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DATE: 12/22/06

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Welcome back to BOF for MAILBAG #28! Happy Holidays to all and 2007 is going to be a good year for Bat-fans!

1. “I’m new to BOF and I’m dying to find out if Katie Holmes will still be part of THE DARK KNIGHT? I like Katie so much and her character in BEGINS so I will feel so bad if she will be replaced.” - Anthony from Ft. Worth, Texas

JETT SAYS: From what my “insiders” told me previously, Katie’s Rachel Dawes character was not coming back. But I can’t say that is 100% fact. Look, I liked the Rachel character in the first film, but I’m still at a loss for what can be done with the character from this point on. I see no point in having Rachel and Bruce being an “item,” since she made it clear that she couldn’t be with Bruce while he’s still Batman. Frankly, I’d rather the character not come back -- although it wouldn’t bother if Rachel returned.

2. “Ignore the haters! I absolutely love your way of reporting. The joy of it for me is you are clearly a fan like us. Just wanted you to know I appreciate your efforts and keep up the good work! - Rob P.

JETT SAYS: Why ignore the haters? They provided us with tons of laughs! Thanks for the nice words Rob! And I am a fan like everyone else.

3. “Do you have a Batman collection ‘in your basement’ and if so how large is it? - Dave from Toronto, Canada

JETT SAYS: Well, we don’t have basements in Texas for the most part -- at least not in the part that I live in. However, I do have a Batman collection, but only a small one. It’s mostly comic books going back to the early 70s when I was a kid. But over the last few years, I’ve made an effort to build up my Bat-collection. And my family knows I dig The Bat, so I’m sure I’ll be getting a bunch of Batman stuff for Christmas.

4. “Please tell me [Heath Ledger] is using this ‘donning a mask’ as a general term.” - Mike M. from Connecticut

JETT SAYS: Yes, in my opinion. Don’t take it literal. I believe Heath’s Joker will indeed be “The Joker” that we all know and love/hate. Of course, Nolan will put his touch on the character as he well should.

5. “Hey Jett how you doing, hows’ the family? I was just wondering if you are sure that TDK will follow directly after BEGINS or will there be some time gone by?” - Preasen C. from Durban, South Africa

JETT SAYS: Thanks for asking and we’re all doing great! IMO, I believe a bit of time will have gone by, but not years and years. I guess enough time for Wayne Manor to have been rebuilt -- you know, those improvements to the southeast corner?

6. “There seems to be much more of an effort to make The Joker darker, and not like anything we've seen, as you have said, but do you think he will resemble The Joker at all? ie: white skin, green hair? Or do you think he'll just be a homicidal maniac? Am I the only one that's a little worried?” - Aaron G.

JETT SAYS: I believe that he’s going to be “The Joker,” period. Don’t worry, I’m not.

7. “First time writer here, but been a fan of the site for a long time; it's very much the most efficient source for Batman news of all kinds on the web, so well done! I understand we'd all love to know about the score, Harvey Dent and/or the new costume. But my query lies with The Penguin -- what's actually going to be happening with him? Have they scrapped the idea of using him? the last thing I'd heard was Nolan turning down rumours that he had asked Philip Seymour Hoffman for the role.” - Colin Stewart from Scotland, U.K.

JETT SAYS: I have no idea. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. Only Nolan knows for sure. Perhaps he simply being coy, you know? I mean, The Penguin not being “realistic” enough? Make him the arms dealer/mob boss that’s been rumored -- what’s not realistic about that? Just no black oozing from his mouth this time around, OK?

8. “Who will replaced you at BOF and why does the Batman sequel have a gay Joker?” - Reggie M.

JETT SAYS: Uh, no one will replace me at BOF unless one of my kids take over someday. I plan on doing this until I can’t do it any longer. And “gay Joker?” If that’s reference to Ledger being in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN -- which is a fantastic film -- get over it. And grow up.

9. “I've got a question about something: I'm 100% sure David Goyer said in an interview something like ‘Chris (Nolan) and I agreed that Bruce thought that being Batman was just going to be a one time deal.’ I'd be much obliged if you can help me out with this.” - Chris from New York

JETT SAYS: Chris, I don’t remember that to be honest. Maybe one of the BOF‘ers does and will email a link to that quote. Perhaps he thought that going as he was going back to Gotham, but at the end of BEGINS, it’s clear that Batman is here to stay.

10. “A thought occured to me the other day so I figured I'd ask you. Do you think that Nolan might include Dent’s wife Gilda and Gordon’s wife in TDK?” - Bill from Jersey

JETT SAYS: I’d like to see Gilda in the movie, since I’m a big fan of THE LONG HALLOWEEN. As far as Nolan including them, I don’t know really.

11. “I firmly stand by Nicholson's performance [as The Joker in BATMAN] as being perfect no matter what you say.” - Patrick from Indianapolis, Indiana

JETT SAYS: And what have I said? I’ve never dissed Nicholson’s performance -- I thought he was great. I have said that there was a lot of “Nicholson” in his portrayal of The Joker that made it hard for one not to see Jack up on the screen. My only other criticisms were that he was a bit too and could have been a tad thinner. Batman fans should be proud of what he did with the character.

