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DATE: 9/24/06

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1. “It's been 14 years since we have seen a decent true to the comics Batman movie--When are we going to see another one, done by someone who actually read Detective Comics #27, 33, and Batman #47?” - Jeffery K.

JETT SAYS: I’m not very good at math, but I’ll give it a go. Let’s see, 2006 - 14 = 2005, right? 2005 = BATMAN BEGINS. So when are we getting another one by someone who actually wants to give us a faithful adaptation of The Batman? 2008 and THE DARK KNIGHT.

2. “I read your latest OP and you get no arguments from me.” - Ken S.

JETT SAYS: You must be referring to “’My Batman’ is Back!” I got more email about that op-ed than almost any other I’ve written in 8 years.

3. “Dear Jett -- I love love love your new op-ed on Batman. You wrote my exact feelings why I also abandoned the comic world and I did move on forgetting Batman. You nailed the A-holiness. I’m not back reading the comics…I still don’t trust the comic version as much as I do with Nolan.” - Emelda

JETT SAYS: Emelda, I’d give the comics a try; they may surprise you.

4. “Hey Jett, my name is Nicolas Rojas and I'm from Vińa del Mar, Chile. One of the things that's always been in my mind are those pics of the ‘Stage 2 Scarecrow’ that we never got to see, but somehow you had them.. If you could send them to me I would really appreciate it.” - Nicolas Rojas

JETT SAYS: Thanks for writing in dude. Sorry, can’t send those pics to you, but the “S2S” was something I wished they had used in BEGINS. It was like his whole face melted. Quite disturbing.

5. “Thank you for taking the time to jot down this article. I, too, have found little reason to read Batman over the last several years and really gave up on the character continuity-wise. I would have never realized that the hero Batman had returned to comics had I not read your piece. Keep it up, man. Your commitment to this character is astonishing.” - Zeb

JETT SAYS: Zeb, thanks for your nice email. As I told Ken S. above, I got TONS of email in response to that article. Hey, I just called it like I’ve seen it -- I love reading the new Bat-comics and “My Batman” is starring in them.

6. “First off I just want to say you have a kick ass site and it is very informative. That being said, what are your thoughts on The Joker being portrayed as he was in the Batman: No Man's Land novel? I love that book and I think that The Joker was quite vicious in it. He batted a man's brain in and even more crazy was the fact that he laughed when Gordon shot him and even cracked a joke about Barbara Gordon being shot too.” - Fernando from Texas

JETT SAYS: Sounds good to me! As I’ve said, I want to hate The Joker this time around.

7. “Probably one of the best Batman stories of the last decade featured a decidedly less a-hole Batman than the ‘Infinite Crisis’ stuff did. And granted, even non-comic readers are generally sick of hearing it being discussed, but Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee's ‘Hush’ really is one of the best Batman stories I've read in a long, long time.” - Ryan H.

JETT SAYS: Yep, I agree. “HUSH” is a heck of a Bat-tale.

8. “Just read your article, and thought I would submit my thoughts. While I can appreciate that one will always cherish ‘their Batman.’ I think it is also good to remember, that to keep a character fresh, they need to be in a state of constant, but not drastic, evolution. I agree that The Batman, of late, had been becoming a complete a-hole. However, I also feel that taking him completely back to a 70’s feel, as I believe Grant Morrison has, and will, continue to alienate the new generation of Bat fans (scuttlebutt from spending all my free time in a Comic Store. That having been said, we also have a new Detective Comics, a truly gritty detective book down to it’s core, with beautiful art, and intriguing story lines that don’t string on into 15 arc story lines that are mainly designed to empty my pocket book. I believe this book, if any, has brought The Dark Knight Detective Back to his core. Anyway, not sure if you’ll even get to read this, but I thought I would throw in my two cents. I do agree that he needs to change, just not as drastically as Morrison has done. Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you have, and keep up the EXCELLENT work you are doing on the site!” - Josh Clark

JETT SAYS: Josh, I agree totally. I will say that my article was not just about Morrison’s Batman in BATMAN. I feel the same way about The Dark Knight that’s currently in DETECTIVE.

9. “I couldn't have said it any better. DC really had gone too far with emphasizing the Batman's dark nature. ‘My Batman’ also part of "the polyester decade" (a fantastic phrase!!!!), is intimidating but not psychotic. This is your best op/ed piece to date by far. Congrats on a job well done!” - Cary A.

