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Mailbag for Sunday, August 20, 2006
DATE: 8/20/06

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1. “Ryan Phillippe? You’ve got to be kidding me! The guy can’t act and he’s what, 24?”

JETT SAYS: *Sigh* The guy can act (see CRASH and GOSFORD PARK) and he nearly 32 damn years old! If cast, which frankly is unlikely, he’ll be in his mid 30s by the time THE DARK KNIGHT is in theaters and pushing 40 when the third Bat-film (of this series) rolls around.

2. “Jett, do you think that the Batmobile will be altered for the sequel? I remember reading that the designers were disappointed with the public's somewhat negative opinion of it.” - Thomas

JETT SAYS: Perhaps a bit, but I doubt there will be a whole knew Batmobile. I think once it was all said and done, people dug The Tumbler. I know that the entire crew, Nolan included, love the thing. Expect it to return.

3. “I hate you and BOF sucks.” - Anonymous

JETT SAYS: Here we go again….

4. “When do you think the first trailer will be released?”

JETT SAYS: Next summer, no doubt. Since Warners and Sony made a deal to the run SPIDER-MAN 3 trailer with SUPERMAN RETURNS, perhaps we’ll see it in May when the latter hits theaters. But sometime during the summer of ‘07 no doubt.

5. You’re such an arrogant fu**! Always hyping yourself and your site. But I love BOF anyway!” - Gerry from Detroit, MI

JETT SAYS: Well, at least you love the site! But let me say this Gerry, there is A LOT of tounge in cheek humor and sarcasm at BOF. Some get it, some don’t. I certainly do not take myself too seriously.

6. “Why doesn’t the site cover fan films, like BATMAN: DEAD END and GRAYSON? - Ross Kyle from New York City

JETT SAYS: I’ve thought about including them, but it would open a can of worms. I’d get hammered with requests (which I already do) to review/link to/cover fan films and there is no way I could include them all. So, I focus on the official movie series as I have since the beginning.

7. “I love the site and check in on it on a daily basis. I actually just got done watching BATMAN BEGINS for the umpteenth time and I really cannot believe the staying power the movie has. In the past, I'd watch a movie until I was sick of it, but this film just keeps me coming back for more again and again. I was curious to see to if you had any idea on how much of a budget THE DARK KNIGHT would command? - Pat from The Bronx, New York

JETT SAYS: Hmmm. If I had to guess, It’ll be about the same as BEGINS, maybe even less. Remember, the sets have been left standing, so there will not be as much construction and what-not for TDK. You’ll have to figure in marketing as well, as I expect this one to be promoted a bit more than BEGINS.

8. “Do you think Heath can pull it off? - Justin H.

JETT SAYS: Well, I think Ledger can flat act, if that answers your question. Plus, I trust Nolan’s judgment on this one. We’ll see for sure in summer ‘08.

9. “How about Clive Owen for Dent?” - J. Adams

JETT SAYS: Not a bad choice at all. I don’t know if he’ll be available however.

10. “What do you think of Eion Bailey or Ed Norton for Harvey Dent? - Mandy

JETT SAYS: Bailey? No. But Norton, yes. I think Ed Norton is a fantastic actor.

11. “Long time reader, first time emailer. Just wanted to thank you for all the hard work in keeping the bat-fandom updated on the Batman movie front. Also I want to say how much I appreciate you expanding the site to incorporate the comics more. I think if you continue on this track you're not only going to have the best Batman film site, you're going to have the best Batman site, period. - Shane

JETT SAYS: Thanks Shane! That’s my goal -- to cover The Batman character in all of his incarnations. The “Batman In Comics” sub-site is coming along nicely.

12. “Do you think that with the title ‘The Dark Knight’ and the Joker headlining the villains roster this time around that we could see an 'R'-rated Bat-flick?” - Tyler Bartlett

JETT SAYS: Tyler, there is no way that will happen. And I’d be against it if they tried to go that route to be honest. PG-13 is fine for Batman.

13. “I was wondering, since Lachy Hulme was a big candidate for The Joker, what are the chances of him being cast as Dent?” - Gio D

JETT SAYS: Slim to none -- but crazier things have happened. I think Mr. Hulme was perfectly suited for The Joker; I’m not sure he’d physically make for a good Dent.

14. “I have loved John Cusack since seeing his sister and him in SIXTEEN CANDLES. However, someone has to tell John`s people that he has to hold out for THE WATCHMEN! For the love of _ _ _ John Cusack is Nite Owl / Dan Dreiberg ! ! ! - Philippe Bilodeau

JETT SAYS: I’ll pass along the suggestion! And 16 CANDLES is among my favorite films! I think I was actually 16 when I first saw it.

15. “Jett, I just wanted to let you know that most people/Bat-fans love your site. I know you get tons of hate mail and people blast you on message boards, but that’s because they are F’n jealous. There’s not a one of them that wouldn’t want to be in your position. Don’t worry about all that sh##, we all appreciate the hard work and time you put into BOF. And GO COWBOYS!” - Micah Hooper, Dallas (South Lake), Texas

JETT SAYS: Micah, that email made my day. Thanks.