12. “Greetings, Jett! I just wanted your opinion on how The Joker’s make-up/costume should be. Oh, and as for the ‘Rachel not returning’ rumour, I wouldn't mind if she didn't come back -- after all, she basically ‘dumped’ Bats at the end of BEGINS, so it would make sense right? “ - Taylor C.

JETT SAYS: I want The Joker to look like, “The Joker.” With that said, I do want something different than what we’ve seen “live-action” before. And I believe Nolan plan’s on doing that. But he’ll be “The Joker,” no mistake about it. And as far as Rachel Dawes is concerned, I think your analysis is correct.

13. “Okay okay, maybe I'm just dreaming here -- but wouldn't it be great if instead of another love interest for Bruce (booooring) The Joker already came with a groupie? Maybe not full on ‘Harley’ yet, but hinting towards becoming her? - Travis P.

JETT SAYS: I don’t mind Bruce having a love interest *cough* Selina Kyle *cough*. I don’t really consider Rachel being his “love interest” in BEGINS. As far as Harley, I’d be cool with that too -- as long as she’s not in that damn court jester outfit. But do I expect her to be in TDK, no.

14. “How long do you think before we hear about the actor for Harvey Dent? I’m a fan of a Liev Schrieber or Jake Gyllenhaal Dent, but I’m afraid that's a lost cause.” - Maddy

JETT SAYS: Maddy, I’d actually prefer Gyllenhaal over Schreiber, but I think neither will land the part. As far as when we hear who is cast, before March 2007. I was convinced that the role was cast back in October, but who the hell knows what happened?

15. “Jett, do you think someone may have turned Nolan down to play Dent?” - Jeff from Chicago, Illinois

JETT SAYS: Yes, I think that could be possible.

16. “Rachel McAdams is a tremendous actress and also fine. She'd be a great addition to the cast and a huge step up from li'l Katie (who, I'll nevertheless concede, actually did a perfectly fine job under Nolan's direction). Rosario Dawson is wonderful, too, and I wouldn't kick her out of the cast for eating crackers, either.” - Jospeh F.

JETT SAYS: I agree JF. I could see Dawson as Selina. McAdams -- who is actually 30 y’all -- is no slouch either.

17. “I don't think she's going to replace Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes, and I don't really know if Rachel is coming back. But we're having a Joker in this new film, and I don't think rumours about a Dr. Quinzel have died (not necessarily as a sidekick of the Joker, but maybe just the person who helps him to escape Arkham). I don't about know you, but when I see Rachel McAdams, I see a good Harleen Quinzel.” - Javier Martínez Fernández from Spain

JETT SAYS: Good stuff there! I could see it, yep.

18. “What would you personally have him [The Joker] wear? - Gary from Birmingham

JETT SAYS: Wranglers, a western shirt, boots, and cowboy hat.

19. “To me, the perfect Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT, considering the realistic tone Christopher Nolan aims at, would be al ot like the guy in Batman: Arkham Asylum. For one thing, just take a look at the badass trench coat he's wearing. At least it looks way better than the purple circus outfit. Also, The Joker's personality in AA – aside from his appearance – is much darker than usual. If Nolan wants a more realistic and darker Joker, he should really study this comic a little closer. If he already hasn't.” - Kenneth

JETT SAYS: Good stuff. Are you listening Mr. Nolan?

20. “Hey Jett, its Jason from Abilene Texas -- what’s up neighbor. My fiancé and I are die hard fans of Batman and we were recently watching the Michael Keaton BATMAN a few weeks ago and noticed how in every movie the female lead always finds out that Batman and Bruce Wayne are the same person. Case-In-Point: Rachel Dawes BEGINS. What are your feelings on this? I thought Batman was supposed to be completely masked and anonymous?” - Jason from Abilene, Texas

JETT SAYS: Not in every movie. Julie Madison didn’t find out about Bruce and Batman in BATMAN AND ROBIN. While I thought that the revelation was needed in BEGINS, no more of that in the future.

21. “My hope is that Selina Kyle is brought into movies and Kate Beckinsale is cast. That would be heaven. Don’t you agree? Love the website, I check it daily, keep up the great work!” - Seth B.

JETT SAYS: I do believe that I’ve suggested Kate for Selina before, so yep, I agree.

22. “Is it possible Nolan & co. could be considering an African-American for the role [of Harvey Dent]?” - Dave from Muskegon, Michigan


23. “I was reading your review of Detective Comics #826 and you mentioned there being something special perhaps in store for The Joker -- what is it?” - Andre I.

JETT SAYS: You’ll see….

24. “How about Vince Young for Batman when Christian Bale retires? Is there anything VY can't do. Although it would be a little weird for Superman to play Batman. Hook 'em Horns!” - Chris from Austin, Texas

JETT SAYS: I was thinking Tony Romo myself. Hook ‘em back at ‘cha!

25. “Do you think Ledger’s ‘mask’ comments are a reference to The Red Hood?” - Joe from Long Island, New York

JETT SAYS: Maybe, but I don’t think so -- not in context to those "mask" comments.

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