of a leaked script for the BB sequel? With the BATMAN BEGINS script being leaked early, it was almost a blessing because it allowed people to see that a great Bat-film was indeed being made and it alleviated a lot of worry and even helped the hype.” - Pete T.

JETT SAYS: Well, when I started the site, I knew someone who worked with Warner Bros. in a VERY small - capacity. As the site grew and people realized that BOF was a pretty cool site, more people were willing to talk to me. Plus, I pay them off.

As far as the leaked script, I’m not completely sure that the “leak” wasn’t a bit intentional. Truth be told, it was a huge positive for the film.

23. “Hey Jett, long time reader of your site, but this is my first time ever writing in some kind of response. I have been reading through your reveiws of the BATMAN films from 1989-1997, and I have a question for you: What do you see in BATMAN FOREVER?” - Phantaz, Atlanta, Georgia

JETT SAYS: Again, the FOREVER question. I like it, that’s about the bottom line. I was so disappoint with BATMAN RETURNS, that I felt that BF was just a huge improvement. Now, do I enjoy it like I did 10 years ago? Hell no - it has many faults. But of the first four Bat-films, it is second best.

24. “Hi Jett, just a few quick questions for you to think over. How do you think the sequel will handle the origin of the Joker? As he is already robbing banks at the end of Begins. Hopefully it will still include something Batman did, or be linked to it in the first film (The Narrows incident perhaps?). Hulme/Bettany are by a mile the best candidates for the role. Also who's your favourite for Dent? I'm still routing for Guy Pearce! Love the site by the way.” - Chris, South West England

JETT SAYS: I’ll give it a guess and say that The Joker’s origin will be handled in flashbacks. It might indeed be linked to the events in The Narrows and he may blame Batman for some reason.

As far as Dent, Pearce would be good. I sort of like Liev Schrieber and Denzel Washington as well.

25. "I hope that that hurricane causes the end of your piece of sh** website!" - Anonymous

JETT SAYS: You know I couldn't go a whole mailbag without throwing in at least one "You Suck" email. Wow, that's really nice there asswhipe. God bless you too.

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