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Mailbag 21
DATE: 9/3/06

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1. “Who the f*** are you to tell Chris Nolan anything?! Get over yourself dude! - Jeff from Milwaukee

JETT SAYS: *Sigh* I didn’t tell Mr. Nolan anything -- I only asked him to remember the past.

2. “What’s up with you telling Christopher Nolan what route to go with THE DARK KNIGHT? This is the guy who gave us BATMAN BEGINS; have you gotten to [sic] full of yourself to remember?” - Aaron T. from San Diego

JETT SAYS: Aaron, read my reply to Jeff in question 1. You guys kill me sometimes.

3. “Quit kissing Chris Nolan’s ass!” - Sean in Boston

JETT SAYS: So because I trust Mr. Nolan and his handling of TDK based on what he gave us in BATMAN BEGINS, that’s “kissing his ass?” Um, sure. Whatever you say. On the other hand, I’m getting ripped by some for actually questioning the direction he’s going with the sequel.

OK, do y’all want me to question Nolan and Warner Bros. about the direction of the BATMAN franchise are not? Sheesh!

4. “I hate you and BOF.” - Anonymous

JETT SAYS: For all you haters out there -- what exactly is it you “hate” about me -- a dude you’ve never met? Hey, BOF is not for everyone, but to hate someone you don’t know? Grow up.

5. “My suggestion for casting Harvey Dent -- was watching CSI: NY last night and I found the right candidate: GARY SINISE. - A.J. from Tuson, AZ

JETT SAYS: Thanks for writing in A.J. I like Sinise as an actor very much, but I think he’s a bit too old for this Dent.

6. “When Nolan said he wants to make [TDK] DIFFERENT, he's not implying that he's going to change up the origin of The Joker (Batman being responsible for dropping him into a vat of chemicals), is he?” - John

JETT SAYS: That origin is more or less via 1989’s BATMAN. In current continuity, The Joker’s origin is sort of a mystery. THE KILLING JOKE could be considered to depict The Joker’s origin in current continuity, but even that’s not for sure. Regarding that origin, according to The Joker himself in TKJ, “"Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another...If I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be 'multiple choice!' HA HA HA!". Using elements of the 1950's story "The Mystery of the Red Hood" (DETECTIVE COMICS #186), which established the idea that The Joker was originally a thief known only as "The Red Hood," and whose real name was unknown. That story is not considered part of current continuity.

I think it’s accepted that he became “The Joker” due to falling in chemicals, but how that happened can be interpreted many ways. My suggestion is to do something fresh and not rehash his origin from B89.

7. “Jett, I’m a Katie Holmes fan who loves your site. Take it from me, most of her fans know that you are not a ‘Katie Hater!’ She was the ‘weak link‘ of the cast and I know that you didn‘t mean that she was horrible. Look at that cast!” Thanks for BOF! - Ashley from Beverly Hills, CA

JETT SAYS: Ah, someone who actually gets it. Thanks for reading Ashley!

8. “Alright, I know you're probably going to knock this immediately but here me out: Vin Diesel as Harvey Dent/Two Face.” Thomas

JETT SAYS: I’m not going to knock you, but NO to that casting suggestion. Thanks for writing in Thomas.

9. “I have just discovered your site and let me tell you I am glad I did. It is great to know that someone with such a solid grounded vision of Batman is having input into the industry, relieving much of the tension that has been felt since the ‘creative endeavour’ of BATMAN AND ROBIN. Please keep in there, communicating for the Batfans, and keep the news coming! You are doing a great job.” - Ben Hartley, Gosford, New South Wales, Australia

JETT SAYS: Ben, thanks for the nice words. I know not everyone agrees with me and my take on The Batman, but I do have the character’s best interests at heart.

10. “Awesome site man. First off, I want to say that I am all for Heath Ledger playing The Joker and have no doubt that he will be awesome. People need to chill out! He is an unbelievable actor and has a look about him that seems to me very Joker-esque. While his appearance may not instantly scream "The Joker," there is something about it that is very capable of looking like The Clown Prince in a very “Brian Bolland/Killing Joke" type of way (which is not a bad thing at all).” - Ryan Clark

JETT SAYS: I agree and I do think that fans are starting to “chill out.”

