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Mailbag for Wednesday, September 21, 2005
DATE: 9/21/05

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Welcome to the second edition of the BOF MAILBAG. Last week's first edition was a huge success - thanks to you all. I Appreciate all the questions and comments that you all emailed. I did read them all, although there was no way for me to include each and every one of them that was sent. Many of yall had the same questions, so once I answered it, that was it.

I hope that you enjoy reading this new section and find and answer to your questions. Remember, the answers are my based on opinion for the most part. And keep those questions coming!

1. Vinny asks, "I did a little research and Robin Williams name kept coming up about being offered parts in the original BATMAN series. I was just wondering what was Robin Williams role (either as pawn or cast member) in the creation of the original four movies?"

JETT SAYS: Vinny, word has it that Williams was "offered" the role of The Joker prior to Jack Nicholson accepted it back in 1988. I don't think the offer to Williams was serious, but most likely used to pressure Jack to accept. William's name would pop up again later on as he was rumored to be in the running for The Riddler in BATMAN FOREVER.

2. "I've been reading your website like almost every day since BATMAN BEGINS came out in theaters, and I just wanted to applaud your stance on BATMAN FOREVER. From the get go, I always thought there was something funky about BATMAN RETURNS (eg:the bomb on that henchman's chest, the make-up screw up on Batman's eyes at the end when he's talking to Catwoman, and the gigantic penguins at the end, etc.). FOREVER is well over the top, but it has heart and substance behind it. A true essence of Batman's tragic promise to his parents. Way to go Jett, and congratulations on your website, and for the record - GO COWBOYS!!! I'm from the Metroplex area!!!" - Kelly H., Texas.

JETT SAYS: Hey Kelly, go Cowboys and thanks for writing. I agree with you about RETURNS and FOREVER. The deal here isn't whether or not FOREVER is a good film - it is probably below average in that regard. But it is a better BATMAN film than RETURNS in my opinion. Sure it has many flaws, but I've always liked it.

3. "you and your sight are proff that batman fans have know life." - Anonymous

JETT SAYS: OK. But you and your email are proof that you sir, are a moron. How many of these emails are you going to send? If you are going to insult me, at least change them up from time to time, OK?

4. DAVE writes in and says, "I completely agree with you about Katie Holmes playing Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins. Although I am a fan of her, I thought she was completely wrong for the role. When I see her, I don't picture someone who has spent years in law school and is now doing high-profile cases. She just wasn't convincing.
I also agree about your take on Harvey Dent. In the animated series, he came off as shallow before becoming Two-Face and I think the movie version should portray that as well. What I'm not sure I agree on is your idea of making him and Bruce be "Social rivals". Maybe it would work, I'm just not sure. Maybe what they should do is have them be old friends, and as they got older there was some jealousy because Bruce was a rich playboy, and Harvey didn't always get the girl, and he became jealous of Bruce because of it, even though Harvey is good-looking."

JETT SAYS: Thanks for writing Dave, good stuff there. I was thinking that this "social rivalry" may be a ruse on Bruce's part to throw off Dent as to who The Batman might actually be. I think it might be a cool and interesting dynamic if Bruce and Dent have a strained relationship, while Batman and Harvey are tight allies.

5. "I'm writing for my friend in China. If you have a chance, will you please thank all the people that participated in the production of BEGINS for me?" - William, Australia

JETT SAYS: You just did yourself my friend.

6. Mike R. from San Diego, California asks, "What's the deal with this Lachy Hulme guy? The guy has done nothing, but he's in the mix to play a huge role in a huge franchise?"

JETT SAYS: All I know Mike that he is indeed in the mix for the role of The Joker. I first heard this while BEGINS was still in production from someone I trust that was "close" to the set. It is also common knowledge that Hulme was invited to the BEGINS premiere last June, but couldn't attend due to his work on M as McDuff.
I have to think that someone at Warner Bros. likes his looks and his previous work enough to give him consideration. We'll see how it pans out.

