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DATE: 12/6/06

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Welcome back to BOF for MAILBAG #27!

1. “I still prefer Katie Holmes returning than McAdams and I also chalk this up as gossip because McAdams said she does not want to do any superhero movies or be a Hollywood sellout which is why she's also not working so much and living in Canada unlike Scarlett Johansson who's a project hogger.” - Dick M.

JETT SAYS: Periods and commas are you friend, my friend. As far as Katie Holmes returning as Rachel, again, I just don’t see the point of having Rachel return.

2. “I just read your editorial ‘My Batman is Back’ on your website, and I just had to reply. I know exactly how you feel. The Batman I've been seeing in the comics since THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS is definitely not the hero I grew up with. Miller's work was powerful, but somewhere along the line DC took away the swashbuckling Caped Crusader I loved and replaced him with a grim 'n' gritty Dark Knight. The Batman just quit being fun for me.” - Jason S., Kansas City, MO

JETT SAYS: Jason, let me say that I do like my Batman to be both grim and gritty. However, since the later 80s, he slowly became more paranoid and sociopathic and ended up virtually unlikable. The Batman can be dark, grim, and gritty, but there’s plenty of room for him to be a hero too. DC finally figured that out.

3. “Love the site. First time writing in. I was wondering if you make anything of the fact that Ledger has referred several times to donning a mask for The Joker. Is it possible it will not be make up but an actual mask, or is he just referring to the Joker face as a ‘mask?” - Justin L.

JETT SAYS: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Heath does not mean that literally. The Joker will be “The Joker” as we know him: white skin and green hair.

4. “Where are the internet rumors of Paul Walker as Harvey Dent coming from? I’m starting to puke reading so many nonsense out there.” - Frustrated Fan

JETT SAYS: Not from BOF. I think the Walker rumor -- and it was barely that -- originated from a prank on some message board.

5. “Love the site. The first time I checked the site was the day you had the update about Christian Bale as The Batman and I've been hooked ever since. I have a question for you. What does Ledger mean when he says he'll be wearing a mask? Is it gonna be reminiscent of The Scarecrow, meaning will he be just another bad guy with a mask? I think I'd rather see a Joker with a face that he carved himself like in that one drawing you had on your site.” - Michael V.

JETT SAYS: Mike, see my answer to question #3 -- dude’s not going to wear a “Joker mask.” It’s a term actors use quite often, actually. Man, I must have got nearly 1,000 emails over this! Thanks for reading and I’m glad you found BOF.

6. “No rock songs in Dark Knight, from Saliva or anyone else. They did such a classy thing by keeping BATMAN BEGINS clean of that kinda stuff; they should continue the trend.” - Jospeh F.

JETT SAYS: JF, while I do not want any rock songs in the film, a good “inspired by” rock album wouldn’t bother me. As far as music in the film, keep the same score -- I thought it was fantastic!

7. “Jett, first, I'd just like to say that I love the site. I've been checking it daily for almost three years. It has really great info and the comic reviews are awesome as well.” - David G. from New Jersey

JETT SAYS: Thanks Dave! Being from NJ, are you a Giants, Eagles, or Jets fan?

8. “I just wanted to ask why won't you let us know who will be playing Harvey Dent? I mean isn't it your job to let the public know the inside scoop on anything Batman-ish?” - Dan

JETT SAYS: Dan, I don’t know for sure and I’m tired of all the Dent speculating, so I’m done with Dent rumors. Actually, I believe my main job is to lobby for good Batman films and steer the powers that be in the right direction when it comes to Batman, uh, on film.

9. “I saw your comment about hoping that the tweaked batman suit wasn't like the fabric suit from the ‘Dead End’ Batman short. I couldn't disagree with you more, man.” - Charles P.

JETT SAYS: Charles, do you really think that if someone was going to do what The Batman does, he’d do it in spandex? Look, I’m hoping the suit is sleeker this time around, but the last thing I want to see is Christian Bale in leotards on screen. Thanks for reading!

10. “My good luck and GOODBYE note to BOF - Former BOF’er C.J.

JETT SAYS: Uh, ok. Thanks I guess.

