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DATE: 11/4/06

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Welcome back to edition #25 of the BOF MAILBAG! Man, the hate mail has fallen off quite a bit of late -- come on haters, you're slacking! And lot's of y'all -- including yours truly -- are quite upset with the seemingly lack of news.

1. “Do you think there might be any chance of Peter Gallagher maybe even considered for the role of Dent. I read in the mailbag you're a Dallas cowboys fan, I'm going to say this in advance, I'm sorry for what T. - F'n - O. will do to you're team. I'll try to save a small spot on the Baltimore ravens' bandwagon for ya. “ - John from Baltimore, MD

JETT SAYS: Regarding Gallagher, I’d say probably not. And as far as T.O. is concerned, don’t be so upset that he didn’t want to play for your team. There’s a team in Baltimore? Hmm, I thought the Colts left years ago. ;)

2. “Do you collect any Batman toys other than the comics?” - Jared M.

JETT SAYS: No, not really -- although we’ve got TONS of Batman toys at our house. My sons -- especially my youngest -- love Batman “guys," as they call them.

3. “Second thing, what is this obsession with the idea that a villain can only be in one movie?” - “Baltimore Jack”

JETT SAYS: One villain? Let’s take a look at BATMAN BEGINS: Ra’s Al Ghul, The Scarecrow, Carmine Falcone, and Mr. Zsazz were all “bad guys” in that film. But unlike the previous films, it didn’t seem crowed. I’d expect the same sort of thing in THE DARK KNIGHT.

UPDATED: I misread your question "Baltimore Jack" -- my bad. While I don't think we'll see Ra's Al Ghul or The Scarecrow in TDK, there's always a chance we could down the line -- especially the latter.

4. “I would also like to see is a Justice League movie…Wouldn't it be nice to see a live-action version of the Justice League?” - Pat B.

JETT SAYS: Meh. I wouldn’t be opposed to a JL film if it omitted The Batman and Superman -- they should stay in there own franchises. Maybe go with some of the “second string” DC heroes. Nah, I’m just not interested in that, but that’s just me.

5. “Why do you think there's all this delay from Warner Bros. about any Batman sequel scoop? Im not trying to be a nag but I confess that Im getting a bit bored and restless on the lack of news.” - Courtney G.

JETT SAYS: Courtney, I was told that WB and Nolan are hell bent on not allowing sites such as BOF to break big TDK news. They’re basically in a “lock-down” mode. Things are much further along than they appear, trust me.”

6. “I'll have to agree with you on not wanting a [Superman/Batman] movie like because of it's alarmingly high potential of killing both franchises.” - Dave F.

JETT SAYS: You’re right. I know it sounds cool -- especially to fanboys -- but I simply don’t think it would work. I’d much rather see Batman and Superman continue on screen in a string of separate films. I’ll continue to lobby against it.

7. “Have you heard anything lately about the back-to-back filming on the second and third films that had been mentioned earlier?” - Thomas from Portland, Oregon

JETT SAYS: Nope. I don’t think it’s going to happen. They’ll do TDK and then another Bat-Flick in 2011.

8. “In my opinion, I think you're wrong about the Superman/Batman movie. Superman and Batman are indeed from two different worlds, but those worlds are called Metropolis and Gotham. It is completely conceivable that they co-exist on the same Earth.” - Jonny L.

JETT SAYS: I’m not saying they don’t exist in the same world, I just don’t think such a film would work for a variety of reasons.

9. “Count me in the ‘HELL NO! group as well. Much as I love both characters [Batman and Superman], they exist in totally different worlds. Gone would be the gritty realism of Nolan's Gotham. No way can this happen. Hell, I love James Bond as well but that doesn't mean I want to see a Batman/007 team-up!” - Kevin L.

JETT SAYS: Right on dawg.

10. “Are you worried Nolan's Joker will suffer not meeting his full potential due to Nolan's heightened realism? Is Nolan going to try and capture what The Joker is known for or try to make it his own creation?” Izreal K.

JETT SAYS: Nope. Nolan has said more than once that he’s turning to The Joker’s first appearances in the comics (c. 1940), so I’m not worried at all. I think he’ll give us a fantastic take on the character.

11. “We've love your website for a long time. My husband and I are big fans of Batman from years back.” - Marie

JETT SAYS: Thanks! Hey, BOF is all about representing the Bat-Fans out there.

12. “Did the irony ever occur to anyone that Heath Ledger costarred with Paul Bettany in A Knights Tale?” - Thomas H.

JETT SAYS: Not to me to be honest. Hey, that sort of thing happens all the time. Just play “5 Degrees of .”

13. “What’s your take On the Upcoming THE BATMAN Episode Where it will take place in 2027 Gotham where Barbara Gordon has become Oracle, Dick Grayson is Nightwing, and Batman resembling Frank Miller's ‘The Dark Night Returns’ version of the character, complete with a new tank like Batmobile?” - Robert from South Philly

JETT SAYS: I’m looking forward to it quite a bit actually.

14. “Hey Jett, in your own opinion -- do you think they are going to use prosthetics like they did in 89' for Nicholson? Or do you think they’ll just use white makeup and let heath get lost in the character? What do you think Nolan will do?” - Jared

JETT SAYS: I’m going to assume that they’ll be some sort of make-up and prosthetics used on Heath.