11. “Jett, are you having a BOF get-together at Comic Con next year?” - Mike from New York City

JETT SAYS: That’s what I’m shooting for. It’s nothing formal, but sort of a “BOF‘ers meet here tonight” type of thing. I’ll let y’all know as we get closer to July ‘07.

12. “Jett, was Guy Pearce actually cast as Harvey Dent in BATMAN BEGINS?” - Derek

JETT SAYS: I know that rumors what hot and heavy doing BB production that there would be a Dent cameo and Pearce was going to be the man. But since then, I can’t find anything that supports that rumor.

13. “Jett, that short op-ed addressed to Nolan was spot-freakin’- on! I hope and trust that those guys listen to you!” - Jay from Dallas, TX

JETT SAYS: Ah, someone who got it I see. Thanks for the email.

14. “I see in your news section you took another shot at BATMAN RETURNS. How unprofessional. You have no taste because that movie is the best Batman film ever. I still love BOF though.” - Brian from Las Vegas, NV

JETT SAYS: Are you going to hate on me or not? Look, I hate BATMAN RETURNS as a “Batman movie” -- that’s no secret. But face the facts: both Burton’s and Schumacher’s follow-up Bat-films are considered disappointments.

You RETURNS fans bitch about FOREVER, but if RETURNS had been different, there wouldn’t have been a reason to change the direction of the film franchise.

Look, my editorial was not a RETURNS bash, but simply to remind Noland and Warner Bros. about the history of the WB Batman franchise. While we all want something different with THE DARK KNIGHT, let’s remember it is a sequel to BATMAN BEGINS and should look and feel like a continuation of that film. There is NO NEED to make a radical change -- that’s my point.

15. “Big fan of the site and incredibly excited for TDK, but my question is about Dent. How would you feel if Colin Farrell were cast?” - Brandon from Cleveland, OH

JETT SAYS: I’d go on a drinking binge, which evidently Farrell did while shooting MIAMI VICE.

16. “Do you think it's possible Christian Bale would do a Batman/Superman movie? I know Brandon Routh expressed intereset in it.” - David from Toronto, Canada

JETT SAYS: When I was at the BEGINS press junket, we asked Bale about that and the vibe I got was that it wasn’t his cup of tea -- with a very politically correct answer. I’m on the record saying to keep the franchises separate.

17. “Do you think Nolan (and everyone else working on TDK) will take into consideration what the fans want(ed) and that did not exist in BATMAN BEGINS?” - John from Houston, TX

JETT SAYS: I believe that Mr. Nolan cares about the fans and what they want. With that said, everyone has their own idea of what Batman “is,” and because of that, it’s hard to please everyone. If you want to feel at ease about Batman in this director’s hands, just look at Nolan‘s BATMAN BEGINS -- the most faithful adaptation of the character on film to date (in my opinion of course).

18. “Bill, don’t you just laugh your ass off at that ‘hate mail’ you get and post in the mailbag? I know we all do! Keep up the great job -- it’s appreciated by the real Bat-fans out there!” - Will C. from Boston, MA

JETT SAYS: Yes. And quite hard. And I do know all of y’all appreciate BOF -- and I appreciate you all as well!

19. "So, when is the Lachy Hulme interview going to be posted?" - Just about ALL BOF'ers

JETT SAYS: This week. Talked to LH this weekend and got it finished. You can check out the preview HERE.

LABOR DAY 2006 (9/4/06) ADDITIONS:

20. “’As I reported to you earlier, Hoffman was very cautious about accepting the role following his Oscar win, and has since declined the part.’ Regarding that, why would he be cautious about accepting certain roles following his Oscar win?” - Andy

JETT SAYS: I’m not sure Andy. Perhaps he didn’t want to be in a “Batman Movie.” Maybe he’s got something else he’s rather do. Since I don’t know for sure, I won’t speculate. But my source on this is as good as they get, so I believe it. I will say to Batman fans that I wouldn’t take Hoffman declining a Bat-role personal. I hate it when y’all do that.

21. “I’m a big ROCKY fan and feel that Stallone gets a bad rap from the public -- I really think he would make a great Maroni.” - Aaron from England

JETT SAYS: “Yo, Harvey Dent!” Stallone can act when he wants to. He was quite good in COPLAND. That’s so off the wall it might actually work! But I don’t think Sly is in the Bat-mix. Thanks for reading BOF!

