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Mailbag for Friday, July 28, 2006
DATE: 7/28/06

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Hey y’all, Jett here with another BOF MAILBAG. Since I’ve been so inundated with email since the Heath Ledger news broke, that I figured it was time to answer some questions. It’s going to be a little different this time as I’m not going to name any of the senders. Many people asked the same questions, so this mailbag will be done sort of “FAQ” style.

1. “I can’t see Heath Ledger as The Joker.”

JETT SAYS: Perhaps that was the point.

2. “Jett, what’s your take on Nolan picking Heath Ledger for The Joker?”

JETT SAYS: I’ve already answered that in my latest op-ed. CLICK HERE to read it. Basically I trust Nolan and I’m down with it.

3. “Was Hulme really in the mix to play The Joker?”

JETT SAYS: Yes. He met with producer Charles Roven, so just that puts him “in the mix.” I think that both Nolan and Warner Bros. were not comfortable giving the part to a relatively unknown.

4. “I can’t believe that Crispen Glover didn’t get the part! He’d been perfect for The Joker!”

JETT SAYS: Glover was nothing more than a favorite among a few Bat-fans. The guy was never in the mix.

5. “Jett, please tell Warner Bros. not to do this! Heath Ledger is all wrong for The Joker! I guess you are nothing more than a f***ing Warner sell-out!”

JETT SAYS: First of all, I can’t tell WB or Nolan to do anything. I can suggest, but as I’ve said, I trust Nolan’s vision so I’m down with this. There, I’ve answered your question, so basically you’ve told WB and Nolan how you feel. It's a done deal, so get over it already.

6. “Jett, why are you such a Katie Holmes hater? She MUST be back for the sequel!”

JETT SAYS: Oh Lord not again. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

7. “Jett, when do you think filming will start?”

JETT SAYS: From what I’ve heard, early 2007. Maybe even in January.

8. “I was at Comic Con too and saw the SPIDER-MAN 3 panel. This HAS to be done next summer for BATMAN!

JETT SAYS: Oh God yes. Warner Bros, listen to me. Listen to him ^. This MUST happen -- No ifs, ands, or buts! That SPIDER-MAN 3 panel kicked ass and completely fired up the fans. Even if they are still filming, Nolan, Bale, Roven, Ledger, Oldman, and company should be there in 2007 -- it is ESSENTIAL! Thanks for listening.

9. “When do you expect official confirmation on casting?”

JETT SAYS: I’d say the Fall once they get more of the cast on board. But hell, who knows? I’ll write this and the next thing you know, there will be a press release. But I’d wait a bit myself. Heck, everyone already knows Ledger is The Joker anyway.

10. “Who do you think will be cast as Dent?”

JETT SAYS: I still hear Liev Schrieber’s in the mix, but no telling. Josh Lucas wants the role and has said as much.

11. “Jett, what do you do, kiss Nolan’s ass everday?”

JETT SAYS: No, but I do wash his car once a month.

12. “How in the hell can a gay Cowboy play The Joker?! What a travesty!”

JETT SAYS: Uh, you do know that Heath Ledger really isn’t a cowboy or gay? And if he was the latter, it has nothing to do with him getting the part anyway. All of you with the gay stuff: grow the hell up! Geez, some of you are so damn immature it’s f’ing laughable! You know who else has played a gay character on screen? Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, and Sir Michael Caine. Should we get rid of them too? They are ACTORS; that’s what they do.

Ledger was awesome in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. If you have a problem with that, then it’s YOU that’s really the problem.

13. “Why don’t you want The Joker to be funny? Why don’t you want to laugh at what he does?”

JETT SAYS: I want to hate The Joker -- love to hate him that is. There should be nothing “HaHa” funny about the character. I want The Batman to kick his ass. If I wanted to laugh at a clown, I’d go to the circus.

14. “It was cool that you got to meet Darren Aronofsky. Did you talk about YEAR ONE? What did you think about THE FOUNTAIN?”

JETT SAYS: Who said I saw that film? Oh, I did. Well, you’ll have to wait until October to read my review on that one. As far as Darren, he was cool as hell! I really enjoyed meeting him and thought he was a truly nice guy.

And yes, we did talk about his Batman project. He told me that he knew it wouldn’t get made, but it was fun doing it. He also told me he loved BATMAN BEGINS and thought Chris Nolan did a hell of a job.