JETT SAYS: Thanks!

10. “I just wanted to say to you that you do NOT know Batman at all. Batman IS a psycho badass and I hate all the changes that have been made in the comics. All you old f***er’s can f*** off with that 70s Batman sh**! And BATMAN RETURNS rules!” - Kris from Columbia, South Carolina

JETT SAYS: I know I couldn’t go long without a bit of hate email! Kris, look dude, everyone has their own idea of “Batman.” Let me guess, you are in your late teens or very early 20s and was first exposed to the character via RETURNS. You read the comics of the 90s which starred “A-Hole Batman.” Hey, that’s cool, but I’d also take a look at other versions of the character. To many, and not just people my age, feel that the 70s Batman was as close to the definitive interpretation of the character as there has been.

11. “Jett, do you think that The Dark Knight's score will, I don't wanna say change, but evolve? I didn't like the Begins score at first but then it grew on me. It would be nice if it became more anthem like though, right along with Batman maturing as a hero.” - Thomas H.

JETT SAYS: I really like the score and I’m sure that it will “evolve” as you suggest.

12. “Christian Bale is going to film 3:10 to Yuma with Russell Crowe. Any chances that they get Crowe to play Harvey Dent?” - Dony

JETT SAYS: Doubtful.

13. “I was sitting here watching Batman Begins and a question came to my mind. Do you think that Christopher Nolan will keep the cityscape of Gotham the same or do you think he will change it?” - J.R.

JETT SAYS: Well, I hope that he keeps it the same, and I‘m pretty sure he will. One thing I hated about the previous series was that Gotham looked different in each movie.

14. “Hey what’s up with the rumors on the guy that played Smee in the Hook movie Bob, playing The Penguin. have you heard anything about that?” - Brad

JETT SAYS: No, have you?

15. “Let me start by saying I love this site. In the comics Batman's eyes are white and sometimes when he's hiding in the shadows all you see is his glowing eyes which adds to the creepiness which batman try to personify. This effect would be hard to accomplish in a live action movie like Batman Begins. But wouldn't it be cool if in a live action film they gave batman (when he's in the shadows) a little glowy eye appearance like a raccoon or a cat.” - Terry Walker

JETT SAYS: Meh. I can see him using lenses at times, but I’d rather see Bale’s eyes.

16. “Jake Gyllenhaal is my favorite for Harvey Dent but if Guy Pierce gets the part I can live with it. He's a great actor too.” - Phoebe

JETT SAYS: Gyllenhall would work, but you’d get tons of “Brokeback” jokes -- but who really gives a damn, right? Pearce would be fine too. I still like Schreiber myself.

17. “Who gives a rat's ass about Lachy Hulme? What will it do for TDK? Does BOF ego need stroking again?” - Pissed off former BOF’er

JETT SAYS: Well, since the interview with Mr. Hulme was one of the most-read interviews ever on BOF, I’d say a lot of people give a rat’s ass. And as far as you sir, you may want to mix in a bit of anger management.

18. “On more than one occasion heath ledger alluded to a mask for the design of the costume. First of all, do you think he will wear a mask, and secondly what are your thoughts on the situation? Thanks.” - Eric

JETT SAYS: When Ledger said the mask thing, he meant that figuratively. So no, I don’t think that The Joker will wear a mask -- in terms of what makes The Joker “The Joker.” I’m sure he might wear a mask to cover up what he looks like, but I pretty sure that’s not what Heath meant.

19. “Why is it becoming an all British cast in this Batman franchise?” - Disappointed Adrian

JETT SAYS: Well, Ledger is Australian, not a Brit. You want Americans, how about Katie Holmes and Morgan Freeman. Me, I just want good actors; I couldn’t care less about where they hail from.

20. “Hey Jett! just read the Lachy Hulme interview, and I thought it was great. I think we'll all be left wondering how he would have done as The Joker, at least until we see Heath Ledger's interpretation. I think all of the rumors about him being the Joker was a big career boost for him.” - Ryan Lower

JETT SAYS: I got tons of email about the Hulme interview as well, and I loved talking to Lachy. And I’m sure that the pub didn’t hurt his career!

