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DATE: 10/19/06

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Welcome back to edition #24 of the BOF MAILBAG! I've got to admit that I'm a bit disappointed as there wasn't nearly the amount of hate mail this time around. Come on haters, y'all are slacking!

1. “Ha! Wrong again you asshole!” - Anonymous

JETT SAYS: Yes, I was wrong in thinking that all my readers have class -- my bad. Some of you just don’t get what BOF is all about. First and foremost, it’s a Batman fansite. We’re not out to “outscoop” anyone for cripe’s sake. I’m lucky enough to be respected by many in the “business,” Warner Bros., and the filmmakers that we get to hear the scuttlebutt and pass it along to other Bat-fans. Hey, I know BOF isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but not everyone has taste.

2. “Many fans think Tom Cruise as Harvey Dent will be so cool! What’s your take on this?” - Sam C.

JETT SAYS: My take? You know how Cruise breaks into a dead sprint in every one of his films? That’s what I’d do if he were cast. Go into a dead sprint…right off a bridge.

3. “With the recent history of Bat-sequels, why should we not be scared of THE DARK KNIGHT being another flop? And when will we see a trailer? - Danny

JETT SAYS: Well, I think that Nolan gets Batman better than Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher. We don’t have to deal with Nolan wanting to make “his Batman film” this time as was the case with Burton and BATMAN RETURNS. Warner Bros. now knows that you can’t have a turd, call it “Batman” and have people show up in the theater ala BATMAN AND ROBIN. It’s just a different day and a different dynamic this time around.

As far as seeing the trailer, I’d expect that the first one will come summer 2007.

4. “Thanks for all your hard work man!” - Devin B.

JETT SAYS: You are welcome. Thanks for the email and reading.

5. “Do you think Liev Schrieber still has a shot at the Harvey Dent role? How would you feel about Lachy Hulme as Dent?” - Dixon M.

JETT SAYS: Schreiber? I really don’t have any idea and haven’t heard much of anything of late. It’s very quiet right now. As far as Hulme, I wanted him for The Joker, not Dent.

6. “Why are Nolan and even Bale playing cat and mouse about TDK and the script? Do you think the script is finished or not? - Cara

JETT SAYS: I believe that everyone involved wants nothing to be leaked about this film and are going the extra mile to make sure that happens. And yes, I do think the script is finished for the most part, despite what Mr. Nolan says -- not saying things will be changed as filming begins.

7. “Is David Goyer going to help with the script?” - John

JETT SAYS: The Nolan Brothers have said that he is and that’s what I’ve always heard, so yeah, he’s working on the script too.

8. “G'day Jett! Long time reader, first time posting. Just wondering about the rating that TDK will attract when it's released? I know the arguments regarding a PG rating, but with the info that has come out regarding the characters and the tone of the film, perhaps an M15+ would be more appropriate?” - Jeff Mullin, Brisbane, Australia

JETT SAYS: I’m assuming that a M15+ is like an R here in the US. There is just no way that Warner Bros. would allow it to be anything but PG-13. And that’s what it should be, IMO.

9. “Hi Jett! I want to THANK YOU for your incredible web site, it's my favorite! I have spread your good word to friends and my students (Batman fans). You are very appreciated by the Bat-Fan community!” - Wayne from South Dakota

JETT SAYS: Thanks Wayne. I know there are more fans of BOF of than haters. I just love the hate mail from the haters though!

10. “My only fear right now is that the casting for TDK may turn into a teeny bop explosion rather than getting the most talented actor for the role. By the way, thanks for the site, Avid reader and supporter.” - Eric H.

JETT SAYS: I’m going to assume that you are referring to Ledger’s age -- he’s pushing 30. And don’t be worried about a younger Dent. In the real world, an assistant D.A. would be in his late 20s or early 30s. I don’t think Nolan is going to cast any “teenyboppers.” Thanks for reading!

11. “How soon will we know about Katie Holmes coming back for TDK? I want her bad for the sequel.” - Terence from Las Vegas, Nevada

JETT SAYS: I just don’t know, really. To be frank, what’s she going to do in this film? To me, she’s served her purpose. And this take DOES NOT make me a “Katie Hater,” OK? ;)

12. “Do you think with the way these films are headed that we will ever see the Catwoman character introduced? I would like to see some side story with her being involved somehow.” - Trevor from Canada

JETT SAYS: I hope so. I’ll be pushing for her in this series for sure.

13. “As BEGINS ended with Wayne Manor burned down, do you think its reconstruction will be in any way seen in the sequel, or are we just to assume that it was rebuilt back to normal in the events after BEGINS and before TDK? - Will from Chicago, Illinois

JETT SAYS: It depends on how much time has past between BEGINS and TDK. But Bruce does have a lot of cash, so I’m sure he could get Wayne Manor up rather quickly.

14. “This is Patrick from Germany and I'm a regular BOF reader since 2000 -- I love your site! [Do you think Liam Neeson will return]? - Patrick from Germany

JETT SAYS: Patrick, I do not -- not for TDK.

15. “With the upcoming movie GHOST RIDER, it seems that the director Mark Steven Johnson regularly visits [fan forums] to read the people's criticisms about the trailer and answer their questions. Do you think Nolan will do that for TDK? - Jame J.

JETT SAYS: Based on what I know about Chris, I’d say no. But you never know!