7. Colin Griffith from Minneapolis, MN wants to know if I think "...there will ever be a Batman/Superman team-up film?"

JETT SAYS: I hope not. I was behind the BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN deal a few years back, just because I wanted to see Batman on film again. But I don't think it is a good idea - even though I thought that Andrew Kevin Walker's script was pretty good. If I was advising Warner Bros., I'd tell them to hang their hat on the BATMAN and SUPERMAN franchises and keep them APART.

8. Tony Murphy from Brooklyn, NY wants to know what I "...think about SUPERMAN RETURNS," and why don't I run a SUPERMAN ON FILM site?

JETT SAYS: Tony, I'm fired-up for this film. I'm a huge fan of the Richard Donner film, SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE that starred Christopher Reeve. I'm also glad that they made this film a sequel to the first two Reeve films - and that's exactly what it is, a sequel. But to me, that was the only way to go. How in the hell were you going to top that original film? You couldn't.
Hopefully, I'll be able to attend the SUPERMAN RETURNS press junket for the new site and have a full report as I did with BATMAN BEGINS.

9. I've had several people email me wanting to know if I think Talia - Ra's Al Ghul's comic book daughter - will show up in a future sequel.

JETT SAYS: Probably not. In my opinion, the Ra's Al Ghul storyline is done.

10. Michael Brits from Durban, South Africa asks "Do you have any idea if the Two-Face and Joker relationship is going to be one of a partnership or rivalry, vengeance thing?"

JETT SAYS: From what I've been told, there is no partnership between The Joker or Two-Face. Dent is going to help The Batman hunt down The Clown Prince and the scuttlebut is that The Joker has something to do with Dent's transformation into Two-Face - either directly or indirectly.

11. I've several emails either suggesting or asking if I thought the comic book storyline of "KNIGHTFALL" will make to the big screen.

JETT SAYS: Hey, I enjoyed that series - which is now over a decade old. It was a gimmick, but it was good nonetheless. As far as seeing it onscreen, no. Ain't going to happen.

12. "Im Rodrigo from Buenos Aires, Argentina and Im wondering what do you think about the Hans Zimmer/James Newton - Howard soundtrack? Im a big Danny Elfman fan and I think that WB should bring him back to write the soundtrack for the sequel and the rest of the franchise. His Batman theme is an anthem that everybody remembers. Good site, good luck!"

JETT SAYS: Rodrigo, love the Elfman theme as well. But it of the old series and I can't see it making a comeback. As far as the soundtrack used in BEGINS, I dug it quite a bit and it fit the film quite well.

13. Zack S. from Oklahoma writes, "Jett, you run a really good site. You are a true Batman fan and I have loved Batman all my life, esp. the animated series. 'Batman Begins' was awesome. I knew it would be, but I still had my doubts because of previous Bat-films. Can't wait for the sequel, and keep up the good work!!!!"

JETT SAYS: Thanks Zack. I enjoyed your email.

14. Chris Weir of Middletown, Delaware, A self-described "BIG Eagles fan" (Sorry dude, can't help you with that one), wants to know if I think the Bat-series will continue after the supposed three-film arc.

JETT SAYS: Yes I do.

15. Darkworld - not his real name obviously - wants to know my take on Batman having lenses for his eyes built into the cowl.

JETT SAYS: I'm not a big fan of having lenses, as I do like seeing his eyes. It does help convey his emotions. With that said, I thought the way the lenses were done on the cowl in DAREDEVIL looked good. I could go for some sort of retractable lenses, I guess.

16. "What type of origin story for The Joker do you think would work best in the BEGINS sequel, asks Brad H. from Yakima, Washington

JETT SAYS: I'd like for his origin to remain a mystery for the most part. Maybe clues are dropped here and there throughout the film. Perhaps he blames The Batman for his "transformation" for some reason. It needs to be something different from what we saw in B89.