15. “Now that production on TDK is gearing up to start, are there any plans for BOF to interview any of the comic book writers who were involved with the more famous Joker storylines?” - Dave from Toronto

JETT SAYS: I hope so. I’ve contacted DC on this, so we’ll see.

16. “I've read your reviews and am curious as to what’s your take on Elfman's score?” - Rocky

JETT SAYS: Love it, like all Bat-Fans. I do like the Zimmer/Newton score for BEGINS as well.

17. “I was just curious if you could find out or if you already know if the powers that be at WB or Chris Nolan have any intention of bringing back Scarecrow in the sequel or any upcoming sequel thereafter?” - Jason

JETT SAYS: I don’t think he’s going to be in TDK, but I wouldn’t rule him in the future.

18. “I love the new Batman coverage you’ve added to the site! Keep up the good work!” - Kent from Baltimore, Maryland

JETT SAYS: Thanks Kent! And what’s with all the email from Baltimore lately?

19. “First, let me say, as everyone no doubt does, great site. I check it constantly for updates. I just wanted to drop you a line on your hard stance against a Bat/Supes movie. I know your against it, and I am also for the most part…unless, it is done correctly. Find a good storyline first, and go from there. Ok, off my soap box. Keep up the good work! - Capt. Bill P., USN

JETT SAYS: Bill, thanks for the email. Hey, the kid in me would love to see it, no doubt. I just have doubts that it would be done correctly. Plus, I’m a Batman fan first and foremost, and I’d prefer another solo Batman films rather than a Bats/Supes team-up. But your premise is spot-on -- only do it if the story is good. I know WB is keen to do this, but I say to them: “Remember BATMAN AND ROBIN!” It’s not all about toys and fastfood tie-ins.

20. “I love your site, but why is BOF so anti-British?” - Tony from the U.K.

JETT SAYS: How in the hell is BOF, or me for that matter, anti-British? That is nonsense my friend. Look, I’m an American, so I’m sure that the way I write comes off, well, American. But I am certainly NOT anti-British! FYI: I get criticized by American readers for being too “Texan,” y’all.

21. “I have a question about how you think that THE DARK KNIGHT will be released. Do you think they will release it in IMAX [format] again because I definitely hope they do.” - Javi from Los Angeles, CA

JETT SAYS: Yes, I’m quite sure TDK do the IMAX thing again.

22. “I agree with your opinion of ‘Heroic Batman’ being back. I’m glad he has lightened up a bit, but is still intense and gritty enough to keep you interested. I couldn’t stand the paranoid Brother Eye satellite and all that constant crossovers and fights with Superman and the JLA. So BIG CHEERS to Batman!” - Ken

JETT SAYS: Ken, I agree with you too. The Batman in the comics is NOT some super nice guy as many say. He’s still dark, gritty, and he’s not that nice -- to the bad guys. This is the most I’ve enjoyed reading comics since I was a kid.

23. “Is there any more info on who will be Harvey? I heard a rumor today on another web site that there has been confirmation that The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson got the role. Going to BOF, The Rock is not mentioned -- much to my relief!” James R.

JETT SAYS: Dude, it’s all quiet right now. As far as The Rock playing Dent, total BS as far as I know. The Rock, hehehehehe.

24. “The ‘NEW TO BATMAN?’ section is a welcome addition to BOF. What's ingenious is how straight-forward the concept is. Why don't other fan sites (whether that be literature, music or otherwise) include tips for getting on the band wagon? Jett, once again you walk the walk when it comes to being the voice and advocate for Batman fans. It's ideas like "New to Batman?" That makes me proud to be a part of the BOF community.” - Cary Ashby

JETT SAYS: Cary, thanks for those nice words. Every once in a while I get an email like this from fans that lets me know that doing BOF is worth everything that goes into running it.

25. "I haven't ever written your site, but I check it everyday and I've been meaning to send you a congrats on your professionalism and good work. I am glad you never shut the site down and I hope you do not pay attention to much the [haters]. Also, great job on the movie reviews --most reviews these days give away surprises or plot points that were meant to be reveled at their own pace, but you guys are doing a good job giving a brief synopsis letting the viewer see it for themselves. - Chuma N.

JETT SAYS: Thanks Chuma for the props. I don’t ever plan on shutting the site down, although I got pissed once and did just that for about 18 hours -- LOL! And we’re still doing movie reviews, so stay with us. I’ve been letting Jenn B. do most of them, so if you like the way she writes, then that should be good news. I'm still going to do 'em, but The Bat is my first priority.

26. “What happened to your kissing ass review for THE PRESTIGE? If you're so tight with the studios and have many ‘reliable’ contacts how come you never get invited to private screenings? Many Batman boards are laughing at you and BOF. Very sad. Farewell BOF! - Leslie Korbelin

JETT SAYS: I know you haters wouldn’t let me down! Um, I had a family obligation with my son at his school the night of THE PRESTIGE press screening, so I chose my son over it. You know, I sort of have -- what’s it called? -- A LIFE; unlike you, obviously.

And while those people are laughing at me and BOF, I’ll be going to the set for a visit, meeting the cast and crew, and going to big press screening in LA in 2008. Very happy! Farewell Leslie!

Oh BTW, THE PRESTIGE was fantastic! Was that ass-kissing enough for you?

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