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DATE: 9/30/06

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Welcome back to another edition of the BOF MAILBAG. The email has been coming in pretty steady with comments and questions about THE DARK KNIGHT and Batman in general. And, as always, the hate mail was superb!

1. “Everyone at the *** board hates you and BOF. You are wrong about everything that you write about like Lachy Hulme being The Joker. You are so big-headed and think you are all that and you are nothing. I will boycott your site forever and I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone at The H*** you old jerk!” - Anonymous

JETT SAYS: *Sigh* Let’s see here, you are boycotting BOF yet you take the time to come to the mailbag section and write this email? And everyone at a particular message board hates me? Wow! I must be doing something right to instill so much hate and venom among so many! Let me check and see if I give a damn...

...uh, no.

2. “[Christian Bale said] wanted sex scenes in BATMAN BEGINS. What a perv!” - Sylvia

JETT SAYS: Sylvia, you realize he wasn’t being serious, right?

3. “Jett, I got your back man! Eff those haters! Anyone with a maturity level over 13 knows that BOF is a heck of a site and that you are a true Bat-fan! I’ve always thought that BOF is the ‘Thinking Man’s Batman site.’ Thanks for all you do!” - Dallas R. from Atlanta, GA

JETT SAYS: Is Dallas your real name? I wanted to name my son “Dallas,” but my wife nixed that. Anyway, thanks for that nice email from “Hot-lanta.” Listen, I know you can’t please everyone, so I just laugh all the haters off. I mean, they do crank out some really funny stuff!

4. “I am sure the decision has already been made, but could you post Ryan Gosling as a suggestion for the Dent role in THE DARK KNIGHT.” - Dan K.

JETT SAYS: You just did yourself. Thanks for reading!

5. “Hey Jett, love the site. What do you think of Two-Face being portrayed as something along the lines of the B:TAS series? Or what about him having ‘Tim Sale Two Face scars?’ Although WB would never allow that.” - Beau S.

JETT SAYS: I didn’t like the fact that Bruce and Dent were big buddies in B:TAS. I don’t know if Bruce and Dent would actually be friends. Dent’s relationship is with The Batman, not Dent. And I didn’t particularly like the look of Two Face in that series either. As far as Dent looking like Sale’s depiction of the character, what makes you think that WB wouldn’t go for it?

6. “Dude, love the expanded Bat-coverage -- especially the comic book reviews. BOF is on its way to becoming the top Bat-site on the Net! Rock on man!” - Jordan W. from Seattle, WA

JETT SAYS: That’s the goal Jordan. I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the comic book reviews. Actually, I’ve loved doing them too!

7. “There is a poster on the IMDB page for The Dark Knight. I haven't seen anything else on the image and I think it is only a really good fake. Do you happen to know anything on it. I only ask because my brother keeps buggin' me to find out every time I talk to him. On a side note: Go Astros!” - Christopher C.

JETT SAYS: Tell your brother that any “poster” that’s on the Net right now is fan made. There are no official THE DARK KNIGHT one sheets or pics available online. As far as the Astros, can you believe that comeback? I don’t think they’ll end up making the playoffs though. But what a meltdown by the Cardinals!

8. “I think if they want to get the look of Two-Face correct, they should take a look at Mel Gibson in Man Without A Face. His make-up looked more realistic than the purple and pink paint used on Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever. All they would need to do is make it look a little bit more ‘bloody and burned.’ What do you think?” - David G. from Boston, MA

JETT SAYS: David, I don’t know about having him look like Gibson in that film, but your are on the right track. I’m sure Two Face will look “realistic” -- like someone who has had acid thrown in his face. Lee would have looked better if his skin hadn’t been purple and the two sides of his face were not perfectly separated!

9. “Should they ever decide to tackle Mr. Freeze, it is my humble opinion that they should seek Ralph Finnes [sic] for the role.” - Jeff J.

JETT SAYS: Ralph Fiennes would be an excellent choice! Good suggestion.

10. “1) What do you think of Clive Owen as Harvey Dent/Two-Face? 2) Do you think Catwoman will ever be in the new Bat-movie series? 3) Who do you think would make a good Catwoman? (I'm thinking Evangelline Lilly from LOST would be great).” - Ben H.

JETT SAYS: 1) I could see it, definitely. 2) I don’t know, I hope so. 3) Kate Beckinsale. Hell, I’d like to see Angelina Jolie as Selina Kyle, even though I get hammered for it every time I mention it!