Honestly, I’d like to see Darren get another shot at Batman once Nolan leaves the series -- not that I’m trying to push him out the door. I figure that he’ll eventually tire of making Batman films and someone will have to take over.

15. “Jett, is BOF going back to the set again?”

JETT SAYS: If we’re invited, which I think we will. I’m going to make the trip this time! But I got to hand it to Paul Wares, those set reports were fantastic!

16. “Do you think that marketing for BATMAN 2 will be different than it was for BEGINS? Warner dropped the ball when it came to SUPERMAN RETURNS.”

JETT SAYS: Yes, I think it’ll be much more high profile than last time. I honestly believe that if they market this thing correctly and get the hype started early (which they actually have by leaking the Ledger news), The Sequel will be off the hook! It could push $300 million domestically -- I know A LOT of people are fired up to see this film. Especially with The Joker as the villain. 17. “I think Nolan was a genius for choosing Heath Ledger! To pick someone that was on no one’s radar was brilliant! Heath’s a fantastic actor and can’t wait to see what he and Nolan come up with for the character.”

JETT SAYS: I have to agree, even though I though “WTF?” in the beginning. Actually most of the email I get about Ledger’s casting is more like this one.

UPDATED 7/30/06

18. “Ha! BOF sucks so hard! You were wrong about Heath Ledger and you are wrong about Ryan Phillippe as Dent. Do you ever get anything right? I don’t know why anyone reads BOF anyway because it sucks! I bet none of those pictures are really you or your wife. You probably don't even have a girlfriend because you are in love with Batman. Get a life!” - Jamey from Atlanta, GA

JETT SAYS: This was a real email -- not an amalgamation of several. So let me address it head on. When was I “wrong” about Heath Ledger? Because I didn’t break the story? I couldn’t care less about “out-scooping” anyone. BOF is and has always been about hyping up the BATMAN movie franchise. Making sure that they are quality films and the series continues long term. So when it came to Heath Ledger, BOF was able to confirm it was true. We never said that Lachy Hulme or Paul Bettany or Hugo Weaving had been cast as The Joker. We said they were in the mix.

Now with this Ryan Phillippe as Dent rumor -- you do know what a rumor is right? Let me define it for you: “A generally circulated story, report, or statement without facts to confirm its truth“ (Via Encarta ® World English Dictionary). Did I ever say that Phillippe was cast or his casting was imminent? Maybe you’ve never read our disclaimer -- we report rumors about the series that come from reliable and trustworthy sources.

And you don’t know why anyone reads BOF huh? You must, obviously. If not, why did you waste your time reading the latest news, getting pissed off, and firing off that email?

I guess I've been outed - that's really not me or my wife, just actors that I hired. You sir, are a genius!

19. “Jett, I just wanted to say for all the grown-up readers of your site, ‘THANKS!’ Your had work does not go unnoticed and is very appreciated. I work in the movie biz (although I can’t tell you what I do) and you’d be surprised how many people out here know and love your site.

Don’t listen to that BS you get from the haters, those people are immature and absolutely clueless. Just keep doing what you do exactly the way you do it.” - J.R. from Los Angeles

JETT SAYS: Another real email. J, thak you. That email was much appreciated.

20. Hi Jett. I read that rumor about Ryan Phillippe as Dent last night and had to email you a question. Has he really been casted? Why is Nolan going so young with these actors? Phillippe is way to young to play Harvey and he’s done nothing but teeny-bopper films. Nolan needs find someone closer to Christian Bale’s age and someone considered a good actor. Thanks for the site!” - Jonathan from Minneapolis, MN

JETT SAYS: Thanks for the email Jonathan. For one thing -- and no offense -- there is no such word as “CASTED!!!” It’s “cast.” But I digress. No, the Ryan Phillippe rumor is just that -- a rumor. And in regards to Phillippe’s age, he’ll be 32 shortly, so he’s actually the same age as Christian Bale. As far as Phillippe’s work, I don’t recall any “teeny-bopper” films of late. Have you seen CRASH? GOSFORD PARK? He’s got a film called FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS due out soon which is directed by Clint Eastwood and is already getting Oscar buzz. So I think many consider him a “good actor.”

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