17. Jason S. from Stillwater, Oklahoma asks if I think that Robin will ever be included in a sequel.

It is no secret that I'm not a fan of having the Robin character in any future Bat-films. I find it a dynamic that just doesn't work for me. Why would Batman even have a "sidekick" in the first place? But who knows? I know there was a strong desire to include him in the last series. Both B89 and RETURNS had him in the script and cast the role, but the character was dropped prior to shooting.
JETT SAYS: I'm not a "Robin Hater" per se, but what works in the comic books doesn't always work in a live-action film. If I have my way, there would be no Robin in any sequel.

18. David C. asks "With you're contacts with WB, would it not be possible to ask them to release all official BATMAN BEGINS sequel news via BOF? Maybe give you the scoop first. BTW, Paul Wares's Bat-film is gonna rock!"

JETT SAYS: Oh, it's possible to ask them, but that ain't going to happen. What I'd like to do actually is for BOF to host a "blog" from Nolan and others on the crew of the sequel. I don't know if they are interested, but they know how to reach me.
Warner Bros. and BOF - from my point of view - have a very good relationship. They invited me to the set (Paul Wares went in my place), allowed me to premiere one of the BATMAN BEGINS one-sheets, and they invited me to the press junket. So "we're cool," so to speak.
As long as they make good BATMAN films.

19. Darren Girvan from Scotland wants to know if the leaked script was close to what ended up onscreen.

JETT SAYS: Darren, I'm going to assume that you a) read the leaked script, but haven't seen the film. Or b) vice-versa. If it's choice "A," I'm about to spoil things for you. Yes, the leaked script was what pretty much what one saw at the movies.

20. "Jett, I read some of the emails you posted and have read where others have hammered you and your site on other message boards as well. Dude, how do you put up with that sh**?!" That question was posed by Darren Trahan from Mississippi.

JETT SAYS: Darren, I laugh it off - that's how I handle it. That's part of the gig.

21. "Who do you think would make a good Catwoman," asks David G. from Boston, Mass.

JETT SAYS: David, you know, I really haven't thought about it. My first impulse is to say Angelina Jolie. Kate Beckinsale comes to mind. Don't hold me to those, OK?

22. Kent W. writes, "Years ago when the first 'Batman' film was just getting off the ground, I read (in 'Starlog' perhaps) that The Penguin was being considered as the main villian. The concept was going to treat the Penguin as a criminal mastermind as has been discussed recently. The reason for the 'Penguin' moniker was that the character surrounded himself with a very austere environment, (white and black sort of like the eighties), was most comfortable in colder temperatures (Kept the AC on 24-7), and dressed very formally usually in a tux. The character would present as very formal in manner. What do you think of this concept? It would be easy for Nolan to grab someone from his British stable of actors to flesh it out."

JETT SAYS: I like it. I believe that The Penguin was in Tom Mankiewicz script THE BATMAN, The Penguin was featured as a secondary villian and the screenwriter said he favored Peter O'Toole as the Bat-villian.
I'm on record saying that I wouldn't mind seeing The Penguin show up in Gotham as a crime boss - and that take on the character certainly would work.

23. "Iggy," from Muskegon, Michigan asks if I think The Joker should be responsible for Dent's scaring, or should it be more in line with the comic book origin.

JETT SAYS: Dude, I don't know. I sort of like the idea of the "revenge" theme carried out in the sequel. Dent helps The Batman track down and capture The Joker, who then takes out his revenge on Dent. Perhaps Two Face will blame Batman for not preventing that from happening. We'll see.

24. "Did they do a better job advertising the film overseas? Here [domesticly], it seemed like they did not really do much marketing UNTIL the critics got behind the film. If the WB execs had, 'Begins' probably would have made more, says reader Dan Wadkins.

JETT SAYS: Dan, I wrote AN ENTIRE OP-ED on this. The marketing was fine. The thing has made $205 million in the U.S. and Canada already. Again, if they had shoved it down people's throats, just how much would it have made? The marketing was subtle and low-key and it worked.

25. John Dickson from Overland Park, Kansas wants to know if The Scarecrow will return.

JETT SAYS: We know he's out there, right? You never know. I'd certainly like to see him again as I thought Cillian Murphy was excellent.