11. “Hi. I don't if this been asked before and I know BOF is mainly for Batman movies, but I was wondering if you thought having a ‘Ask The Batman Editor’ [section on the site]. I don't if you’ve thought having something like -- that assuming you could get whoever the editor is?” - John

JETT SAYS: John, I have thought of this. In fact, I’ve got a pretty good relationship with DC COMICS, so I’m going to float this their way this coming week.

12. “Every one is talking about the new characters in the new movie. I was wondering if we might see The Scarecrow or Carmine Falcone in THE DARK KNIGHT? I mean they were not killed in BATMAN BEGINS.” - Patrick D.

JETT SAYS: Of all the rumors I’ve heard, I’ve never heard anything about either of those characters returning. I’m assuming that with Falcone now nuts and out of commission, other mobsters will try to take his place in Gotham. As far as The Scarecrow, I’d love to see him return on down the line.

13. “Just wanted to know your reasoning behind your dislike for THE BATMAN’s Joker? I picked up the first season a few weeks back and thought it was a good adaptation of the character.” - No Name

JETT SAYS: I just don’t like that take on The Joker. The red eyes, green dreadlocks (that’s what it looks like), and no shoes just isn’t my cup of tea. I will say that I liked how he was portrayed in THE BATMAN vs. DRACULA however. I certainly didn’t expect a carbon copy of The Joker from B: TAS, but not this.

14. “T.O. looked pretty good on Sunday [vs. the Jaguars]. I’m just worried about Drew Bledsoe. Plus the Redskins can't win in Dallas (or DC for that matter). I think Dallas will have 10 wins this season, does that sound about right?” - Carlos V.

JETT SAYS: Yes he did, although he didn’t do much against the Redskins the next week. That’s probably because he broke his damn hand early in the game. The Cowboys kicked the ‘skins’ ass anyway -- as usual. Honestly, I think Dallas is going to win 11 games and take the NFC East this year. Look for T.O. to go off Sunday in Nashville -- if The Tuna lets him play.

15. “Jett, love the comic reviews and I’m glad you are covering THE BATMAN now. Your take on ‘A-Hole Batman’ was so spot-on, I couldn’t agree with you more.” - Will from Burnsville, Minnesota

JETT SAYS: Thanks Will. I’m still getting tons of email on that article. I’d bet that at least 70% of the people who have responded to that article agree with me.

16. “Just checking to see if you have heard anything on Justin Theroux possibly playing Harvey Dent.” - Adam F. from Baltimore, Maryland

JETT SAYS: Nothing, sorry.

17. “Heya Jett! First, let me say that I love the site! (found it quite accidentally, actually!) I can't agree with you more about DC's recent treatment of Bruce/Batman. Like you I watched a great deal of the Adam West Batman series (albeit in syndication), but I never really followed the comics. That is, until BEGINS came out. I was blown away by this re-imaging (or, more accurately, restoration) of the character. So, I stopped into my local comic and gaming shop to do something they'd never seen me do before: buy comics.” - Doug M.

JETT SAYS: Thanks for the feedback Doug. I’ll let DC know that I’m responsible for their increase in Batman comic book sales and get the cut of the pie that’s due me. Kidding aside, I’ve got tons of email saying virtually the same thing.

18. “I just read that you’ve got an interview in the works with Matt Wagner. That kicks ass! I loved BATMAN AND THE MONSTER MEN and I’m really liking his BATMAN AND THE MAD MONK so far. When’s it going to be posted?” - Paul from Elk River, Minnesota

JETT SAYS: That’s another email from Minnesota this week! Nice state - my wife is from there actually. Anyway, yeah, it’s in the works. Matt agreed and I sent him questions. Dude’s busy, so I hope he has time to answer them.


19. “Why does BOF constantly dis Katie Holmes? What’s with being such a hater?” - Alexis S. from San Diego, California

JETT SAYS: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! How in the hell am I “constantly” dissing Katie Holmes? Haven’t I gone on the record saying I’d like to see her back? I don’t know how they are going to fit her into the story (unless she gets whacked by The Joker), but I have not been dissing her. Come on Katie fans, give it a rest, OK?

20. “Do you think this Damien in BATMAN is really Bruce’s kid?” - Tim S. from Spring, Texas

JETT SAYS: It’s sort of too obvious and too easy to actually be his kid. He did knock boots with Talia, so I’m sure it’s possible. But something tells me there is a twist in this “Batman and Son” storyline. And if you aren’t reading the comics of late, you SHOULD BE! :)

Send your questions to BOF_MAILBAG@MSN.COM

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