16. “Dude, I’m a huge fan of BOF and I actually work in the entertainment business -- in PR for a major studio. Anyway, I wanted to say how happy I was that you have added more and more Batman material to the site. Best Bat-site on the Net!” - “Aaron from New York City

JETT SAYS: Aaron, it’s my goal to make “The Dark Knight Fansite” the #1 Batman site on the Net for all us Bat-fans. Thanks for the email.

17. “Howya Jett! I am an avid Batman fan from Ireland and I was delighted to see that you share my own personal opinion on the 'A-hole Batman'. Good stuff! - Stephen Horgan, Dublin, Ireland.

JETT SAYS: Stephen, I got more email about that op-ed than almost anything I’ve done here at BOF. It just seems that a lot of people during the 80s and especially the 90s, forgot that The Batman was supposed to be a hero first and foremost. I for one am glad that THAT Batman is back.

18. “Hi Jett. Will you get the chance to interview any of the cast?” - Gretchen

JETT SAYS: Probably. I’m sure I’ll go to the press junket in 2008, so don’t expect anything until then.

19. “First off, love the site. I check it semi-daily and you're doing all of us Batman fans a great service. In a previous mailbag, someone brought up Edward Norton as Harvey Dent/Two Face. I think this would be an outstanding idea. Do you know if there's any ‘official’ buzz about him?” - Steve from Chicago, Illinois

JETT SAYS: None. But he’d be a hell of a choice! I love Chicago by the way!

20. “Quick question regarding TDK. Have you heard any rumblings of them filming TDK and the follow up film in one shoot with a 2008 and 2009 release ?” - Chris

JETT SAYS: Yes, briefly. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. And to be honest, I like the 3 year gap between films.

21. “Hey Jett. Many fans say you're getting bad in reporting rumors about rumors and about bad rumors. They also said BOF is desperate for traffic.” - Steve

JETT SAYS: I’ve ALWAYS reported rumors -- since day one. What’s different? Via BOF you get to hear the scuttlebutt of what’s going on. Desperate for traffic? Give me a break! BOF is what it has always been. If one doesn’t like it -- or get it -- I couldn’t care less. Their loss.

22. “Most of us know you're not exactly anxious for a Batman/Superman team-up film, but I'm wondering what your feelings are on a live-action Justice League film?” - Patrick, Evansville, Indiana

JETT SAYS: Hmm. Maybe if it didn’t include “The Big DC 3,” I could dig it. With the X-MEN comparison, the JL has a different dynamic, you know? I don’t know if it would work on the big screen.

23. “Dear Jett. What do you think of NBC's new show HEROES? Did you check it out or even like it?” - Kathleen

JETT SAYS: Yes, Kathleen, I’ve Tivo’ed it since the first episode and had a chance to watch them the last few days. I think it’s pretty good -- enough to keep me interested.

24. “Jett, I know this isn’t Batman, but what’s your favorite TV show?” - Rachel from Chicago

JETT SAYS: Lot’s of mail from the Windy City today. My favorite show? THE OFFICE, bar none. I also like MY NAME IS EARL and 24 quite a bit. And I’m not too ashamed to admit that I watch THE GHOST WHISPERER too!

25. “[I know you said you favored Kate Beckensale and Angelina Jolie as Selina Kyle], however, I don't think [Kate] has the build to play Catwoman. She has a really small frame. Angelina on the other hand, I completely agree. She's got the perfect build with the sultry seductive look that Selina Kyle should have.” - Jonny

JETT SAYS: Yep, I agree. I think AJ would make for a hell of a Selina -- and Catwoman later on.

26. “In your latest news update, one of your sources said that WB is avoiding leaking casting information like Heath Ledger [as The Joker]. However, I don't think that was a bad thing in the least. For once, Batman got big news, and people are ready for the sequel. Within days of its release, everyone (even those that aren't hardcore Batman fans) knew that the sequel was coming and that The Joker would be in it. It's the best publicity yet -- which leads to the question: Was that a mistake or was the leak on purpose?” - Name Withheld

JETT SAYS: What my insider said was that Warner Bros. doesn’t want casting to be announced via leaks -- they want it announced officially in the trades. As a result, they are avoiding and plugging all info leaks.

As far as the question whether or not Ledger’s casting was leaked on purpose, I thought it was at first -- I mean, come on! On the eve of Comic Con? That would be brilliant! I’ve since received info that strongly suggests otherwise. Also, I’m of the belief that the BATMAN BEGINS script was leaked on purpose back in ‘04. I don’t think we’ll see hide nor hair TDK script online.

27. “Jett, I loved that interview with Matt Wagner! I was a big fan of BATMAN AND THE MONSTER MEN and I’ve liked what I read so far in BATMAN AND THE MAD MONK. How did you score that interview man! - Kyle from Mansfield, Texas

JETT SAYS: Thanks Kyle. Mansfield, TX eh? That’s in the Dallas area right? Anyway, I just asked, that’s how I scored the interview. I myself just recently discovered Matt’s work on Batman and I’m a big fan as well. Dude really gets Batman IMO.

28. “Props for that interview with Lachy Hulme. Am I wrong in thinking that dude is full of sh**? Come on, his acting like he knew nothing was BS! Then he says ‘I‘m really not a Bat-fan,’ but knew quite a bit about the character! If you talk to him, tell him I think he‘s full of it -- and I wish he‘d gotten the part!” - Joe from Ohio

JETT SAYS: Hey, I’m glad you liked that interview! As far has Mr. Hulme is concerned, he was in the mix for The Joker. He met with Chuck Roven for cripe’s sake! I’m sure that there was quite a bit of politics involved in Lachy’s comments. And that’s fine -- that’s just how it works in that biz.

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