21. “You are full of sh** - Lachy Hulme was never in the mix for The Joker. He said it himself.” - Marshall from Philadelphia

JETT SAYS: Uh, where did he say anywhere in the interview that he wasn’t a candidate? He says that the internet buzz is what really got his name out there -- in his opinion. But I can tell you for a fact that Lachy Hulme was considered for the part of The Joker by “The Powers That Be.” Why in the hell do you think he met with Chuck Roven? Come on now!

22. “Are there gonna be other villains than The Joker and The Penguin? We heard a lot about Harley Quinn and Black Mask. Are those rumours any true?” - Andrew

JETT SAYS: Well, that’s the scuttlebutt - there will be minor Bat-villains in TDK. Sort of like Zsazz in BEGINS. I’d akin The Penguin to The Scarecrow; in terms of the size of the role. But nothing is confirmed -- it’s just a rumor right now.

23. “Nobody's talking (from what I've seen), about Lt. Gordon and Lucius Fox. I like to see how they become more involved with ‘The Batman,’ don't you? Your thoughts?” - Greg Paul from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

JETT SAYS: I’m sure that both will have larger roles in TDK.

24. “I just recently read Ledger's comments on super hero movies. Do you really think we should be trusting this guy with the role after he blatantly said that he hates the genre? “ - Jeremy B.

JETT SAYS: He’s a professional -- he’ll do the job he’s been hired to do and he’ll do it well. So what if he hates “comic book movies.” He has a point: most of them sucked. There are only a handful (BATMAN BEGINS, SPIDER-MAN, BATMAN, etc.) that have been good. I think many fans made way too much out of this comment from Ledger.

25. “Do you think there is a chance that the dark knight rating may be a 15 ? Obviously this would stop at a lot of kids seeing the film but it might make people take notice that the films are heading to a darker place.” - Steve from the UK

JETT SAYS: I’m taking that a 15 is like a R, right? If so, I’d so no way. One of WB’s few mandates is that it has to be PG-13; and I’m fine with that.

26. “I don't know if anyone ask you this question, but why did the Spiderman franchise did better in the box office when Batman is a bigger icon?” Ben from Los Angeles, California

JETT SAYS: I don’t know if The Batman is a bigger icon than Spider-Man. Anyway, it’s an easy question to answer. The Batman film franchise had four films hit theaters before BEGINS came along and re-started the series. SPIDER-MAN, with only 2 films so far (and GOOD ones at that), is just getting started.

27. “Your site does an awesome job. Take no notice of all the 'Haters' out there. All the true fans have faith in yourself and Mr. Nolan, as you do, and reading Heath Ledger's remarks about The Joker I have complete faith in the boy from OZ.” - Matthew From Adelaide, Australia

JETT SAYS: Thanks Matt. The haters are just funny as hell though!

28. “I'm just wanting to say that i will be giving Heath Leger 100% backing as The Joker. It's just getting annoying now, all these idiots criticizing him and saying he's nothing but a gay cowboy !!!! How immature can you get -- he was Oscar nominated for that part. Cheers!” - Steve from Scotland

JETT SAYS: Anyone who is against Ledger solely because of his part in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN needs to stop being homophobic and grow the hell up.

29. “I can't believe I am even writing because it only validates other peoples' comments (to some degree), but don't sweat the "haters". Is it really worth the time to write rants about peoples' taste in film? Personally, I love Batman Returns as a Bat-flick, but I can see why people don't like it. Its just not worth spewing venom about. As for you ‘kissing Nolan's ass,’ well, I trust the man who gave us Batman Begins. He got so much right that he completely earned my trust and if he thinks Ledger is a good fit for The Joker, then I'll sit back and wait. I read your site every day in anticipation for The Dark Knight and I gotta throw in the ole cliche, "keep up the good work".

Its also important to remember: Making movies is difficult! So much can go wrong, especially when you have a franchise with so many hands in the pot. Let the man film, and then we can debate endlessly... in 2008.” - James Strayer

JETT SAYS: Thanks James for the email. Good takes there!

30. “Hey Jett, what's up! Listen all those pricks who send you hate mail (which I read), don't ever let them get to you -- they’re just retards who want to joke all day with no life whatsoever. Anyways please tell us what you think about Liev Schreiber as D.A. Harvey Dent.” - Ivan C.

JETT SAYS: I read ‘em too -- and laugh my ass off! I just pass ‘em along to y’all so everyone else can get a kick out of them as well. Schreiber as Dent? I’ve long said he’s my fave. Thanks for writing.

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