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DATE: 11/4/06

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Welcome back to BOF MAILBAG #26! Thanks for sending in your questions and I do read all of them.

1. “Whatever happened to that ‘Big September’ you kept talking about, huh? You don’t know sh** a**hole!” - Kenny from Wisconsin

JETT SAYS: Um Kenny, I never said ANYTHING about a “Big September.” I said the scuttlebutt was that some announcements were said to be coming, and that was back in September. Some people put 2 and 2 together and got 5, you know what I mean? Let me guess where it’s been reported that I said “Big September.” Sheesh!

2. “I am a huge fan of the character of Jervis Tech, The Mad Hatter. David Bowie played in THE PRESTIGE with Christian Bale, Michael Cain and Christopher Nolan. he would be an amazing choice for The Mad Hatter. Do you agree, or what? He even looks like Bowie in B: TAS.” - Mike P.

JETT SAYS: Honestly Mike -- and this is just me talking -- but The Mad Hatter is one of my least favorite Batman villains. Also, I think you would have a hard time transferring him to a live-action film.

3. “I know you don't love the kiddie aspect of THE BATMAN, but you had to like this week's episode-- nothing like a little Hugo Strange, zombies and Batman versus the entire city to exit kid mode and enter the gritty bat world. Love the site by the way and isn't it about time for a Dent announcement?” - Joe E.

JETT SAYS: Joe, I thought “Strange New World” was the best episode of THE BATMAN this season. And yep, it’s past time for a Dent announcement IMO.

4. “I'm still a little wary of Ledger playing The Joker, but I trust Nolan's judgment, and after seeing some of the other movies Ledger was in, I'm thinking he might just pull it off. Remember back in the day when no one thought Michael Keaton could do a decent Batman?” - Tony from New Jersey

JETT SAYS: Hey, Ledger didn’t jump to mind when one thought about casting The Joker, but he’s a fine actor no doubt. And yes, I clearly remember the controversy over the casting of Keaton back in ‘88, so that taught me a lesson. While not the definitive Batman in my opinion, MK did a fine job as The Batman, no doubt.

5. “Just my two cents on Robin Williams: I think he'd make a great Loeb/Sale-style Calendar Man, if that's a part that would make sense in future Bat-movies.” - Dave

JETT SAYS: That’s not a bad idea. There’s many roles that Robin Williams could take on in a Batman film.

6. “Now that I've had time to think about it, Ledger is a great choice and the fact that he is not a fan of comics or their movies is even better. He can bring an empty slate to the table and give us something that we've never seen before. If he had been a fan first, then there would be a bias there of ‘trying to get it just like the comic’ and the performance would suffer because of it. I know that is high hopes for someone who is still at the beginning of his career, but this dark, sociopathic, interpretation is what’s best for the character and the franchise, I believe. No corny one-liners, no over-the-top, just good old fashioned Hitchcock, Hannibal Lecter style evil.” - Jeremy B.

JETT SAYS: Good stuff, I agree.

7. “Has no one in brainless Hollywood even considered Edward Norton for the role of Dent? The rumours are annoying and I'm totally ignoring them until Nolan announces it.” - Steve in Toronto

JETT SAYS: I don’t know if anyone has ever suggested Norton for Dent, but I think he’s be a solid choice. And yes, the rumors are getting annoying, thus my moratorium on all Dent rumors from this point on.

8. “First of all I think Leslie's comments from the last mailbag are hilarious! You know who I think would make a great Harvey Dent? Denzel Washington!” - Susan

JETT SAYS: The haters are pretty damn funny, aren’t they? That was Lee Bermejo who did that DW as Dent drawing for BOF and I agree, he’s make a very good Dent -- if he was a little younger.

9. “Just a thought after watching THE PUNISHER -- what do you think about Thomas Jane for the role of Harvey Dent? And you got a great site here, keep it up. - Kathryn

JETT SAYS: I don’t know about Jane as Dent, but I did like him as Mickey Mantle.

10. “Maybe if you were to say on your site that you know who has been cast as Dent and give some indication that you might release it, the powers that be might be prompted to announce their decision.” - Kevin JETT SAYS: OK, “I know who has been cast as Dent!” Did they announce it yet? ;)

11. “I want to thank you for BOF. I don’t remember how you long your site is but you should have some sort of anniversary once you hit 10 years.” - Rori

JETT SAYS: BOF will hit the 10 year mark in June of 2008 -- about a month before THE DARK KNIGHT hits theaters. That’s pretty cool!

12. “I think Nolan, again, is spot on. Secrecy is vital with making certain movies. I'm a huge Batman fan, and by the time BB hit the screens, I can honestly say that I knew very little about what I was sitting down to watch (cast aside). By the end of the film, I was blown away by how strong the film was - and I was so happy that I knew so little about it. But I do wish they would hurry up and tell us who will play Dent!” - David McCallum, Paisley, Scotland

JETT SAYS: I agree, and that’s why BOF is a spoiler-free site. BOF isn’t all about “out-scooping” anyone -- we just want to see the Batman film franchise continue for years to come. And we want to make sure they are good Batman films as well!

13. “Hi Jett, So I guess this isn't a back to back filming on this Batman franchise?” - Carol

JETT SAYS: Carol, it doesn’t look like it and I’m happy about that. I’d keep ‘em at least 3 years apart from now on -- no need to churn ‘em out too quickly. Keep the people wanting The Bat!

14. “Is the ‘not conventional’ in the Dent casting related to gender?” - Zebulon

JETT SAYS: Nope. Dent will be a dude.

15. “I just wanted to say i really appreciate the great job you guys do keep the fans up to date on all of the info you guys do on the upcoming THE DARK KNIGHT film. Keep up the good work.” - Lance B.

JETT SAYS: You’re welcome! Thanks for the nice words.

16. “I have heard that Reese Witherspoon is being cast as Harley Quinn in TDK. Do you guys know if there is any truth to this?” - Pablo F.

JETT SAYS: Nope. No Harley in TDK, please.

17. “You know what? I love the idea of Ethan Hawke as Harvey.” - Kevin S.

JETT SAYS: I think he’s be good, although I don’t think he’s getting the role.

18. “I hate asking you this but why do you post the messages on the mailbag by the haters? You're only giving them the attention and fame they're seeking and don’t deserve. For me it also encourages more losers to keep sending these stupid hateful emails. I’m even confused if you're asking for sympathy by doing this.” - Jann

JETT SAYS: I post them because they are flippin’ hilarious! Plus, it shows just how idiotic some people are. And Jann, come one, why would I want sympathy? Everything is quite cool with me! Thanks for reading and the concern.

19. “What about Morgan Freeman? I love for him to come back and especially Katie Holmes.” - Elizabeth

JETT SAYS: Freeman will be back, no doubt about it. As far as Katie, meh. Like I’ve said many times, what is she going to do if she returns? You’re going to have Harvey Dent basically replace her role in TDK as The Batman’s “in” at the D.A.’s office. And as far as a “love story,” come on y’all, this is The Batman we’re talking about! And didn’t Rachel tell Bruce that they couldn’t be together at the end of BEGINS anyway? Now, Selina Kyle on the other hand….

20. “I just wanted to thank you for the great website that you have dedicated to the world’s greatest character. I'm currently a college student right now and at times it can be very stressful, but whenever I want to wind down I just click on BOF. Keep up the great work that you have been doing. Thanks again!” - Javi from Los Angeles

JETT SAYS: When I was in college and wanted to wind down, I’d go out and drink a few beers. Man, times have changed! ;) Thanks for reading and the nice words. And The Batman IS the world’s greatest character!

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