16. “Jett, what’s your take on a GREEN LANTERN movie?” - Randy from North Carolina

JETT SAYS: Randy, my best friend’s name is Randy, but anyway…I’d LOVE to see a GREEN LANTERN film. And frankly, I’d have no problem with one that had a bit of comedy in it and Jack Black as The Lantern. BUT, it CAN NOT be a goof or parody of comic book films. I’ve read the script and there is an element of that in it. Remove that crap, and I’d be happy. The idea of an “Average Joe” getting the ring could make for a interesting and entertaining film. Comic book films don’t all have to be a BATMAN BEGINS.

17. “Bill, any chance of getting Michael Uslan back again for another interview? I’d love to read what he thinks about THE DARK KNIGHT and the upcoming THE SPIRIT movie.” - James from the UK

JETT SAYS: There’s probably a really good chance actually. I’ll hit him up and see when we can do it.

18. “What is Warner’s reaction to the box office returns on SUPERMAN RETURNS. I mean they have to be disappointed.” - Adam Carver Stellmon, New York City

JETT SAYS: They are. They’ve said it should have made $100 million more overall than it will ultimately take in. With that said, there will still be a sequel in 2009, no doubt. They’ve invested too much money and time in re-establishing the franchise and it wasn’t a “bomb” so to speak.

19. “Will Katie Holmes be returning. I kind of only want her to if The Joker will be killing her.” - Chris

JETT SAYS: It looks as if Ms. Holmes will be back to reprise her role of ADA Rachel Dawes.

20. “I know Nolan referenced ‘The Long Halloween’ when writing the mob storyline in BATMAN BEGINS. Do you think he'll continue to use that book when he adds the Harvey Dent element to the new story? I really like that portrayal of Dent.” - Jesse


21. “If The Penguin does appear, any chance that Nolan and co. would go for the DeVito-style physically deformed Oswald?” - Shane

JETT SAYS: For the love of God, NO! :)

22. "Do you really want Phillippe as Dent?" - Presley from Seattle, Washington

JETT SAYS: Presley? Is that your real name? If so, that's cool as hell! Anyway, is he my first choice? No, I still like Liev Schrieber best. Would I totally flip out if he gets the part? No.

23. "If Phillippe gets casted I swear I will boycott this film!" - Stephen from Orlando, FL

JETT SAYS: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! There is not such word as "casted!" And regarding boycotting the film, sure you will. Dude, you and everyone who says that will be in line at that first midnight showing.

24. "First off, keep up the FANTASTIC work on BOF. Don’t listen to the nay-sayers. They’re a small minority -- they’re just louder than the majority.

Secondly, I agree with your assumption that Phillippe will not be cast, and the part will be given to someone who hasn’t been mentioned yet. It’ll come way out of left field. My main reason for believing this is that the Phillippe rumors and supposed 'confirmation of casting' showing up all over the net, are blatantly similar to the Hulme and Bettany rumors and 'casting confirmations' that were ALL OVER the place, right before we were blindsided by the Ledger news. I think the studio and/or Nolan were behind that and are at it again. This only suggests, though, that a Dent casting official statement will be released VERY soon. Your thoughts?" - Adrian S.

JETT SAYS: Thanks for the nice words -- I know that the majority of people dig BOF and your assessement of "loud but vocal" is correct.

As far as Phillippe, again I agree. I don't think he'll be cast when it's all said and done. Now, I'd have no problem if he were given the part, and I quite enjoy how the fanboys are totally flipping out about the prospect of him being Dent!

25. "Hey Jett I LOVE this site! anyway I was watching TITANTIC today, and I somehow got the impression that Billy Zane would make a good Dent do you agree? - Garland A.

JETT SAYS: I'm so glad you love the site! Here's the deal with Zane, he comes off as an asshole. He's probably not in real life, but that's the vibe he gives out. You want to like Dent, root for him. I'd have a hard time doing that with Zane to be honest.

26. "I was wondering what you thought of Matthew McConaughey as Dent/Two-Face? Also, do you think Robin would work in Nolan’s movie’s if they took a 'Dark Victory/All Star Batman and Robin,' approach? Thanks!" - Andrew

JETT SAYS: McConaughey? I could dig it -- mostly because he’s a Texan! And went to UT! (Hook ‘EM!) But seriously, yeah, I could see it and I’d have no problem with it at all.

As far as Robin, not now. I LOVE DARK VICTORY -- love it. And I also am really digging how Bruce is adopting Tim in the current comics. Trust me, I’m not Robin Hater, although I’m accused of being one. I just hope they wait a bit before they introduce him.

Of course, that means that the series isn’t run into the ground beforehand -- to prevent that is why BOF exists.

27. “When do you think we'll get our first look of Ledger as The Joker? Will it be like SPIDER_MAN 3 with Venom? Or will they flat out give Bat-fans a glimpse of what he looks like in the film? - ETod9

JETT SAYS: I hope and pray it’s at Comic Con next summer. No sooner and no later. I’d tease the hell out of it until then -- but that’s just me. I can tell y’all this -- I’ve been hammering WB about this ad nauseam and I think they are listening.

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