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Mailbag for Friday, August 3, 2006
DATE: 8/3/06

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1. “Do you think that the title of the film will be changed to BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT?”

JETT SAYS: No, that’s the title and it kicks ass!

2. “Don’t you think the title needs to have ‘Batman’ in it so it won’t confuse the mainstream audience?”

JETT SAYS: No. All of the movie posters that will be on display will have The Batman on them. Plus, everyone knows who “The Dark Knight” is anyway. That’s nothing to worry about.

3. “I totally agree with you on how to market The Dark Knight (I really hope that title sticks, it's so badass). WB is amazing for letting talented directors make awesome movies without much interference, referring to Nolan and Singer, but their marketing sucks. Just wanted to give you a word of support and here's to hoping WB listens.” - Stephen

JETT SAYS: Thanks Stephen for the nice words and I agree with your take on the marketing -- and in keeping the title. But I must say in defense of the marketing for BEGINS, it was done very well back in ‘05.

4. “Thank you so much for everything you have done for all us Bat-geeks. Most of us sincerely appreciate it and you. Cheers.” - David A Rivera

JETT SAYS: Thanks David for the nice words and support. What’s the deal? I’m getting more nice email of late than hate email!

5. “Is THE DARK KNIGHT really going to be the title, or is it like THE INTIMIDATION GAME?”

JETT SAYS: No, that IS the film’s title.

6. “I read the article posted today about the Batman sequel featuring the Joker and the Penguin -- the Penguin?! Are they serious? I think Joker is insane enough to be the only villain featured in the movie.” - James L.

JETT SAYS: The Penguin has not been officially confirmed, but I have it on good authority that he’s in it. Look, I’m not the biggest fan of that villain myself, but I think if you go mobster with him, he will work. But make no bones about it, The Joker is THE villain of this film. As far as too many villains, that wasn’t done well in the previous series, granted. But BEGINS had Ra’s, The Scarecrow, Mr. Earle, and Falcone, and that worked out well, didn’t it.

7. “Here is my question for you (sorry about the length of my rant). What do you think about Ryan Phillippe for the role of the charismatic Gotham City D.A.? People seem to value your opinion, I know I do, I would like to hear what you think about the guy for Dent.” - Clint, West Hill, CA

JETT SAYS: If Nolan picks him, I’d support it. He’s a fine young actor about the same age as Bale, so why the hell not?

8. “Just got done reading your BOF mailbag posted on the 28th. Dude, I have to say, the things these idiots write in here are hilarious man!! What are they trying to prove?” - J. Ryan

JETT SAYS: Well, it seems that they are trying to prove that they are morons and doing a very good job at it.

9. “ World War III is about to break out and all you care about is Batman, you lowlife loser. Get a life!” - Anonymous

JETT SAYS: I rest my case regarding morons.

10. “My question is, how do you think Heath Ledger will play the part? Do you think it might be something like Brandon Lee's performance in The Crow? Just a white face, and ruthless killing maybe? - Mark M.

JETT SAYS: Mark, I don’t know what Nolan and Ledger have in story. But what I do know is that it will be NOTHING like Jack Nicholson in BATMAN. You can take that to the bank.

11. “Do you really want to see this Batman sequel be high profile like Superman? You must be kidding. The only thing I want from a Batman movie is quality and for them to make more. The only thing we'd see from more advertising is a more watered-down, pedestrian Batman, like we got with Superman. I don't care if WB makes money, they have plenty.” - Matt G.

JETT SAYS: If Warner Bros. doesn’t make money off of THE DARK KNIGHT, there won’t be anymore Batman films. All I’ve said is that the marketing for TDK needs to be a bit more higher profile and active than it was for BEGINS. I believe your way of thinking about this isn’t realistic.

12. “What's going on with this Batman castings? Are they for real? It’s like ‘Batman 90210.’” - Sad Meg

JETT SAYS: Look, I know that Ian Ziering was like 46 when he was doing that show in the 90s, but Heath Ledger is 27 and will be 29 when the film is released. And I guess you are also alluding to Ryan Phillippe who has not been cast. And Meg, he’s 32 -- the same age has Bale.

13. “The Joker and Harvey Dent are suppose to be in the sequel, but do you see The Penguin in the sequel also? If so, played by whom? - Todd K.

JETT SAYS: The Penguin could work well -- I like the rumor of him being a British arms dealer/mobster with designs on Gotham. I like Phillipp Seymour Hoffman as Oswald, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Robin Williams in the role either.

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