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DATE: 1/20/07

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Welcome back to BOF for MAILBAG #29! It's been about a month since the last mailbag, so let's get cracking...

1. “Can you get on with announcing who you casted as Harvey Dent! You said that you were going to tell us who you casted last year and you still haven’t! You are fake!” - Michael S. from Arizona

JETT SAYS: Uh, Michael, I’m not doing the casting for THE DARK KNIGHT my friend. And “casted” isn’t a word, OK?

2. “Do you think IRON MAN and INDIANA JONES will be a box office threat for THE DARK KNIGHT?” - Alan N.

JETT SAYS: Nope. Even if both do well, TDK will be fine. I’m certain that TDK will do better than BATMAN BEGINS, which is considered a success by WB, critics, and the fans.

3. “Please, God, please, please, please, do not allow Jamie Foxx to contaminate the BATMAN BEGINS sequel. He's terrible, horrible and just plain sucks.” - John C.

JETT SAYS: But on the other hand, he has a tremendous singing voice.

4. “Now that he's won a golden globe and the TDK crew are looking high, what would you say to Forest as Harvey Dent?” - Tony from the UK

JETT SAYS: Thanks for the email Tony. Sorry, I can’t see FW as Dent. Dent has to be a really good-looking guy IMO. Whitaker is a heck of a thesp, but he’s no “Apollo.”

5. “I hope you're kidding about Brad Pitt for Harvey Dent. I will boycott the movie if this happens and my wife hates him & his wife.” - Frank B.

JETT SAYS: Nope, not kidding at all. Pitt is just my suggestion, he’s not been rumored for the part at all. I think BP is a pretty good actor -- FIGHT CLUB, SNATCH, and SE7EN come to mind. I couldn’t care less about an actor’s personal life when it comes to being cast in a movie. I don't guess y'all like my suggestion of Angelina Jolie as Selina Kyle either? And by the way Frank, they aren't (GASP!) married.

6. “When are you going to do a review of THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN? Let me know.” - Adam

JETT SAYS: Not anytime soon. Here’s a quick preview to tide you over: It sucks.

7. “Are they filming THE DARK KNIGHT already since its January? And can you please tell me if Kate Holmes is back?” - Joshua P. JETT SAYS: I don’t know if they have done any filming yet, but I do know that they are full scale at work on it. As far as Katie Holmes coming back, I don’t know for sure, sorry.

8. “I remember reading a while back that TDK would definitely be shot partially in Chicago. It was in the papers here. Michael Caine didn't include it on his list -- does that mean it's definitely been nixed? “ - Steve K. from Chicago

JETT SAYS: Nope. From what I’ve been told and heard, they will be returning to Chicago -- probably this summer sometime I’d imagine.

9. “Can you do review for the BATMAN BEGINS novelisation by Dennis O' Neil. I read in a blog it mentions Ra's immortality and about his daughter Talia.” - Ajoy

JETT SAYS: I’ll try. Frankly, I don’t have the time for it right now -- my plate is sorta full. Why don’t you just read it for yourself? Thanks for writing in.

10. “Is there any truth to the rumor than Ryan Reynolds is being heavily considered for the role of Harvey Dent / Two-Face? “ - Brian A.

JETT SAYS: I’ve heard all the rumors -- trust me (*rolls eyes*), and that ain’t one of them.

11. Oh my god dude, please tell me that wasn't just a sick joke, that they may actually shoot part in B-more. I'm so pumped up. I may not sleep all weekend!” - John from Baltimore, Maryland

JETT SAYS: It looks like Caine was referring to Baltimore in Ireland, not here in the U.S. Sorry!

12. “What's going on with Cillian Murphy and Morgan Freeman? Are they returning?” - Katja C.

JETT SAYS: Freeman? Yes -- I’m pretty sure of that. Murphy? Probably not -- although I think he’s under contract if they want the Scarecrow to return.

13. “Is Heath Ledger signed on for the third film as well? They're not killing The Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT, right?” - Trevor in Canada

JETT SAYS: I’m going to assume that Ledger signed for more than one Bat-flick. And as for as The Joker dying, it seems that the “Powers that Be” learned from the previous series mistakes, so I say he lives.

14. “I’m just curious as to where Liev Schreiber's name has been? Is he completely out?” - Ryan L.