22. “I watch all Superman movies but SUPERMAN RETURNS doesn't even follow SUPERMAN III. I also hope there is not a Batman-Superman cross over movie for my own selfish reasons.” - Craig

JETT SAYS: Well, Bryan Singer wiped the Superman-slate clean post SUPERMAN II. So -- as Bryan told us at WONDERCON last February -- SUPERMAN RETURNS is SUPERMAN III. It would have been like if Warner Bros. had hired a director and he decided to ignore BATMAN AND ROBIN and make a Batman film that picked up after BATMAN FOREVER.

As far as a Batman/Superman team-up film, I’m against it. Now, the geek in me would find it cool as hell, but I’d rather see another Batman and Superman film instead of ONE Bats/Supes flick. And I think it’d be too gimmicky.

23. “Alright, so I was watching 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS about an hour ago, and I was thinking about Cole Hauser as Harvey Dent. Yes, he might be a bit old, but I really do think he would fit.” - Billy S.

JETT SAYS: Well maybe he could pull some strings since his great-grandfather is the founder of Warner Bros. Pictures. And too old? Are you trying to insult me?! He’s 10 years younger than The Jett Man! I’m kidding, he’s actually about the right age of Harvey Dent. Not a bad suggestion.

24. “First off I'd like to say that your site is excellent and I check it for news updates every other day to see if Nolan has come to his senses and decided to go in a different direction and fire Heath Ledger (as the Joker).” - Travis from Rock Island, IL

JETT SAYS: Dude, all I can tell you is let it go and get on board with the casting. Heath Ledger will grace the silver screen in June 2008 as The Joker.

Just be like me and trust Mr. Nolan -- and then you’ll get hate mail too!

25. “I can't understand your views about the way Warner Bros. marketed BATMAN BEGINS and why you support them on that.” - Ajoy

JETT SAYS: Ajoy, I’ve got 205 million reasons why the marketing for BEGINS was brilliant. I think they screwed up on SUPERMAN RETURNS (which I’m now eating crow about), but the promotion for BEGINS was smart.

26. “Jett, love the site and the dedication -- Great job. What do you think of Nolan's dodging of the Phillippe rumors when asked about them? Could it mean anything? P.S. How ‘bout them Cowboys!” - Charlie

JETT SAYS: I don’t know if he’s dodging anything. I will say this about the Phillippe rumors: the people (and yes, that’s plural) who have informed my about this buzz are unrelated and legit; so I believe them. Now will Phillippe be Dent, and later on Two Face? Who knows?

Guys, there is A LOT of politics involved in casting and the movie biz -- this is something I’ve learned since I’ve been doing BOF since ‘98. Don’t take quotes by actors, directors, producers, studios, etc. as THE WORD, ok?

And the Dallas Cowboys will be kicking major ass this year!

27. “You are Warner Brothers’ bitch! You SUCK!” - Crazy-ass, dork, email address dude


28. “Hey Jett, just wanted to send you your monthly ‘You DON'T suck’ e-mail. Also, I read your recent mailbag about someone asking on the origin of The Joker and I gotta say it since I'm a Joker-Fanatic. The accepted origin of The Joker (and what DC considers canon) is the origin from THE KILLING JOKE. I am sure that Nolan will be looking at that book very closely for the script but I am also sure that he will put his own awesome spin on it.” - Jeffery Duke from Philly

JETT SAYS: Thanks for reading and writing in from The City of Brotherly Love! One time capital of The United States and the place where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were both written. And the home of the Philadelphia Eagles. Hehehehehehe. Anwyay…

You sir, are correct. However, THE KILLING JOKE while it is considered canon, is not the “for sure” origin of The Joker. It’s only a possibility, as The Joker himself (see above) can’t remember himself.

Thanks for reading my friend and I was just being funny about all the Eagle stuff -- psych! But thanks for supporting the site, really!

29. “Ha! I’m laffing my ass off at BOF cause you suck. U were scooped by Latino Review and all you do is give us bullsh**. I bet you were pissed that you didn’t break that the joker was casted.” - Thomas from Chicago, IL

JETT SAYS: An un-edited email from a hater -- this is the sort of nonsense I get all the time. This is why I don’t take ANY of you serious. But you all are good for lot’s of laughs!

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