26. Jullian H. from South Carolina wants to know if there is any word on what the sequel may be titled.

JETT SAYS: Yes - I've heard some possibilities. I'm sure that "they" have brainstormed several possible titles, and I'm going to reveal them soon (if my source will allow it). I've promised to keep mum on it right now. I will say it is not BATMAN CONTINUES. Rememember, these are just possibilities at this time.

27. "Dig BOF, dug BATMAN BEGINS. I still think Batman looks best in spandex," says Tom G. from Columbus, Ohio.

JETT SAYS: Thanks Tom, I'm glad you emjoy the site and I loved BATMAN BEGINS as well. It is the best BATMAN film to date by far.

As for as seeing Batman in spandex, I'm not too fond of that. I like what they did in BEGINS. In fact, in the comic books, it really isn't spandex - it is body armor. Lee Bermejo told me that the reason they don't draw detailed body armor in the comics is because of the time it would take to do it in such detail.

28. Many readers have written in and want to know if Kate Beckinsale's name has been mentioned to me.

JETT SAYS: The answer is maybe.... ;)

29. "I have to say first off, kudos to you and your crew for this blessed site. Second, what is with some of these assholes writing in? I just finished reading the first set of the mailbag and have to say that there are some seriously over dramatic people out there. I think they were taking some of the things you say a bit too seriously. Being a huge BATFAN myself, I would like to apologize on behalf of these dis-illusioned lost souls. Why can't they just be BATFANS and be happy with the information available on this site? I thank you again for the work you do here," - Bryan Tosh, U.S. Navy.

JETT SAYS: Thank you very much for the props. As far as those, ahem, assholes, it's a free country and they can say what they want. I thought I would share with y'all some of the stuff like that I get (daily). I get hammered for what I write, what I don't write, how I write, etc., etc. That's just part of the gig. Usually, I just laugh my ass off when I read them.

Hey, I know that I can't please everyone and getting stuff like that is what you have to deal with when you run a site that has as many people read it as BOF does. But guess what, they're reading BOF, aren't they? Even as they insult the hell out of me.

30. T.J. Johnson from Buffalo, New York asks, "Jett, did BOF really start out on a WebTV? Or are you just BSing us?"

JETT SAYS: T.J., yes it did. When I first started this site, I really had no idea that it would grow like it did. I used to sit in a recliner and bang out "JettD60's BATMAN 5 Page."

31. Larry Walton asks "How long have you been a Batman fan? Do you collect any Batman items and if so what do you collect?"

JETT SAYS: Larry, I've been a Batman fan my whole life. I'll be forty this October, so my obsession has last nearly four decades now. I'm not sure how I got to be such a big fan, although I'm pretty sure that it was the old TV series from the 60s is what did it. And my fondness for the character has stayed with me my whole life. Check out my article BATMAN AND ME.

As far as collecting, I'm not too much into it. I have lots of Batman stuff around the house, but I don't "collect" per se anything in particular. In my office, I have a one-sheet from both B89 and BEGINS hanging as well as a statue of Bale as Batman on my desk - and lots of other small items scattered about the office.

32. Jim Fletcher from Austin, Texas wants to know how I think Val Kilmer would have fared in BATMAN BEGINS.

JETT SAYS: Jim, "Hook "Em" by the way, I think Val would have been very good. He's an excellent actor. Now, I'm talking about A Val Kilmer being about the same age as Bale - not at his present age.

And Jim (Jim is a Cowboys fan by the way), didn't that second Redskins TD feel like a kick in the groin last Monday night? Alas, even a blind squirrel will find an acorn in the snow every now and then. Out of the last 16 matchups, they've won only two - I can live with that ratio.

33. Shaun Fitzgerald from Dallas, Texas asks "Jett, is that really your wife in that picture? And I've 'brainwashed' all my kids to be Batman fans just like you have, from what I've read. Love the site!"

JETT SAYS: Shaun, yes that is indeed my wife, "Mrs. Jett." And all my kids are Batman fans as well - except for my daughter who says now that she doesn't like Batman just to get on my under my skin.

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