JETT SAYS: I said last fall that I didn’t think anyone rumored for much of late ‘05 and most of ‘06 would be cast as Dent -- that would include Schreiber, IMO.

15. “Is Harvey Dent black?” - Jesse S.

JETT SAYS: In the comic books, no. He was Black in Tim Burton’s BATMAN however. Dent’s race is a non-issue to me and I’d have no problem if Nolan cast an African-American actor as Harvey.

16. “I was watching 24 the other day, and I was thinking Kiefer Sutherland would be a good Harvey Dent/Two Face. Your thoughts?” - Patrick D.

JETT SAYS: Look, 24 is my favorite TV show -- well maybe my second favorite next to THE OFFICE -- but I’m not sure I’d like to see Kiefer as Dent. He just doesn’t scream “Dent” to me. However, I DO want to see a 24 movie!

17. “Jett, I'm looking at Eion Bailey's Wikipedia page right now and something about this guy just screams Dent to me. I'd love to see him get the role. I know you also mentioned Jamie Foxx could be up for Harvey Dent -- but Will Smith would be a much better choice, IMO.” - Corey F. from Virginia

JETT SAYS: I think Bailey wouldn’t be a bad choice at all. As far Will Smith, I don’t know -- I’d be thinking “Fresh Prince” the whole time, but that’s just me.

18. “Hey Jett, What clues do you think shooting locations give? Any ideas which Batman story took place in HK, London, or Baltimore?” - Susan

JETT SAYS: Susan, who the heck knows!? You’re guess is as good as mine.

19. “I saw ur blurb for today (1/10) RE: filming locations. U mentioned Baltimore. Don't knock it, I am from Baltimore.” - Karen C. from Baltimore, Maryland

JETT SAYS: How did I knock Baltimore? In fact, I love Baltimore -- been there several times.

20. “I've heard a lot of Joker news regarding the upcoming THE DARK KNIGHT movie. Has there been any talk of Red Hood making his way into the film as a part of the Jokers origin?” - Donald

JETT SAYS: None that I’ve heard.

21. “What I've wondered is, do you think that with the new emphasis on Jim Gordon in BEGINS and TDK, could see other cop characters showing up, even if just briefly? Like Bullock and/or Montoya? - Stuart from Glasgow, Scotland

JETT SAYS: Here’s hoping it happens!

22. “When do you think the official site will pop up?” - Will

JETT SAYS: Around March (2007) -- based on when the site for BATMAN BEGINS first appeared.

23. “I was watching OCEAN’S 11 last night, and I remembered reading on BOF that Nolan is "aiming high" for the casting of Dent. And suddenly I wonder -- what about Matt Damon?” - Susan

JETT SAYS: Damon would not suck, that’s for sure. Hell, I hated his ass in THE DEPARTED -- and I mean that in a good way!

24. “Are there any Batman female fans out there besides me?” - Gillian

JETT SAYS: You bet! My wife is -- well at least she pretends to be for my sake. ;)

25. “Would they ever consider making a ‘Batman/Predator’ or ‘Batman/Dracula’ movie?” - Martinez

JETT SAYS: I don’t think so.

26. “Hey Jett, what would you think of Nolan and co. bringing in a Rupert Thorne or Hugo Strange storyline into THE DARK KNIGHT?” - J.D. from Denton, Texas

JETT SAYS: Hugo Strange, now there’s a villain I’d like to see in a movie at some point! I thought that Matt Wagner handled him very well in BATMAN AND THE MONSTER MEN.

27. “Hey, Jett. I just wanted to ask... have you ever thought about making a ‘Superman On Film’ site? You've done a great job with BOF, it would be great to see Superman get the same treatment.” - David from Toronto

JETT SAYS: Nah, I covered SUPERMAN RETURNS and I’ll certainly cover the sequel, but no, no SOF is coming. Plus, there are other sites that do it better than I could, like BLUE TIGHTS. I’m a “DC Guy” and I like Superman and all, but my only true geek love is Batman.

28. “Will they be filming back to back? And when is the official start of TDK production, is it January or March?” - Elvis M.

JETT SAYS: No filming back to back. As far as the start of filming, March.

29. “I was wondering what your thoughts might be of Leonardo Di Caprio being a possibility for the role of Harvey Dent.” - Bill I. from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

JETT SAYS: I could dig it. I thought he was outstanding in THE DEPARTED.