11. “I remember during the build up to BEGINS there was a rumor that the soundtrack would feature Pearl Jam, Metallica and other awesome rock bands. Any chance of that following through with THE DARK KNIGHT? If you haven't heard anything, could you please run it by some of the insiders you talk to?” - James from Austin, Texas

JETT SAYS: Yeah, I have. The band Saliva has allegedly said that they are submitting some songs for “the next BATMAN“ movie. As for what I think, check out my answer to #6.

12. “How about Matthew McConaughey as Dent in TDK?” - Name Withheld

JETT SAYS: I could dig it. He’s a Texan and a Longhorn to boot. Seriously, I think he’d make a fine Dent.

13. “What do you think Nolan will do (if anything) with the loose ends trailing from all of Ra's Al Ghul's ninjas? Many (if not all) of them know that Bruce Wayne is Batman, and they are still at large. Do you think that he will just sidestep the issue and move on with the next plot line?” - Chris from Orlando, Florida

JETT SAYS: I think your take on that situation is exactly what will happen.

14. “Just a quick question Mr. Jett. Are you subscribed to any of the Batman comics or do you just purchase them when they come out at your local comic shop?” - Alex from Atlanta, Georgia

JETT SAYS: “Mr. Jett?” Just call me “The Great Jett,” please. On a serious note, I have subscriptions, but I frequent a local comic shop here in Houston, Bedrock City Comics. I also get some free stuff from you know who from time to time.

15. “What do you think of actress Rosario Dawson as Catwoman?” - Trevor from Canada

JETT SAYS: I think they could do A LOT worse that Ms. Dawson, who is hotter than a firecracker. You know dude, that’s a damn good suggestion.

16. “Love the site and as a longtime comic reader I'm glad you're back into it. I know you focus on Batman books, but for a quick glance of how Bruce Wayne began to turn back into the ‘non A-hole’ Batman, check out the comic ‘52’ - week 30. Keep up the good work. - Dave from Muskegon, Michigan

JETT SAYS: Dave, I followed your suggestion and picked it up the other day. Not bad -- although it sort of leaves things hanging.

17. “Any chance of [the next two films] filming it back to back? - Scott

JETT SAYS: None. There were rumors of that maybe happening, but it’s not.

18. “Is Jamie Pressley playing Harley Quinn?” - Kris from St. Cloud, Minnesota

JETT SAYS: Hell no -- although I do like her in MY NAME IS EARL.

19. “What do you think of Clayface as a villain in a Batman film?” - Mishaal A.

JETT SAYS: I don’t, actually. I don’t see how Clayface would work -- too unrealistic IMO.

20. “id really like to know who will be playing harvey dent in batman part 2” - Brian K.

JETT SAYS: So do I. Do you know?

21. “I read that you have been getting a lot of negative emails about the lack of content. I for one understand that you report on information that comes your way. So if there is no information, then common sense dictates that you have nothing to report. Thank you for your tireless efforts to keep your web site entertaining.” - Clint H. from Australia

JETT SAYS: Clint, you sir, are a very smart man and you are welcome!

22. “Hey since you praised the Longhorns last year for the Rose Bowl win, how bout giving a shout out to the Aggies for their victory over Texas [this season]. Gig ‘em!” - David B. from College Station, Texas

JETT SAYS: David, that is against my religion. ;) Hook ‘em!

23. “I’m done with BOF. It has no more credibility and you're also on the mean spirited side.” - Luke B.

JETT SAYS: That’s fu**ing bullsh**! What fu**ing makes you think I’m on the fu**ing mean spirited side, you &#$@*&!!!

24. "What makes you such a damn expert on Batman? And who gives a sh** what you think anyway?" - Anonymous

JETT SAYS: Sir, I've got a Ph.D in Batmanology. Of course it's from one of those unaccredited online colleges, but I've got one by gosh! And I guess you care what I have to say -- if not, why waste your time writing in to tell me I suck? ;)

25. "I am curious, what exactly is this Batman: Prologue? Is it going to be an animated movie, or what?" - Troy from Spokane, Washington

JETT SAYS: Troy, BATMAN: PROLOGUE is a fan film that is written and directed by BOF's own Paul J. Wares. It's a prologue to 1989's BATMAN directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. You can learn more about it HERE. Or visit the OFFICIAL SITE. I'm trying to talk Paul into bringing it to Comic Con in San Diego next summer and showing it there.

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