30. “Why doesn’t DC make a ‘free-roaming’ Batman game…like ‘Grand Theft Auto’ or ‘Spider-Man 2?’” - Will R.

JETT SAYS: I don’t know, but the F’n should! Y’all here that DC/WB?!

31. “First off, I'd like to say thanks for the years of great info on the Batman films. My question is have you met even ONE person that didn't like BATMAN BEGINS? And you’re a Longhorns fan? Too bad my Sooners beat y’all out of the Big 12 Championship game!” - Blake F.

JETT SAYS: Thanks Blake. Hey, I’m like you -- I’ve yet to talk to anyone that didn’t dig BATMAN BEGINS. Now, I’ve talked to people who’ve yet to see it, but if you’ve seen it, you like it. As far as the ‘horns and Sooners, who won last fall head-to-head? Scoreboard. Thanks for writing in and the nice words.

32. “Why do you continue to add your own personal thoughts/opinions on the direction. Nobody is interested in anything you personally have to say. Just stick to reporting the facts and rumors, ok?” - David

JETT SAYS: Will do right now! I will never, ever again give my opinion on my own site! Thanks for showing me the light my friend.

33. “Thanks for the BOF site. I've been watching it for a couple of years now, and check in at least weekly for latest news. Congrats on your success with the site, and I appreciate the visibility to the die-hard Bat-fans' views that you have given to WB.” - Ed O.

JETT SAYS: You are welcome.

34. “Do you want the Batman franchise to continue without Christian Bale and Chris Nolan? - Mathew J.

JETT SAYS: You bet. In fact, that is why BOF exists. There is no reason -- if handled properly -- that the Batman film series can’t continue long term like the James Bond films.

35. “Do you have a job? All you ‘Bat fans’ are like what 35, 40, and you're all still ranting on about reviews for ‘The Batman: Batman vs. Dracula.‘ It's a bit pathetic. Making movies is one thing, but praising a children’s cartoon is another.’ - Marc Tarczali

JETT SAYS: For all Batman fans out there that are what, 35, 40, Marc: “F-off.” Now, be gone.

36. “Yo! I've been a fan of the site since the day I came back from BEGINS and logged on for info on a sequel. Anywho, I was wondering if you were joking when you said that you'd heard Joker might be a Texan.” - Dan

JETT SAYS: Come on Dan! What do you think? Of course, being a Texan myself, what would be wrong with it? ;)

37. “I'm not trying to bash you, I respect you and everything you do for us fans with your excellent website. I do have one pet peeve with you however, please lay off the ‘A-Hole Batman’ rant a little. Ever since you got back into comics, with the ‘One Year Later’ story, you've been going on and on about ‘Yay, my Batman is back, he's not such an A-Hole,’ when you were actually an absent reader during this era. In reality, the A-Hole trend really only got intense around ‘Infinite Crisis,’ right before the big change, and there were many stories written during this period that were actually very good such as ‘The Long Halloween,’ ‘Hush’ and many others.

While I love Grant Morrison's, and Paul Dini's fresh take on The Dark Knight, I feel that you are being a little too dismissive of a period which you didn't even stick around for yourself. I was born in 1988, so this is the Batman that I grew up with, and I feel that, if you actually look at the stories of this era, he is a more relatable and likeable character than you give him credit for. And, just as a side note, I think DKR is a brilliant story that remains the greatest Batman story of all time, and its influence on the comics should not be dismissed.” - Lee G.

JETT SAYS: For one thing Lee -- and good email by the way -- I don’t go “on and on” dissing the “A-hole Batman” take on the character. I’ve said that it turned me off from being a regular reader of comics, but I kept up with what was going on. You mention “THE LONG HALLOWEEN” as an example, but that story is set during the “Year One” period of Batman continuity.

I’m sorry, I don’t know how someone who is a total ass, paranoid, and a borderline psycho is more “relatable.” There was a reason why DC decided to make changes to the character: he was turning people off.

With that said, I understand that that Batman was probably the only one you know, so I totally respect that. Hey, I’ve said time and time again that what Batman “is” exists only in the mind of each individual fan.

And finally, as far as THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS goes, when have I ever dismissed its influence? I think it's one of -- if not THE -- greatest Batman story ever written! Thanks for writing in!

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